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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google AdWords

Mon, 17 Nov 2008 03:24:00 +0000

Websites thrive on traffic. Business websites need customers. Blogs need consumers to read them and subscribe.As a website owner, you'll probably spending a large portion of your time driving traffic to you website. There are several ways to bring traffic. You can optimize pages for the search engines. You can write articles and submit them. You can use social networking to build relationships on the internet.One very important method of driving traffic is Google AdWords. AdWords has one important difference from all the other methods mentioned. AdWords costs money. You design an ad for your website, and then Google places your ad on their search engine results, in the paid or sponsored links section. You pay Google every time someone clicks your ad.However, AdWords has advantages that offset the costs. Why should you use Google AdWords to drive traffic? What are the arguments for AdWords?1) Google AdWords will start sending your website traffic immediately.It takes time for a website to rank high enough to appear on organic search results. It takes time to write articles and submit them. It takes time to build a social network. All the other methods of driving traffic require an investment of time. These alternatives require hours of work to establish, and then may take weeks or months to show results.AdWords will start sending traffic to your website today. As soon as you create a campaign and an ad, you can begin getting traffic.2) Google will help you every step of the way.Google makes a significant portion of their revenue from AdWords ads. Google makes money by you participating in AdWords and wants you to succeed. Google publishes user guides, blogs and other information to make using AdWords as easy as possible.3) AdWords provides the information about your campaign that you need to succeed.AdWords provides keyword research tools so you know what consumers are searching for. AdWords helps you evaluate your campaign after it is created. AdWords supplies you with the impressions, click through rates and costs of you campaign. It informs you of the Quality Score for your ads, on a scale of 1 to 10. It offers advice on how to improve the Quality Score.4) You can control the cost of AdWords with the proper strategy.Knowing how to obtain a good Quality Score for your ad can reduce your cost per click. A well optimized campaign can deliver traffic for just a few cents per click. The Free AdWords Strategy Guide describes step by step how to optimize your ads.5) Anyone can obtain the top ad positions.AdWords values quality over price. AdWords doesn't simply award the highest ad position to the highest bidder. The ad quality score is the primary factor in ad positions. That means you can advertise in highly competitive markets, using a good Quality Score to beat out other advertisers who are simply spending more. The Free AdWords Strategy Guide reveals exactly how to get a good Quality Score.Are you over paying for your AdWords campaigns? Have you experienced any of the following problems using Google AdWords?High cost to maintain your AdWords campaignPoor quality score affecting your bidsLow Click Through Rate for your adsMinimum bid for your keywords is too highLanding pages that don't convertThere is a solution to all of these problems. Get your FREE copy of the Adwords Strategy Guide[...]

The 7 Mistakes That Kill Your Google AdWords Campaign

Mon, 17 Nov 2008 03:23:00 +0000

Discover the 7 common mistakes that most newcomers make when starting an AdWords campaign. Even if you are more experienced, read on as many existing clients have been discovered making these mistakes.Mistake Number 1: Creating 1 Generic Advert for your entire AdWords AccountA common error is to set up one advert, probably the same one you created when you first set up your Google AdWords Account. Example:Virtual Officetemporary staffing, virtual officeregistered office, mail advert above is trying to advertise several services in just one advert: temporary staffing, virtual office services, registered office services as well as mail forwarding.So, don't try to fit as many keywords as possible in your advert text. Aim to set up one Ad Group with its own separate advert text for each product or service that you offer.Mistake Number 2: Not measuring ConversionsIt is important to check that your advertising is producing results to allow you to make decisions about whether your Campaigns are working. Internet marketing is highly traceable, so take advantage of this fact. Use a tracking package such as Google Analytics and install tracking code on each page of your webpage where a conversion occurs. Examples of conversions include:• Purchases• Sign ups• Call Back requests• PDF document downloadsIt is useful to note that you can assign nominal values to conversions to allow you effectively measure your Return on Investment. For example, if you normally convert 25% of your Call Back requests into clients, and a new client is worth £1000 to you, a Call Back conversion would be worth £250.Mistake Number 3: Putting your company name as your advert headlineWhen creating your first Campaign, it is a common error to place your company name as the advert headline. Your advert headline should contain what your visitor wants. Ensure it contains the keywords that relate to 1 specific Ad Group only! For example:Bouncy CastlesHire A Bouncy Castle From £45Many Different Sizes AvailableAim to match your headline to just the single product or service you are advertising in that particular Ad Group. This will ensure your visitor wants to click on your advert, as it matches what they were searching for.Mistake Number 4: Directing people to the homepage of your websiteA common error is to send visitors to your homepage when they click your advert. People are lazy and have limited attention spans. Show them what they wanted to find, and quickly! You have just a few seconds until they hit the Back Button...... Your aim is to send people to a tightly focused landing page that specifically relates to that single product or service only.Mistake Number 5: Choosing the wrong number of keywordsNovice marketers often choose just a few keywords for their products and services. These keywords will normally be ones they thought of themselves. The disadvantage is that many of your potential visitors do not think the same way as you do! To overcome this, use a keyword tool (such as the free Google Keyword Tool, which is sufficient for most people's needs) and generate as many related keywords as you can. Select out the ones that are very similar to your original keyword phrase.The reverse problem is when people use a keyword tool and generate more than 100 keywords for just 1 Ad Group. To combat this type of error, ensure you choose only closely related keywords from the suggestions generated by the keyword tool. For keywords you would like to include, but realise are not so closely related, place them into their own Ad Group instead.Mistake Number 6: Failing to use Negative KeywordsIf you do not want to attract a certain type of traffic, you can avoid them seeing your adverts. For example, you might wish to dissuade people from visiting your website who are looking for "free" or "cheap" items. The way around this is to ensure you include negative keywords.If they aren't likely to buy, why bring them to your site?Mistake Number 7: Leaving the Content Network onGoogle's default s[...]

Facebook Social Ads Versus Google AdWords

Mon, 17 Nov 2008 03:22:00 +0000

Social media marketing is becoming very popular today and one of these websites is Facebook. One of the many ways you can market your business on Facebook is with social ads which are similar to AdWords ads.

Both Google AdWords and Facebook Social Ads Are Cost Per Click or CPM

Both Google AdWords and Facebook Social Ads are based on either a cost per click or CPM basis. This means that you can choose whether you want to pay for the number of clicks you receive or the number of impressions.

Facebook Social Ads Allows a Greater Degree of Targeting

An advantage of Facebook social ads is that Facebook allows a greater degree of targeting. Since people are sharing more of their information with Facebook than they are with Google, Facebook is able to show your ads to visitors based on age, gender, location, interests, or other criteria whereas AdWords is limited to geographical targeting or placement targeting only.

Facebook Social Ads Can Use a Referral Basis

Another advantage of using Facebook social ads is that if the person's friend has interacted with your website or Facebook page and a story is shared about this interaction then your social ad can also be displayed next to this story as a means of referral. If people know that their friends have used this service or bought these products before then they will be more likely to trust you and buy your products or services.

Both Google AdWords and Facebook Offer Statistics to Help with Your Choice

To determine where you are getting better results make use of the Google Analytics tool and Facebook Insight statistics. These both offer excellent information about how well your ads are doing and you will be able to determine where you are getting the best results.

Google AdWords and Facebook Social ads are both cost per click or CPM advertising but social ads allow you a greater degree of targeting and can also allow you to benefit from other people's relationships as referrals. Use both statistics programs to determine which works best for your business.

Mitch Carson is an award-winning direct marketer, consultant, author and columnist who has consulted for the BEST of the BEST in marketing including, Legendary marketer Dan Kennedy, Jay Conrad Levinson author of "Guerilla Marketing", Joe Vitale, Ron LeGrand #1 How to Get Rich in Real Estate, Ted Thomas, Internet Marketing Guru Yanik Silver, Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author #1 Best Selling Series, "Chicken Soup for the Soul", and other marketing experts on advanced direct marketing techniques. He has had been written up in over 140 newspapers worldwide (including the Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Washington Post and more), over 600 radio stations, and has been featured in over 200 spots on QVC, Home Shopping Network, Fox News, and Reuters Worldwide. He can be reached at 818-280-0199, and

PPC Advertising and Your Business

Mon, 17 Nov 2008 03:22:00 +0000

If you have spent sleepless nights mulling over the sad fate of your online business and are unable to understand why you continue to have a bare trickle of web traffic while your competitors seem to receive veritable floods, then the most probable answer is that, unlike you, they have been using pay per click advertising. Pay per click advertising, or PPC, is amongst the most effective and popular web marketing tools available today, and if you are not using it you are surely missing out on a lot of business.

Many relevant websites will display your ad when you use PPC advertising. These ads with their links will be seen on top or at the side of web pages. This allows visitors to see the ads but does not distract them from the actual website content.

An important part of PPC advertising is the fact that it can give you many targeted visitors. This is because your ad will only be shown on relevant websites that match your products and services. Keywords and content is matched to find the best fit for your ad. This ensures warm ready to buy customers.

Arguably, the most appealing feature of PPC advertising is that you only have to pay if and when the advertising actually works. There is no expense on your part if you simply put up your ad but no one clicks it. However, when someone does actually click on the ad and is directed to your site, you will have to pay for the advertising service according to a previously fixed rate depending on the number of clicks your ad receives. An easy way to control PPC ad expenses is to allocate a specific daily budget and to monitor the number of clicks received per day.

When you are looking for PPC advertisement services you need go no further than Google Adwords. Google has outstanding service and with them you will get great exposure for your ad. The people who are using Google AdWords are themselves searching for products and services. This makes them warm ready to buy visitors.

PPC advertising will help you to promote your website and distinguish it from the competition. However to really take advantage of this method of marketing be sure to understand exactly how it works and how it will help your business. PPC advertising can be very profitable only if you know how to use it.

Before taking the leap of faith and deciding to hire a AdWords management company, you need to visit They offer a free pay per click analysis to assist you in deciding whether a AdWords consultant would benefit your online efforts. Go now to learn how they can help your business expand!

Don't Use Google AdWords Until You've Read These Tips

Mon, 17 Nov 2008 03:21:00 +0000

Google AdWords can quickly become expensive if it is used incorrectly. The following tips will show you how to correctly setup your campaigns. You;ll discover what to do and what to avoid.1) Use Google's AdWords Editor to manage your campaigns.The AdWords Editor is free tool from Google that helps you manage your campaigns. It allows you to make bulk or multiple updates to your campaign. This saves you time and effort when compared to making manual changes online.2) Disable the Content Network.Beginners should stay away from the Content Network in Google AdWords. When you are just starting out, disable the content network in your PPC campaigns. Traffic from the content network is lower quality than Google search traffic, because it's coming from Google AdSense participants who don't care what quality of traffic they send your website. When you have proven ROI from your website, you can use placement campaigns or regular content network.3) Set a reasonable daily budget.You want to throttle your traffic and AdWords spending until you have a proven ROI. When you achieve a good ROI, you can increase the daily budget and increase your traffic. You don't want to throttle your campaign by bidding to low per click, because that can affect your CTR. You need a good CTR to maintain a good quality. Throttling your campaign with a daily budget stops showing your ads, so you won't get impressions and damage your CTR.4) Don't set your CPC too low.You don't want to throttle your campaign by bidding too low per click, because that can affect your CTR. You need a good CTR to maintain a good quality. You never want to damage your CTR by bidding to low. In fact, if you begin with a high bid, you can achieve a good CTR. After your achieve the high CTR, you can lower your CPC and still maintain a ad good position, saving money in the long run.5) Don't hang on to poor performing keyword.You probably have some keywords and ad groups that are not performing well. The half percent is a good goal for a well performing ad. Any ad group or keyword performing under a half percent with a high number of impressions needs to be altered. The poor performing ads can damage your overall campaign CTR and lower the quality score and position of your other ads. Remove the ad group or keyword. If you decide you simply must have this ad group or keyword, move it to it's own campaign and start split testing sales copy changes.6) Evaluate your landing pages as if you were performing SEO.Your landing page is examined and scored by AdWords just like your website is for inclusion on the Google search engine. Performing SEO on your landing pages will improve your quality score. The Google webmaster tools can provide free information on how Google scores your pages.If you don't have a Google sitemap, you can create one for free at the website below.Are you over paying for your AdWords campaigns? Have you experienced any of the following problems using Google AdWords?High cost to maintain your AdWords campaignPoor quality score affecting your bidsLow Click Through Rate for your adsMinimum bid for your keywords is too highLanding pages that don't convertThere is a solution to all of these problems. Slash your AdWords costs in half and get more traffic with the FREE AdWords - Strategy Guide Get your copy now.[...]

AdWords Tips - How to Reduce Your AdWords Minimum Bid - Slap Google Back

Mon, 17 Nov 2008 03:20:00 +0000

Ever been hit with a $15 minimum bid using Google AdWords? Well here is a trick to eliminate the $15 dollar minimum bids once and for all. Okay, so this is not so much of a trick, but rather a technique that helps you to modify your website so that it complies with Google's minimum bid algorithm.

Notice I said that you have to modify your website to make this happen, well what if you don't own the website, that is , the website is owned by a vendor and you are the affiliate trying to make money off of the website? Well don't worry I will cover all aspects in this short article.

How is the AdWords Minimum bid calculated?

Okay, so first things first, the AdWords minimum bid is based on the quality score of the keyword that is used in your account. Therefore in order for you to reduce your minimum bid you must reduce your quality score, and to do this you must get relevancy between the website and keywords. Wouldn't it be great to understand what keywords are relevant to your website. That way you can use those keywords knowing that they match up with the website you are promoting, hence maintaining relevancy both between your advertisement and website.

Well, in fact you can get a clear understanding of what keywords Google sees on your site, by using the Free Google keyword tool found at ( All you have to do is click on the the website content selection tool and then where it says, Enter a webpage URL to find keywords related to the content on the page, place in the URL of website you are promoting. Hit the 'Get keyword ideas' button and hey presto you get all of the keywords that Google thinks relates to your website.

By doing this you have a clear understanding of what Google is trying to match up.

Now you have to ensure that your advertisement and keywords are closely related to those keywords that you source from Google.

Okay so what if the website you're promoting is not optimized properly for the keywords you want to target? This can be simply rectified by creating a landing page that supports the keywords you want to target. So once you have created the landing page then use the Google keyword tool to make sure that your website is displaying the appropriate keywords and then write your advertisement around those keywords.

With total relevancy in place you should never ever be hit with a $15 minimum bid again.

Grab Your Free Report Of How I Made $27,556.54 In 1 Month Using Google AdWords Get Frank's Report. Or go to

PPC Bully Review

Mon, 17 Nov 2008 03:20:00 +0000

First let me say that PPC Bully isn't another eBook - if you're anything like me you're sick and tired of purchasing/reading rehashed material 8 times over. PPC Bully is an online application that allows you to spy on your competition to find profitable campaigns. You can essentially replicate process the super affiliates go through and grab some of that oh so beautiful cash. Oh and it works across multiple networks (ie: Amazon, ClickBank, PayDotCom, etc.).

Just from my description of the application/service I'm sure you can see the logic behind it, so to no surprise it works well. Basically you create a project, add keywords and it scans for current ads running for those keywords. It then monitors those ads and determines the profitability, they call it the "Profitability Indicator" (abbreviated as PI, expressed as [number of days seen * percentage seen] / number of days since last seen).

Besides the PI you're also given the actual ad they're running (as well as all variations), a link to their website, the affiliate network they're using (if they're an affiliate and not a publisher), their current position and a whole lot more. It's truly become an essential tool for me.

I don't want to sound like a hyped up sales person but how can you NOT create a profitable campaign when presented with all of that info? All of the split testing will be done which means less effort/frustration/money spent, you get to see what keywords are converting, what style ad converts best for whatever market you're in and the exact website that does the converting.

If you somehow manage to lose cash they allow you to cancel at anytime, so no need to worry there. If PPC is your thing, or if it's something you want to get into I definitely encourage you to check it out and at least give it a try. If it's not something that interests you, no big deal!

Before you head to wherever you're going, check out my full PPC Bully review - I even give away the strategy I use in conjunction with PPC Bully (you don't NEED PPC Bully though!)! To check it out, click here:

5 Ways That Can Get Your Google Adsense Account Terminated

Mon, 17 Nov 2008 03:18:00 +0000

Google is the king of the search engines and they take that title very seriously. They are constantly working to make sure that all users of their search engine are getting relevant and quality searches. They want to make sure that whatever result the user clicks on, they will find information that is helpful to them.This is why google AdSense is so popular. If you add AdSense to your pages, then the ads that appear will be relevant to the copy on your web page. You are now giving the visitor of your site added information so they can ultimately find exactly what they are looking for. By targeting high in demand keywords many AdSense publishers are making a nice income just from AdSense.This makes google AdSense a great way to make income online. However, there are some people who think they cheat the all mighty king. Well let me tell you that you can not cheat google. Your blackhat methods may work for short period of time, but in the long run google will catch you and they will terminate your account. After they terminate your account they will keep all the money in your account. You will not get paid and there is no way to fight them because you violated the terms of service which you agreed to uphold.Before you start your AdSense empire, here is a list of things that will get your AdSense account terminated.1. Clicking on your ads - Google can track IP addresses and this will get your account terminated very quickly.2. Hidden Keywords - Filling your page with keywords that are the same color as your background. Visitors may not be able to see the keyword stuffing, but the google bot will be able to read them.3. Page Cloaking - This is when there you create an optimized page for the search engine and another page which is designed for the visitor of your site. Having a page that a human visitor of your site will never see is a not looked upon in a friendly manner by google. They look at it as you are tricking your visitor to click on something that you want them to see, but they may not want to see it.4. Doorways - This technique is very similar to page cloaking. A page that is filled with high demand keywords is then redirected visitors to another user friendly page. This will get your account terminated because you are sending the visitor to a page you want them to go to, not where the visitor wants to go.5. Different domain names with the same content - First of all you will be nailed with a duplicate content penalty and see your rankings drop like a stone. Second, search engines can look at IP addresses, registry dates and all other information related to a domain name. So if you think that you can hide this information, then you are wrong. The same goes for the same content on separate pages and sub domains.These are only 5 techniques that can get your google AdSense account terminated. There are many other techniques that people use. Just do things the correct way and build your sites with your visitors in mind. Do not build for the search engine. If you think of technique that you think will trick google or any other search engine, think again. They will figure it out and when they do they will bring down the hammer.You can not beat the search engines. Do not try. Just do everything the correct way and you will be enjoying a nice AdSense income for a long time.Now that you know what a legitimate AdSense site should be - wouldn't you like to have one of your own? Get these adsense templates to build an empire of profit pulling websites. Get the full story and reap the awards of google AdSense by going to:[...]

Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising

Mon, 17 Nov 2008 03:16:00 +0000

There are several points that make pay per click advertising a vital part of your business. Here are five.

The most important reason for you to begin a pay per click advertising campaign is to lure customers away from your competitors. It works on the principle that when people do an internet search about anything, they tend to limit their exploration to the first few results from amongst the thousands or millions of returns against their search. But when you use website pay per click advertising, this ensures that your entry comes near the top of the search results page, which in turn means that people are definitely going to have a look at your entry and perhaps even follow it up. Thus, pay per click advertising allows you to nullify your rival businesses.

A great advantage is the fact that with pay per click advertising you will be able to have a top position for your ads right from the beginning. This will save you a lot of time with your web development. However the disadvantage is that you will need to pay quite a bit for a good position.

Pay per click advertising will increase exposure for your website. Your little ad will appear on the right hand side of the search page in Google. This makes your ad get noticed and makes it more likely that the reader will click on your ad's link.

Niche markets are especially suitable for pay per click advertising. This is because your campaigns are customized when you choose highly targeted keywords. In this way you will be able to draw many targeted visitors to your website. This is because pay per click advertising is the quickest way to find your niche market buyers. Your website will prosper as it rapidly ascends to the top of the search engines. There is no faster way to get targeted visitors to your website.

Lastly pay per click advertising can save you money. This is because only those who actually click through on your ad need to be paid for. With other forms of advertising you just pay for the ad regardless of whether the readers take action. However with pay per click you just pay for visitors who take action and this can save you a lot of money.

But a parting word of advice. Unless you have a huge advertising budget or are otherwise absolutely certain of the returns that your advertisement investment fetches you, it is best that you try to optimize your pay per click investment and get the best value for your money. We therefore recommend that you should try and ensure that your advertisement entry appears between the third and eighth spots on the first page of the search results. This allows you to save money by not having to pay exorbitantly for the first two spots, but without at the same time having to compromise on the actual effectiveness and pull of your advertisement. If you can ensure this, pay per click advertisement shall definitely work for your business and you shall reap rich dividends.

If you are prepared to start benefiting from ppc marketing, but need guidance from an established AdWords expert, Brian Basch and his team at are the best choice. Offering years of ppc management experience, there is no doubt that your business will benefit from a free ppc consultation offered at their site.

Kirt Christensen - A Google AdWords Expert

Mon, 17 Nov 2008 03:15:00 +0000

Kirt Christensen is ready to take on the challenge of showing even the skeptics how to take his ideas and use them to create online successful businesses even when they have failed in the past. Kirt is one of the people that enjoys helping other people realize the power that they themselves possess as well as the power that can be found in something someone else is tossing to the side.

If you have ever doubted your own abilities, then Kirt Christensen can make you believe in yourself from the moment you begin to work with him. Kirt is one of the greatest experts in the world at Google Ad words and is able to show you what they are and remove the mystery and technical jargon completely out of the picture. He is also capable of showing you how to launch one of the hottest websites going for yourself and collect your member list faster than ever. Kirt is a man of many amazing talents and now he is exploring some new frontiers in the internet. He also is a savvy businessman who can make a fortune online in just days by purchasing websites that are having great difficulties.

In much the same way that people purchase homes that are in need of rehab and renovation, Kirt takes these internet properties and he will purchase for literally pennies on the dollar. Some owners are practically throwing the sites at him, as they are just eager to do something else. What he will then do is make a deal with them and they will come to an agreed upon selling price.

He will then take that same sad and out of date property and work his internet magic on them. He will revamp and overhaul them and use all of his tricks and skills including those special Google AdWords to breathe new life into the site and set it up for success.

There are some tried and true formulas at work in these scenarios and Kirt is a master of all of them so he can really offer you a big lesson in one of the latest and greatest ways of earning money online.

Kirt has been making millions in just the past few years by flipping web properties and he has amassed a wealth of ideas and knowledge on these topics. He applies many of the same techniques that you would use to buy real properties and incorporates these with special innovate change ups that bring his internet marketing and advertising skills into play.

Joshua Valentine is a top internet marketer who works with industry leaders from around the world. He has a passion for helping others achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations. To learn more about Joshua Valentine and his team of Marketing Mentors Click Here

Free Google Adwords Ads Scam

Mon, 17 Nov 2008 03:14:00 +0000

While searching the web one day I came across an ad that claims to teach you how to get free Google Adwords ads. I was curious so I looked at the ad to see what it was about and what I saw was a complete scam.

The Set UP

You probably have seen this ad before saying "Get millions of dollars in Google Adwords for free, I'll show you how" but how free is it? This ad went on about how you can bid high amounts of dollars per click as high as a $100 a click, but you will not have to pay one cent for those clicks. It tells you that you can have the #1 sponsored spot with any keyword that you want and enjoy all the traffic and sales that go along with it without paying a thing. Set your daily spending to $10,000 a day and not worry about it because its all free. Sure, that sounds so good but can this really be so?

The Hook

After the big song and dance about how to set up your google adwords campaign, they stop short of telling you how they get these ads for free. Just pay this one time fee and you will be told how to get all the ads you want for free. So you spend your hard earn money and come to find out, of course, that you have been scammed. So let me save you the trouble of not getting conned on this one.

The Big so called Secret

Well, this is what you have been waiting for. Just how does someone get free Google Adwords with this system? You don't. See, what happens is that you still have to pay for those ads but what you do is Use the traffic that the ads will generate to get other people to advertise from your website. You call and email web owners and businesses and tell them how much traffic their site is generating and try to get an ad campaign set up with them. Try to get as many ad campaigns as you can as fast as you are able. The money you generate from the ads on your site will off set the amount you pay Google. Plus with all that traffic, you may sell some of your products and make a profit.

So that's it. That's the big secret you will have paid for. It's what businesses have been doing for a long time. There is nothing new about it and you don't need to pay that kind of money per click to do it. They don't even teach you how to approach a client to get them to advertise with you. Just think about how broke you would be if you can't get anybody to advertise on your site. How could you pay Google that kind of money and still have a roof over your head? You would be homeless in no time.

In conclusion

Don't let yourself be fooled by this kind of advertising. People are always looking to take advantage of a newbie when ever possible. Do your research first before you start buying any secrets on the web. I found the answer without even buying the product so it can't be that big a secret.

Ellis jackson jr is the author and has helped others get started in the niche website building business. If you would like to get started in creating your own nich website then check out our products at Product Reviews For more information on what a niche is then see:

Google AdSense on Your Website Or Blog

Mon, 17 Nov 2008 03:13:00 +0000

First of all I presume you know what Google AdSense is? If you don't then it's a program run by Google whereby website owners join the Google Adwords program and they bid for keywords related to their sites content. PPC (Pay Per Click) if you have heard about it. Google then advertises the Google Adwords subscribers website ads on different webmasters websites and on other different platforms including Google search result pages (on the far right).

This is AdSense when webmasters show Google Ads on their website. These webmasters need to apply to join the Google AdSense network. So when their application has been accepted they can go on and start displaying AdSense ad units on their websites or blogs.

When people click on these ads the webmasters get paid for each click. It's good as well because you get paid for people clicking the ad units and not buying anything. So AdSense is the other side of the the Adwords page. You will get paid when your AdSense account reaches a certain threshold which is $100. You are paid either by check or direct deposit into your bank account.

In order for you to do well in this field of advertising from your website or blog, you need to be getting a considerable amount of traffic to your website. Your website needs to be monetized as well, meaning your ad units need to be put in the right places on your website or blog in order for you to achieve conversions. In this case conversions are clicks form your visitors.

So if you want to try and make money from your website or blog try Google AdSense. Go to Google search and type in the word "AdSense". On the search results page click on the "Welcome to AdSense" link and you will be directed to the AdSense page.

Learn how to become an internet expert at

101 High Paying AdSense Words

Mon, 17 Nov 2008 03:12:00 +0000

The term 'AdSense' is defined as: a Google system of advertising for blogs and other websites. Subscribers can insert fairly unobtrusive Google ads and earn revenue from the users who view the ads or click on them. The ads are targeted to the keywords on the web page. - about.comFor a typical blogger or website owner, we make money when someone clicks on one of the Google Ads on our site, or per 1000 impressions of the AdSense links. For most of us, we already know how hard it is to get people to click on these links and even if they do, sometimes the chosen ads are low paying ones because of the keywords used on our page.So to help maximize profits, here is a list of 101 high paying Google AdSense words you can try and use to target the keywords in your content to. It is assuming that as the website owner, you will receive roughly 50% of the total cost per click that Google charges its advertisers, but you should check this with Google to find out the actual value (if they'll tell you).1. AdWords - $9.412. available domain name - $12.973. addwords - $10.924. AdWords campaign - $14.635. AdSense - $12.436. buy domains - $8.847. buy domain name - $17.108. bachelor degree on line - $14.369. best webhost - $8.6810. bulk email marketing - $11.7711. bankruptcy - $5.7212. cheap domain name - $9.1613. car insurance - $22.8914. credit cards - $10.9315. crm software - $15.9616. car loans - $11.7917. construction estimating software - $5.8018. domain names - $17.5719. debt - $13.1820. degree education on line - $12.4421. dell computer - $5.7922. degree - $6.3723. debt management - $7.1524. database software - $3.1325. email marketing - $13.2426. ecommerce hosting - $11.8127. education degree online - $14.6928. earn money online - $3.0429. free domain name registration - $5.8130. free credit report - $9.5731. flowers - $4.8332. financing - $4.5033. gas prices compare - $6.1934. google news - $2.0735. graphic design degree - $12.5836. graduate degree program - $7.9337. hosting providers - $14.2538. how to get a web site - $5.8339. hp computer - $7.5240. interest credit - $15.5341. insurances - $17.6742. interior design degree - $14.1743. java software - $1.6944. keyword tracking - $4.3745. knee support - $1.5746. life experience degree - $8.3647. lung cancer treatment - $6.1048. loans - $9.8649. merchant account - $10.5550. microsoft certification - $4.8851. mba degree online - $15.7852. master degree on line - $11.5153. marketing software - $8.2854. network monitoring software - $11.4555. nursing degree - $8.8156. norton anti virus software - $4.0157. Norton virus protection - $3.8558. online accounting degree - $27.5059. online paralegal degree - $19.4560. online degree - $13.7461. online psychology degree - $20.7862. online college degree - $14.1063. payroll software - $7.9564. pay per click - $8.1865. personal domain name - $10.2666. project management software - $10.8067. quicken - $3.4668. quick money - $3.3269. register domain - $9.0370. register domain name - $8.3171. register a website - $10.4772. register url - $8.6973. student credit card - $10.5474. survey software - $9.5175. scheduling software - $7.6076. shopping cart software - $5.2377. travel insurance - $6.7678. tax software - $6.8979. teaching degree - $12.7280. turbo tax - $5.4781. University Degrees Online - $10.9882. unlimited web hosting - $8.3183. university degrees - $5.6884. undergraduate degree - $4.7185. voip phone system - $9.5786. visa credit card - $11.8387. voip billing software - $8.2188. virus protection - $5.5889. website domain names - $12.6590. web domain name - $10.6291. web host rating - $9.7592. web site register - $13.0493. web hosting - $13.0394. web design software - $2.5795. web space provider - $6.6296. yahoo domain -[...]

Google AdWords - Direct Linking Or Landing Page?

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Most of the affiliate marketing that I do is organic search traffic, not paid traffic. I try not to rely on sources that require payment in order to drive traffic. That's just my personal budgetary preference, though, since paid traffic does, indeed, work...if you know what you're doing. You can lose your shirt if you make some rookie mistakes.When starting out with paid traffic, one question that arises is, "Do I direct link to the affiliate page or create my own landing page?"To create a Google ad, you have to put in both a "destination URL" and a "display URL". The display URL is the one that shows on the ad. The destination URL is the link that the click will actually follow. Google's Terms of Use state that the domain on which the visitor ultimately sees after clicking should match the display URL. So, for example,Direct linking is when the URL that your Google Ad points to is the one that belongs to the affiliate themselves. For example, if I were creating an add for a product at Clickbank, I can create the ad with a destination URL that points to the Clickbank site, with my affiliate ID, but I MUST set the display URL to the domain that belongs to the affiliate, since that's where the person clicking ends up. This is called direct linking. I'm using my ad to drive traffic directly to the affiliate page.The main advantage of direct linking is that you don't need any programming experience to build your own landing page, and don't need to take the time or invest the cost in creating your own page. For some folks, it's just easier to create a bunch of ads pointing directly to the affiliate page and let it go.However, there are three disadvantages of direct linking:1. ad rotation2. direct traffic3. some affiliate products restrict direct linkingGoogle rotates ads that point to the same display URL. If you and 99 other folks are advertising a specific affiliate product, and are all using direct link, you dilute the number of times your ad will be seen. Google will only return one ad per display URL when a search is performed.Also, a good number of web users will type in the display URL directly to their browser rather than click an ad. (I have two case studies I'll talk about in another article that prove this.) I'm not sure all the reasons why they do this, but some users are wary of ads. They figure that if the site is legitimate, typing the URL directly will take them there. That means you're losing revenue by sending folks directly to the affiliate without ever having your tracking cookie planted.Lastly, you need to check with the terms for your specific affiliate product. Some don't let you direct link at all, and others restrict the keywords on which you can bid.With those factors in mind, Direct Linking is already at a disadvantage over pointing clicks to a landing page of your own. There are several other advantages of using your own landing page which I'll discuss in another article.George has enjoyed Internet Marketing as a hobby for years. He has introduced several of his friends to it, as well, and created as a reference site for them to use. It is his one-stop dumping ground of all the things he has learned over the years.[...]

How Naming Schemes Impact AdWords Campaign Management

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Improving AdWords Campaign Management

AdWords Campaign Management - Naming Schemes

Keep your campaigns and naming schemes simple and readable.

Dull as ditchwater it may be but when you expand your Google AdWords advertising you will as a matter of course have multiple campaigns and within each campaign multiple ad-groups.

Google Recommended Limits

Googles recommendations/limits are as follows:

  • 25 campaigns
  • 100 ad-groups/campaign
  • 750 keywords/adgroup (although they will allow up to 2,000)

Although you will have a theoretical total of up to 5,000,000 keywords, you will never get anywhere near that.


This is a performance and scalability issue for Google - the more keywords in an account, the more processing power is required to see what keyword/advert combination should be shown.

If Google were to allow everybody to utilise their full complement of 5,000,000 keywords, AdWords quite simply would not work, screeching to a halt due to excessive load placed on their servers.

This is why in practical terms you will be limited to a fraction (perhaps 50,000 to 100,000 - somewhat more if your account is a 'good performer') of the possible total.

Regardless, even 50,000 keywords can lend itself very quickly to a lot of complexity so always rename your ad-groups and campaigns from the provided defaults to reflect 'their nature'.

"Campaign #1" tells you exactly 'what it is' but what you want to know is 'what it does'. AdWords Campaign Management becomes proportionally more difficult the more campaigns and
ad-groups you construct.

Some people maintain a spreadsheet with notes indicating what each campaign and ad-group relate to. This is commendable but unnecessary.

Having the discipline to do this every time you construct a new ad-group/campaign doesn't take much time or effort but will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

Tom O'Brien is a certified Google AdWords Campaign Management Professional.To find out more profitable AdWords Tips or get help with your AdWords campaign visit:

Pay Per Click Advertising - 3 Superior Tips to Excel With PPC Advertising!

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PPC or Pay-per-click is by far the easiest and quickest way of driving consistent and targeted traffic to your website. Some, who aren't as familiar with this term, may find this method daunting and intimidating, but it's actually quite easy once you've learned the basics. Here are tips to get more clicks:

1. Experimenting With Search Engines. The top two that you have to consider are Google and Yahoo. It's a good idea for your PPC campaigns to start small, spreading them over different search engines to see where your market may be lurking. Google AdWords is generally better for technically oriented products, including software, web design, hardware, web design etc. Yahoo is better for products like insurance, music, toys etc.

2. Selecting the Right Keywords. Keyword selection process is important when it comes to writing your PPC ads. Select keywords that are niche specific to your product. Be careful not to choose keywords that are exceedingly popular, this may deplete your funds sooner than expected. See which keywords your direct competitors are using, try searching for them. You can also use overture or AdWords search suggestion tool.

3. Attracting People to Your PPC Ads. You need to make your ads attractive to compel your target market to click through your ad and hopefully make a purchase. One of the simplest methods is to use searched keywords in your title. Create a relevant title by combining different keywords into one ad. Attract attention by differentiating yourself from your competitors. Be creative, be outrageous and be interesting.

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PPC Advertising Tips - 3 Tips to Make Every PPC Advertising Dollar Work For You!

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Pay per Click is the most popular advertising tool in the internet nowadays. And why not? It's inexpensive and it works. But of course, even if the cost is relatively economical, we'd still want to find ways on how to maximize the advertising expenses. Here's how you can make every marketing penny work:

1. Limit your ads to your target market. Eliminate keywords that would mislead users into clicking in your ad. Block keywords like "free" if you are not giving away freebies. Not only is this frustrating for the users, opening ads that are of no use to them, but this will also increase your marketing expenses. Remember, the more clicks (relevant or irrelevant) you get, the more fees you pay.

2. You can also reduce useless click throughs by putting specific description and price on your ad. That way, users will know straight away if your ad is meant for them or not. At least, if they don't agree to your product specification and price, you won't waste one click through to them. This would also ensure your website of high conversion rates.

3. Tracking your conversions and clicks. The core of a successful marketing campaign - whether it's a banner ad, PPC ad or even magazine ad - knows which ads are actually generating profit and sales. Both Overture and AdWords have built in conversion and tracking tools for a holistic view of PPC ad campaigns' effectiveness. You need to know which ones to keep and which ones to cut. By doing this, you will save advertising money which you can use on other more profitable and effective advertising method.

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AdWords Power Tips - 3 Tips to Instantly Slingshot Your Click Through Rates

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Writing a convincing copy that generates clicks using Google AdWords is the key to successful pay per click advertising. Yet writing ads can sometimes prove to be an elusive skill. Here are power tips for writing strong, magnetic ads that will definitely increase your click through rates:

1. Relevant Ads

There is nothing more frustrating than searching for keywords and then finding out that the landing page is not even near relevant to the keyword. People feel cheated, manipulated and misled by these ads. Your ads must be connected to your keywords, as well as your landing pages. AdWords is all about relevancy. Get this trick right and you'll have high click through rates.

2. Include A Feature or A Benefit

Include a key feature or a major benefit of your product. This can be placed in the first line or second line of your ads This will definitely catch the eyes of your niche market, especially if what you are offering is a solution to their problem. Your ad should really speak to your target market's problems and needs. Just make sure that you can deliver whatever it was you were advertising.

3. Include Call To Action

A Call to Action will dramatically increase the response of the consumers. Telling them to act now and that results will follow is a good convincing strategy. You often hear TV shopping network advertise -- "50% for the first 100 callers". Though, everyone knows that even if you're the 101st caller you'd still get the discount, this gives the consumers a sense of need to act.

Fabian Tan is a well-known Internet Marketing expert and the author of the popular 45-page Report:

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AdWords Secret Tips - These Secrets Will Bring You Fat Profits From AdWords!

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It's all about the hits and clicks with AdWords. This is by far the most popular tool in advertising. There are many blogs and forums that teach a marketer how to use this tool. There are even online companies that advertise on teaching you how to use AdWords to your advantage for a minimal fee. But you don't need to employ an advertising guru to teach you how to use AdWords. Here are secrets that are worth knowing when marketing your business.

1. Use the test feature

AdWords allow you to run two ads at the same time. You do not need to change the entire ad, just the first line or the second line. Run it at the same time and see which gets the most clicks. This way, you'll know which approach works better and you can continue advertising on that approach.

2. Have excellent ad copy

Having a great ad copy can make or break your company. This is the real deal maker. You need to write something that would drive your customers in. To do this, you must offer them something that they can't resist. Know your niche well; know how to push their buttons. Write something that would interest them and compel them to take action.

3. Use keywords in the ads

This has become a cliché - a tireless reminder to use your keywords properly. But keywords really work and have its purpose in the advertising world. AdWords is all about relevancy. With relevant keywords, your ad will be place and positioned properly for more visibility. Make sure that your ads, keywords, landing page and your company are connected with each other.

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Pay Per Click For 2009 and Beyond

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Google wants their visitors to have the best viewing experience possible...period. That is the only thing they care about and it's the only thing they SHOULD care about. Personally, I'm sick of marketers complaining about the "rules" that Google lays down as far as pay per click advertising. These rules are in effect for a reason, mostly because marketers just love to abuse things. Well, the free ride is over, in case you haven't noticed. So, if you want to survive in the world of Adwords in 2009 and beyond, then you might want to make note of the few tips that I'm sharing with you today.

At the very top of the list is your prospect's experience with your site. You want it to be the best viewing experience that they can have. That means no cheesy landing pages. When they come to your site, it should be loaded with content and information that actually helps them. Stop looking at these people like they're just a pay check. They have REAL problems and a REAL need for a solution. If you have that solution, provide it. Give them a good reason to buy from YOU. If you don't do this, trust me, you are dead in the water.

But making sure your prospects have a good viewing experience isn't enough. You also have to be a smart business person. That means running your pay per click campaigns responsibly and without waste. Part of doing this is making sure that your daily budget is set and is one you can afford. So many marketers spend above their means and then they wonder why they're going broke. Pay per click can get quite expensive for many keywords. Don't get into a bidding war. Find long tail keywords that don't cost as much and target those people.

Finally, learn how to write an ad. With pay per click, you only get three lines. It's not a lot. And let me tell you, many marketers who can write a decent 2500 character email ad cannot hack pay per click because of the limitations on ads. So you have GOT to get a solid handle on how to write a compelling AdWords ad. If you don't, you can forget about anybody clicking on them and going to YOUR site.

Pay per click can be a great way to getting people to your site. It's targeted and it can be cost effective...if you know what you're doing.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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Can Yahoo Search Marketing Make You Money? 2 "Special Tips"

Wed, 08 Oct 2008 04:05:00 +0000

PPC, everyone talks about PPC and most of the time its all about AdWords. Now don't get me wrong, Adwords is a good program but can you really make money with companies other then Google. Let me cover two very important facts.

1.) Yahoo has a different demographics then Google, and this is something that you can use to your advantage - what demographic, is for you to find out.

2.) Yahoo will have different conversion rates depending on the offer, when compared to AdWords.

Taking these two facts into consideration, yahoo is a good search engine and there search marketing program can be very effective, if you know how to properly target the traffic. Some of the people I have talked to never deal with Yahoo or even MSN thinking that AdWords is the only way to go. If I have any advice its to realize that high quality traffic can come from other sources then just AdWords, and if you know what offers convert, and what that particular demographic is looking for then you can make money. In internet marketing, and just marketing in general we focus so much on one thing, instead of stepping back, and taking in the big picture. Once you are able to see the big picture that you can start creating multiple income sources and expand them without limits.

One last tip, if you are going to do search marketing, stay away from 2nd tier search engines, they have worthless traffic and you are better saving your money.

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Is MSN Adcenter Worth the Time - 3 Must Know Facts

Wed, 08 Oct 2008 04:04:00 +0000

Everyone these days seems to be advertising online, and while everyone is advertising there are more people losing money online then people making money. This is because you have thousands of people suffering from the learning curve, trying to find exactly what works for them and their website. Using PPC to drive traffic can be some of the best ways to get targeted and interested traffic to your websites. But when you think PPC you think Google AdWords, and that's because they are one of the best. But here are three things you might want to consider MSN adcenter.

1.) MSN adcenter has a different demographics that is interested in different products, if you are able to identify these things then you can market effectively to the MSN "market"

2.) Cost per click is usually 20-30% cheaper then on Google, because of the volume and demand. So if you get a offer that converts better on MSN, you would be able to make that much more money because you are converting more and paying less per click.

3.) MSN Adcenter has something that AdWords doesn't, they have live support, you can call and get advice. You can get a dedicated support specialist that can help you setup and optimize your account, set up tracking etc.

So if you are thinking of getting your feet wet with PPC, you owe it to your self to consider using another company other then AdWords. Just remember to track everything, and offer a high quality product and also offer extreme value to the user.

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2nd Tier Search Engines - Avoid at All Costs

Wed, 08 Oct 2008 04:03:00 +0000

If you are involved with internet marketing then you are probably familiar with pay per click. The three major players in this field are Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Now those companies are great but I recently got into 2nd tier search engines. I won't give exact names but below are some of my results:

1.) Company 1 - Sent 2000 visitors to an offer that required and email submit for payout, not 1 conversion.

2.) Company 1 - Sent 1000 visitors to a zip submit offer - same result

3.) Company 2 - Sent 2000 people to a debt reduction offer - it was a 3 field offer, 1 conversion.

4.) Company 2 - Sent 1500 to a foreclosure offer - 0 conversions

5.) Company 3 - Sent 3000 people to a survey site, payout was 3.50 for every completed survey, 0 conversions

6.) Company 3 - Sent 1000 people to a "vote" offer paid .25 for every vote cast. 3 conversions - yet again another horrible result

Now the companies that I tested are "good" companies and are ranked as some of the best 2nd tier search engines on the net today. But after my own experience I closed all my accounts with these companies and now focus on SEO, Articles, and PPC. So if you are going to spend your hard earned money on these search engines, make sure to test in small stages, and if you find something that converts make sure that you are ad least getting a 20% ROI. Anything less then that you are better off focusing on something different.

Remember that sometimes campaigns will start out slow, and then pick up steam, while others will start off with huge conversions and then dwindle off, that is why tracking everything is so important.

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