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Blogging For Profit - How to Never Suffer From Writer's Block Again

Fri, 06 Mar 2009 04:18:00 +0000

Writer's block is an inevitable and unenviable aspect of being a writer. If you suddenly find yourself up against a wall and cannot think of anything to write whatsoever then do not sit aimlessly and stare at the blank screen in front of you. This will make the situation seem even more hopeless for you. Instead recognize that you have fallen into a writer's slump and step away from your computer. Turn it off and give it (and your mind and fingers) a rest.

There are a variety of methods that you can put into play in order to cope with writer's block. Some methods will be more effective for some people than others. You may have to try more than one method to find the one that works best for you. Finding a way to never suffer from writer's block again can be tricky but with practice you can find a way to make it a thing of your past.

1. Take a vacation from writing- Take a break from writing, whether it be a mental break where you go do something else for a matter of hours or days or an actual vacation where you take a few days off and leave your present surroundings to go somewhere new and different (or somewhere old and familiar). This can provide you with new perspective and insight. The presence of new sights and sounds can flood your mind with new ideas for topics to write about.

2. Get your feet and your body moving- There is nothing like physical activity to get the blood flowing to your brain and to stir up the creative juices of a writer. Put your sneakers on and go for a walk or run around your neighborhood and see what is going on. Or head out to the park or the beach for a stroll. Other equally viable options include attending an aerobics class, playing sports, going dancing or doing some gardening.

3. Break out the tunes- Music is a tremendous inspiration boaster. Play some of your favorite tunes in order to give your mind a pleasant diversion from your lack of ability to write at the present time. Whether you choose to drive around town as you listen to tunes, listen to music on your iPod or dance around your bedroom to your favorite songs, just let the music play and flow through you. Don't try to force inspiration through the music but let it come to you!

4. Visit some friends- Get yourself out of the house and go chat and laugh with your closest friends. Go have a cappuccino or a drink or go for burgers at the nearest fast food joint. Avoid talking about work and just enjoy the personal time with your best buddies.

5. Look within yourself- Do not despair when writer's block strikes. Instead use this opportunity to look within yourself and explore your inner core. Take a yoga class, learn to mediate or take up Tai Chi. You can also use the power of visualization to make you feel better. Say hello to your spiritual side and it can open up doors for you to help you write more, and better.

Blogging For Profit - How to Write For Your Target Audience

Fri, 06 Mar 2009 04:17:00 +0000

When it comes to having your own home business where you blog to earn money, you first need to identify your demographics. In other words, who is the audience that you are targeting?

First you must think about what your interests and passions are. In order to work at home you need a topic that makes you happy and one that you will not mind working with on a daily basis. You need to also have solid knowledge about the topic. You cannot communicate enthusiasm about your blog to your audience if you first don't feel it yourself. You need to get excited about your subject matter!

Regardless of how many things you are interested in, be mindful of the fact that you do not share all of the same interests with the readers who will visit your blog. Zero in on one topic and then explore that one topic each day (or each week) at your blog. Diversity is not always helpful when you are starting out in the blogging world. Once you find your target audience you will lose them after a few posts if your posts are not consistent with the subject matter. The more topics you explore in a given area can mean you are in stiffer competition with other blogs but you might receive more online traffic. It is hard to know which way the pendulum will swing when you first start out on the blogging path.

As a general rule of thumb, the more you concentrate on a given topic and specialize, the smaller and better targeted will be your audience. This can be a very good thing. For example if you decide to blog on camping then you will attract plenty of camping enthusiasts but not necessarily those who simply love the outdoors.

Always know who you will be talking to as you set out to create a blog. One way to do this is to put yourself in the place of your readers. If you were to read your work, what would you like to read about? Figuring this out is half the battle. While it is writers who write blog posts, articles are written in such a manner that they are meant to appeal to readers. If you just wanted to write to make yourself happy and no one else then you would not need to publish your work over the Internet, would you?

There are five reasons why you should always make it a top priority to remember who your target audience is and why they have come to your blog. These five reasons include:

1. It is your readers who are interested in your subject matter on a regular basis.
2. Knowing who your target audience is can act as a guide for writing your posts.
3. Your readers are part of your social network on the net and can help spread the word.
4. Your blog posts can help you to create a profile for yourself because of the content that you provide for your readers.
5. Your focus will remain sharp if you always imagine what your readers wish to read about.

Blogging Revealed - 3 Blogging Tips For Success in the Blogosphere

Fri, 06 Mar 2009 04:17:00 +0000

The hottest web 2.0 tool in the web world is blogs. The blogging tips discussed below will help you understand the art of creating successful blogs.

1. Respecting your audience

Blogs are created so that more and more people get to see what you have to show-case to the world. For example, if you are running a blog on current affairs in politics, it is more than likely that you will have spirited debates and discussions. It is essential to keep your emotions under check and make sure that others also do not cross the line. This is a vital blogging tips particularly for those who are running individual blogs.

2. The Layout

A number of templates or blog layouts are available on the Internet. You would need to choose a design which complements your written effort and not one that competes with it. Keep the design simple and cool. Your creative abilities, technical expertise etc. can be stored away for a more ideal platform. Blogs are simple web sites and any form of complicated technicalities will only spoil the utility and popularity of your blog.

3. Constant updates

In simple terms, blogs are electronic diaries. Your diary needs to be written almost every day or at least on alternate days. For blogs to be popular and successful, it is essential that you keep adding fresh content almost every alternate day. You can write on your own or even get others commissioner to write on your behalf. These blogging tips will hasten your success with the blogs.

Blogging Revealed - 3 Treasured Blogging Secrets For Making Hands-Off Profits

Fri, 06 Mar 2009 04:16:00 +0000

A decade ago, creating a web presence involved not just tons of money, but also loads of time. And, even after going through all those hassles, not many walked away with the kind of web presence we enjoy today. Blogging is not only easy and fast, but also downright cheap. A domain name and hosting fee is all what you pay for. We discuss below some of the blogging secrets for those who are keen on monetizing their blogs.

1. Key role of keywords

So long as search engines function on the basis of keywords, keywords will always figure in every form of web activity. The blogging secrets concerning keyword to help you march ahead relate to appropriate research. The advantage with blogs is that you can test the performance of different keywords or even keyword phrases and anchor on what is best for you.

2. Crisp and short posts

Blogs are like electronic diaries. Therefore, you should work around writing crisp and short postings. Web viewers spend very little time looking at these posts, and will appreciate quick communication in a few words. When someone reads your entire posts, it conveys a wholesome meaning and therefore better reasons to click your link.

3. Using valuable real estate

A direct promotion through blog posts is not the only way to monetize your blogs. Each blog has valuable real estate associated with it. There are several advertisers eager to avail the opportunity and place their ads on your blogs. By doing an appropriate Google search, you can garner those ads. Use these blogging secrets to enhance your profits.

Blogging Uncovered - 3 Crushing Blogging Secrets For Making Loads of Cash

Fri, 06 Mar 2009 04:15:00 +0000

What contributes to the huge popularity of blogs is their ability to communicate instantly across the world. There have been instances when news stories on current events were carried on blogs much before the press could even put their words together. The three magnetic blogging secrets discussed below will help you understand the functionality of blogs.

1. Submitting your blog to Google

Google is the most powerful search engine and therefore it is necessary that your blog figures in Google searches. You should therefore create a Google account and submit a site map to Google. Google in turn will index your pages faster and show up in the search results faster than in the absence of a site map. Having a proper sitemap of your blog for Google is among the major blogging secrets.

2. Link Exchange

On the internet highway, there are millions of blogs. Some of them are termed as authority blogs because they have great content in the chosen niche and people flock to them. When you exchange links with such authority sites, it enhances the credibility of your own blog and results in higher traffic.

3. Tracking

After putting together a beautiful blog and adding valuable content, you should also be tracking the blog. You should know who visited your blog, where they originated from and more importantly the key words they employed. When this type of tracking is done, you will gain deeper understanding of how your blog functions against different keywords and means of improving the performance if that is called for. Integrate these blogging secrets and enjoy the difference.

The Top 5 Google Gadgets to Add to Your Blogger Blog

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:24:00 +0000

If you are a fan of Blogger (like I am) then you probably love the introduction of hundreds of new Gadgets that you can add to your blog for more functionality. Gadgets (Google's term for what is more commonly known as widgets) mean that you can add your personality to your blog by showing a list of your favorite movie quotes, or perhaps you could offer your viewers a game of pong? With so many to choose from what are the best Google Gadgets to add to your Blogger Blog?

1. Followers (Find it in Basics) - Followers is kind of like Google's version of Twitter meets RSS. You can follow people and they can follow you or they can subscribe to your blog anonymously. It's one of the easiest way's to get more traffic to your blog (just start following people and they will likely start following you too).

2. HTML/JavaScript (Basics) - Obviously being able to add your own code to your blog page will enhance its functionality exponentially. You can add your own opt-in box to start a mailing list, Add Images and Links very easily to your other pages, and even put in a PayPal button and sell something right from your blog.

3. Countdown (Featured) - Allows you to add a countdown to your blog. You can countdown to your birthday, Christmas, until you launch a new product, anything you like.

4. Feed (Basics) - You can add a feed from your other blogs, your Squidoo lens, or if you are an EzineArticles author you can add a feed from your author page to show your latest articles.

5. AdSense (Basics) - If you want to make some money from your Blog one of the first places to start is by adding AdSense to your page. You will need an account with AdSense first so make sure you write a few posts on your blog before you apply. Then you can just add your AdSense code to the Gadget and can start earning money.

To add Gadgets to your blog just head to your Dashboard and go Layout | Page Elements then click on the Add a Gadget link wherever you would like to place it.

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The Secrets of Successful Blogging

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:24:00 +0000

Many people today have some kind of blog, While some use them as a means of keeping up to date with friends and family, others will use them as an online journal or even just for fun.

Just about everyone who has a website or uses the Internet for business has a blog these days and with good reason.

Blogging is a brilliant way to attract traffic to any website or business. Websites remain pretty static with their content and are only updated now and again whereas blogs are updated on a regular basis. Updating any site regularly means fresh content which is what the search engines thrive on!

The articles on your blog should ideally be your own and newly written with your own keywords highlighted a few times throughout.Keywords will mean that the search engines have yet another reason to pick up on your blog.

The articles themselves should have some relation to your website and/or business and give plenty of information on whatever it is that you are promoting.

Make sure you read it back to yourself, aloud if possible and personalise it, people like to know that they are dealing with someone "real".

Make sure you post on your blog at least twice weekly, more if you can, every day is the best if you have the time. Every time you post you will increase your chances of attracting more and more traffic which of course means more and more prospective buyers. This is a great benefit to Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing and all work at home businesses as well as many offline businesses. Blogging is one of the best Marketing aids around.

By posting often, writing new interesting, informative articles which are rich in keywords and letting people know you are a real person you will soon be attracting plenty more visitors to your blog which will lead to you selling more of your particular product.

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Blog Secrets For Writers - Boost Your Income

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:24:00 +0000

Do you have a blog? I hope you said yes, because blogs are incredibly useful for writers. A blog can build your career in ways you won't expect, often eliminating years of frustration.Firstly, let's talk about what a blog actually is. A blog is an instant-publication tool. That's all. If you're caught up in thinking that a blog is "an online journal", it can stifle your creativity.So when you think blog, think "instant publication."Now let's look at secret ways in which your blog can boost your writing income.1. More Blogs Equal More MoneyI have many blogs, and each blog has a purpose. Blogs take time to develop a readership. Usually when I create a blog, it's for a project which is either currently in development, or which I intend to develop a year or two from now.Think of each blog you create as an investment. Your investment in a blog may not pay off for several years, just as real-world investments.2. Sell Yourself and Your Products on Your BlogsIf you're a new writer, a blog will help you because you'll become visible online. It helps you to build your name.Make a list of all the writing services you provide, and make sure that you advertise these on your blog. As your writing services business grows, create a blog for each service.If you're writing articles, for example, create an articles blog. If you're writing a book, create a blog for the book. And so on.Ensure that you use your own name on each of your blogs. This means that when a potential buyer of your writing types your name into a Web search engine, all your blogs will show up. You develop credibility as a writer.This leads to our final secret.3. Every Blog Post Is an Advertisement for YouEvery blog, and every post on that blog, is an advertisement for you as a writer. Writers are in high demand on the Web, however you need to build credibility as a Web writer, and trust.Every blog you create displays your writing skill. This cuts down on your need to hunt for writing jobs, because clients come to you. Eventually, if you focus on blogging, you'll have more clients than you can handle.Blogging is a way to become an established writer, fast. If you're not blogging, your writing career will never be as successful as it could be. Start a blog (or another one) today.Want to learn more about blogging and Web writing? Sell Your Writing Online NOW at is complete training in Web writing which opens the door to unlimited opportunities. Subscribers call it "the best thing I've ever done." In addition to discovering blogging, you'll learn how to write and sell articles, ebooks and Web sites for profit, and much more.For free weekly writing information sent to your Inbox, subscribe to Angela's Fab Freelance Writing Ezine at and receive "Write And Sell Your Writing: The Power-Write Report" immediately.[...]

How to Edit Your Blogger Templates

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:23:00 +0000

Are you tired of the regular templates that come with Blogger? Well never fear because this article will show you how you can change the colors and layout of your chosen template into something that's unique and attractive. You can add different headers, change the background, and even change the font style and the best thing is that it's actually very simple. So let's get started so you can learn how to edit your Blogger templates.

We will start with the easy stuff first and change the fonts and colors of your template. Head to your Blogger Dashboard and click the layout tab. From there you'll see four links. Choose the font's and colors link and you'll be taken to a page that is split into two sections. The top section contains the items that you can edit and change and the bottom section gives you a preview of what that change will look like. Feel free to change and play around as much as you like because nothing with actually be changed until you press the Save Changes button, so if you choose a color or font that you don't like you can always cancel those changes. Once you are happy with your template then save your changes and you are done.

Next let's add a custom header to our page. Most Blogger template headers are defaulted to display just text but you can easily add an image behind the text or even to replace the text at the top. Go to the Layout Tab and click on the Page Elements link. You'll see a page that shows the basic layout of your blog. Find your header at the top and click the Edit link to bring up the Configure Header display. From here you can upload your image and choose to have it behind your test or instead of your text. Most Blogger header sizes are 730 pixels wide so keep this in mind when making your header graphic.

Advanced editing can also be done to your template however you will need some html and css knowledge before you decide to try and rewrite any code. However there are some simple things that you can do that shouldn't be too hard. The first is changing the background color of your page. Scroll down until you see the body stylesheet of the template. This is where you'll find the basic information about your template such as background color, line-height and general font-size. If you know the hexadecimal color that you want for your background then just replace the hex number (the number that starts with a hash (#)) with your new hex number.

In the advanced editing section you can also add your Google Analytics code at the bottom of the template before the /body tag if you would like to track your visitors.

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Blogs - 4 Steps to Write a Winning Post

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:23:00 +0000

Blog posts are a great way to bring traffic to your web site. If your blog offers interesting and useful information to the visitors and is updated over regular intervals of time, chances are high that people will visit it. So, to make the most of this tool, it is important to know what makes a blog post interesting and attractive to the visitors.

The following are some of the factors that will help you to write a winning blog post:

  • Catchy titles: Your blog should use titles effectively. A catchy and search engine friendly title goes a long way in making your blog work. It also helps readers scan your post quickly. If your title catches their fancy, they will even read what you have written in your post.
  • Use bullets and bold fonts to highlight matters: Most people scan information on the net rather that reading the full matter. So, it is important to use techniques to get their attention quickly. Using bullets, bold fonts and highlighters can be used in moderation to draw attention to the important aspects of your blog post.
  • Original content: People love to read content that echoes their feelings and thoughts, is unique in its approach and has a creative and fresh feel. Writing the same thing that everyone else is writing in the same way as others will almost ensure of your content being largely ignored. So, try to bring your unique approach to oft-repeated facts and try to write about something new and in vogue.
  • Use of images: Images are a powerful medium that can communicate in ways, which words cannot. Try to include some visual elements in your blog that will provide another point of interest to your readers. It is not necessary to use images in every post but whenever you have the chance of using one, do it but ensure that the images are in tune with what your content wants to convey.

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Fake Pictures, Names and Deception on Internet Blogs

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:22:00 +0000

There is indeed far too much deception online. Some books now tell younger people to not use their real name online, as there are "Internet Stockers," but at the same time this so-called good advice is teaching kids to be deceptive on the Internet. Thus, they are much more likely to be deceptive in real life too. But all this dishonesty is quite disheartening.

We already have issues with millennials cheating on tests in school, plagiarizing on papers and lying on resumes. The deception on blogs has gotten so bad that one company hired bloggers to create a buzz on their blogs in trade for free-products. The bloggers went hog wild pumping up a product and telling everyone how great it was, "before" they received the product. Worse, they often engaged in these action using fake names.

Indeed, I am sorry but you folks who do this on blogs all need to know that it is Fraudulent to do BUZZ Marketing without alerting the consumer that you are being paid in kind or cash for your words. It is dishonest to make blog posts or write articles under a pen name and then steer Internet surfers to a website to buy something.

Many bloggers also use fake pictures for their fake names or what they pass off as pen names to try to avoid being called fraudulent. Using Fake pictures with fake names, well that is just about the most dishonest thing I've ever heard of. What so someone steals a picture off of Class

All this online deception is quite troubling and when many Internet users find out about this, it just upsets them something terrible. It seems to me that one is embarrassed to write about a topic using their own name, then might I be so bold as to offer them some advice? Stop writing that crap.

Further, if one is posting blogs or articles that are fiction fine use a pen name, it has been done for generations. But if you are blogging and/or writing articles for the purpose of selling stuff, it is borderline consumer fraud to use a fake name. If you are embarrassed for your family heritage to sell sex toys and write blogs or articles about that, then stop selling that stuff.

You know this whole thing is a sick sign on the integrity levels of those who blog on the Internet. How can anyone approve of this abuse, the lies or fake names? Personally, I would ask bloggers to "pony up," stand for something in your lives and perhaps, stop sneaking around using fake names, selling junk trinkets on the Internet.

Lance Winslow - Lance Winslow's Bio. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

Four Very Important Blogging Tips

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:22:00 +0000

Blogging can be a cracking means to earning a living and getting your opinions on the internet. Regardless of whether you're blogging to make a living or merely want to verbalize your belief on a topic, the following are four blogging points which all bloggers should acknowledge and abide by in order to make your web log a total winner.

Blog about what you know the best.

It's genuinely useful to blog about what you recognise. As you're putting up info to the people and most people depend upon this info for precise points, it's critical that you blog about the matters you acknowledge the best. You need to be sure not only that the info you broadcast to the world is precise but also that the subject is simple for you to write on.

Capitalize on the moneymaking opportunities Via Blogging.

There is a lot of ways to turn your web log into a lucrative venture. This is among the more critical blogging tips as most of you would like to make some revenue whilst doing what you enjoy. Several revenue making adventures via blogging include affiliate programs, ppc programs such as Google Adsense and marketing your own products on your blog.

Update your blog often.

As far as tips go the accompanying one is rather significant. You want to all of the time make certain to keep your web log info new and cutting-edge. Blogging comprises of new info which is endlessly kept current. This will in addition to help you to make more revenue should you have revenue making programs affiliated to your blog.

Make the info useful.

A lot of of the better blogs on the internet these days are ones which supply useful info to the subscribers. Whilst it's absorbing to merely read one's web log about their life story or past experiences, it's even finer to exit the web log having accumulated useful info about one topic or another.

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10 Effective Ways to Build Blog Backlinks

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:22:00 +0000

Do you want to boost your blog in Google?! You can give your blog a huge kick by backlinking with other websites. I know this isn't new news, but so many people forget to build strong and relevant backlinks to their websites. I'd like to give you some important tips, and helpful ideas to give your blog that kick it needs!Here's 10 tips to build backlinks to your blog:1. Search Out A BackLink ToolIn order to build backlinks for your blog, you'll need a backlink tool or service that will help you find backlinks. There's lots of great tools out there to cut down the workload of finding backlinks. BackLink Agent is easy to use, you just enter your keywords and select the type of links you want to find - and BackLink Agent does all the work for you!2. Relevant & Related WebsitesNow that you're finding backlinks for your bog, there's two types of backlinks for your blog - and I call them the two R's:Relevant & Related.It's very important to only link to relevant or related websites. If your blog is about Water Skiing and you're backlinking with websites that are about Body Building - there isn't a relevant or related connection. Visitors will be turned off because they don't find any relationship between your blog and the website they just came from.3. Reputable WebsitesReputable - the 3rd 'R' that often gets forgotten. Building backinks to your blog can be all for nothing, if you link to websites that aren't reputable. Let's use a neighbourhood analogy - you have a nice house, you maintain it, paint it, keep you yard clean - it should be worth some nice money. But the neighbours have burned out cars in their front yard... Now the neighbourhood doesn't look so hot. Your website can do the same by linking to websites that aren't reputable.How do you tell a website is reputable? Ask yourself these questions:- What's your initial impression of the website? Is it eye catching, or ugly?- Is the information relevant, well written?- Would I buy from this website?- Check the website's Alexa rating (, under 1 million is alright4. Directory SitesIf you want to build blog backlinks then getting your blog backlinked in a directory is a hot idea. Directories like for example have a really deep category & subcategory system - so you can get really specific about where you want to build your blog backlink.5. Add/Submit Url SitesAs mentioned before, BackLink Agent has a tool to help you find websites that accept url submissions. So what you would do is search with one of your keyword phrases, like 'jet boat water skiing' and see what websites are available. Now you can submit your url to them and create a backlink for your blog.6. Related ForumsForums can be an amazing means for building blog backlinks. What you do is use BackLink Agent to search out related forums. I recommend adding your blog url as a backlink in your forum signature. Then every post you make has a backlink to your blog. A good forum post can send 100s of visitors to your blog in a week, or even a day!7. Competition SpyA little bit of competition can be a good thing - but the Internet can provide 1000s of competitive websites with a few keystrokes. What if you were able to see the backlinks that your competition have for their websites?BackLink Agent has a way cool tool to sniff out competition backlinks. All you do is enter your competition's url (with http://) in the search field and pick 'Competition Spy' and see all the links that the website is linked to. The Internet is one big backlink, so it's a great way to find more backlinks for your blog.8. Give Your Article Or Lens An Added BoostIf you've written a article and want to get it indexed faster by Google or ranked higher - backlinking your blog to your ne[...]

Make Money Blogging - Profit Potential

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:21:00 +0000

It sounds unbelievable, but simple blogs being set up by everyday men and women are raking in tens of thousands of dollars each month in ad revenue and selling for upwards of $15 million. But does this mean Joe Blogger can set up his own average blog and make money blogging the same way these special cases do? If you go about it the right way, you can!

If you want to cash in with a blog of big buck proportions, then you want to set it up from start to finish in a way that helps you make money blogging through sales links, but also attracts advertisers and buyers to make you an offer you can't refuse.

A blog can be set up in mere minutes. You register a domain (or use a free site like WordPress or Blogger), point your servers to your hosting company, click the Fantastico blog button, and it's live!

From that point on, the secret to helping you make money blogging is in the details. What theme will you use? What layout? Do you ping or not? If this all sounds foreign to you, then don't worry - it's really simple once you have the right guidance.

What will you need to commit to as a part time or full time professional blogger?

1.) Frequency - you have to blog on a regular basis, which might mean weekly, but it's best if it's daily. The more you blog, the more often search engines visit your site.

2.) Laws - know the laws surrounding images and copyrights that you need to adhere to.

3.) Consumer needs - if you don't know what your readers want to know about, then your readership will suffer.

If your goal is to be the next Perez Hilton, whose blog is rumored to make over $50,000 a month in ad space, or sell your blog like's owner just did for a cool $15 mil, then you'll want to discover the intricate details of adding the best bells and whistles to your blog.

At first, you may only make a few dollars a day in AdSense revenue, but your blog will quickly become fodder for the search engine spiders like Googlebots, who will hand deliver buyers and advertisers to your virtual door with a knock and a fist full of cash for you to consider.

To learn how to make money blogging, check out and put your powers to the test to see if you have what it takes to blog your way to big bucks!

10 Classic WordPress Themes For Your Blog

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:21:00 +0000

If you do a search for Wordpress themes it will display thousands of results. Some of the themes will be dull and some are really inspiring. There are so many but these are 10 that I liked -GridFocus PublicThis is a three column Wordpress theme. The navigation bars can be found at the top and bottom of pages in order to provide which provides the visitors with ample opportunity to continue exploring. It's very clear in structure and hierarchy.CopybloggerThis is one really cool WordPress theme. You can visit Brian's copyblogger website for the demo.With the Copyblogger Theme for WordPress, you'll be able to modify colors, fonts, and even the tiniest details by utilizing the custom stylesheet solution that is included with the theme download. Also, thanks to the wonders of open source development, you can take advantage of add-on styles that others release for use with the Copyblogger Theme.Jello Wala MelloJello-Wala-Mello is a news and magazine-styled WordPress theme created for multi-media sites. Some of the positives of this theme are 1) Beautiful colour scheme 2) Subtle design touches 3) Not difficult to start using.K2K2 is an advanced template for the blogging engine WordPress.K2 also has the following AJAX-powered features:1. Live Commenting lets readers leave a comment without having to reload the page.2. Livesearch lets you type your search query and instantly have the results at hand. Better yet, it integrates directly with...3. Rolling Archives is a navigation system designed specifically for K2, which allows you to navigate through archives and search results without having to reload the page.WhyteWho says monochromatic themes have to be boring? Theme features include: AdSense-Ready; Widget-Ready; Recent Entries; Comments, trackbacks, and pings separated on post pages; Option to include your own logo; Active navigation states for posts that appear in Recent Entries. Download the theme from the link below :VertigoVertigo is a modern, 2 or 3-column Widget-ready theme created for WordPress.GridLockGridlock is cool because it doesn't look like a blog, also because an HTML help page is included with Gridlock's download file, which is very rare because most WordPress theme don't have such a guideLonghornLonghorn is a minimalist two column Wordpress theme. Its design is simple and I have used it in this blog. Longhorn Wordpress theme is compatible with the following browsers:1. Internet Explorer 6 and 72. Opera Browser3. Mozilla Firefox4. Apple's Safari.LightBreakerHere's another great make money online WordPress theme. It's really cool with a good design for placing advertisements.BlueBirdIf you are looking for a classy little design for your personal blog then 3-column BlueBird fits well.Krish[...]

5 Top Tips For Creating Blog Revenue

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:20:00 +0000

Creating blog revenue is simply a matter of properly setting up your blog with various income producing products and programs, and then getting as many new and repeat visitors as possible to view your pages on a consistent basis.So here are five easy ways for you to begin generating a blog revenue.1. Google AdsenseThe first thing I want to talk about is setting up your blog to offer the Google Adsense affiliate program.If you have a blog, putting Adsense on to it is very easy. If you are not a member of the Google Adsense program you will need to apply for it first. Just go to the Google homepage, click on the advertising programs link (bottom left) and follow the instructions for setting up Adsense.Once you are approved you can add different block sizes of ads to each post just by clicking on a couple of buttons. This is something you will want to play with in your account when you are setting up your blog and when you are posting various articles to it.If you use another form of blogging platform, such as, there are plug-ins that can be installed that will instantly add Google Adsense ads to various locations on your blog including your header, sidebar, footer, and in the body of each post.The Adsense revenue that you earn is paid each time a visitor clicks on one of your ads. This can range from a few cents per click to as high as several dollars per click depending on your niche.Over the course of a month this passive form of revenue can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.2. BannersAnother good way to make money with your blog is to add banners to various affiliate programs that you can join for free.The key here is to join affiliate programs that match the theme of your blog. For example, do not put cooking banners on a music blog.You can join affiliate programs and be assigned an ID number that is coded in each banner that you place on your blog. Each time someone clicks on one of those they are taken to your affiliate webpage, where if they make a purchase you earn a commission.Banners are great to add to your blog because they add color and excitement as well as give you another form of income when you make a sale.3. Hyperlink KeywordsA third way to make money blogging is to hyperlink keyword phrases in each blog post back to a sales letter or affiliate page where you are offering a product.As you get better at doing this you can even upload pictures and hyperlink those pictures back to sales is a great place to find affiliate products to sell relating to almost any blog article.It's the largest information e-book affiliate program in the world and once you become a Clickbank affiliate you will have access to thousands of potential products that can earn you money on each sale.4. Sell Advertising SpaceNumber four in my blog revenue tips is selling text link advertising to other bloggers or websites.If you do not want to, or don't have time to find people to sell to individually you can investigate companies such as Text Link Brokers and make money selling text links through them.Your blog will need to be established before you can start offering this, as potential advertisers will only be willing to pay good money if their ads are going to be seen by a large amount of traffic.5. Build That ListThe final way I want to discuss is building an opt in e-mail list.By adding a sign-up form to your homepage, and every single other page, you can capture names and e-mail addresses for future follow-ups in an auto responder.This is a very smart way to make money from your blog because it gives you a way to follow-up with visitors in the future that you[...]

Make Money Mini Blogging - Should You Use Twitter?

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A blog takes time, but what if you could blog just 28 words to make money? Mini blogging is a new trend online. Discover how to make this form of marketing work for you.

There are several different mini blogging applications you can use; Twitter is one of them. I admit, when I first discovered Twitter I thought it was a waste of time, but lately it's become one of my favorite marketing tools.

Warning: Mini Blogging Is Not Direct Marketing

The mini blogging tools are a form of social media; they keep you in touch with your friends. This means that using them as a direct marketing tool, by twittering items like "Buy this [link]" for example, will ensure that no one pays attention to you.

Since these are SOCIAL tools, use Twitter to make friends first. Then your marketing will be a natural extension of your social activities.

How to Use Twitter for Marketing

Since you can't market directly from Twitter, you need a Web site or blog to share your marketing endeavors. Don't be concerned if you don't already have a site. Build your relationships on Twitter, and when your site is ready, you can Twitter about your work on the site, to provide an immediate flow of traffic.

Once you have a Web site, link the site to Twitter by going to the Settings tab on Twitter, and adding your URL to the More Info URL field, and pressing the Save button. Now your site is accessible directly from your Twitter Profile. Anyone who want to learn more about you, can access your site.

Then just continue to add items to Twitter. If you're promoting a new product in affiliate marketing for example, tell your Twitter friends about it. But lots of fun social messages too.

The big benefit of Twitter is the social network you develop, and the constant and increasing flow of traffic to your Web site which develops from this. As your Twitter followers increase - and the people you're following increase too, your network and traffic grows. With more traffic, the make your mini blogging activities generate grows too.

Discover how you can make money online with Angela Booth's Money Diviner blog at You'll find daily news and information, as well free tools to make your dreams reality. Subscribe to the blog, and receive a free report.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog Within 24 Hours

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:19:00 +0000

Struggling to get traffic to your blog? Well you are not alone, as getting visitors to your blog is the number one thing that people want to accomplish - and with good reason, the more people that visit your blog the more likely that you are going to make a sale or have someone join your mailing list (or whatever other reason that you are blogging for).

Here is the step by step plan that I do to make sure that I get traffic within 24 hours.

1. Write articles for your blog and submit them to article directories such as EzineArticles and goarticles. Ezinearticles will take longer than 24 hours for your article to be approved but you will get more quality traffic from them so you should still submit your article to them. Goarticles is a lot faster (and will get you listed within 24 hours) but probably won't get you they same amount of traffic. I recommend submitting to both. You can submit the same article to both directories but for better ranking and more backlinks I recommend submitting two different articles to each directory.

2. Bookmark your site on social networks such as StumbleUpon and Digg. I seem to get more traffic from StumbleUpon than I do from Digg but it is still worth bookmarking at as many sites as you can. You can even get an account with places like which will allow you to submit your site to many social networks at once saving you a lot of time.

3. Commenting on other people's blogs is another method that has proved extremely effective for me. Find other blogs that are on the same topic as your blog and write a useful comment and of course leaving your blog url as well. I get the best results when I comment on something specific in that post like, 'that's really interesting how you can do x and y results, I'll have to try it out' with my name and blog address.

There are many other effective methods such as submitting your rss feed to various feed services, exchanging links and even video marketing but these top three methods are quick and easy to do and have always gotten me lots of free quick traffic. will help you make more money and get more traffic to your blog 24/7.

You can have a sneak look inside Blog Cash with this free sample chapter.

Best Blog Software - What Are the Best Choices?

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:19:00 +0000

When trying to find the right if not the best blog software there are tons of options available.

Your choice will largely depend on how much money you have to invest in it and also the kind of options that you are looking at in a weblog application.

Some of the common free blogging applications are Wordpress and Blogger. Blogger is incredibly easy to use and you can have a new blog up in minutes right on their server. However, one of the limitations of Blogger is that you can't use plugins that are specially designed for Wordpress blogs.

Other popular choices include Drupo, Typo, Squarespace, Kiubi, Movable Type and Umbraco.

How To Know When You Should Buy Your Blogging Software

It's important to consider your blogging needs first of all. If you are serious about blogging and making money as a blogger then you really need a software application that will automate a lot of the tedious tasks and free up a lot of your valuable time to do other things.

You also need to consider your skill level. Some programs are more complicated than others. Other software programs such as Blogger are simple to use and provide step by step instructions.

Price is another factor.

Features are also of critical importance. If you only have basic needs and aren't serious about blogging then Blogger or Wordpress should be enough to get you started.

However, if you blogging to create a passive monthly income from it then the right program is a must have - not a choice. I'm a niche blogger myself and my program of choice is cutting edge. It's called Firepow. It's perfect for both novices and advanced bloggers. It's easy to use, you can create a blog in a matter of minutes, and monitor and manage multiple blogs from the one control panel. You can see an example of a Firepow created blog here.

I make $8000,00 online as a niche blogger. Let me give YOU the edge over other Firepow users with my exclusive Firepow offer. Instantly save 30% on Firepow and get access to my exclusive Firepow bonuses to help you make money online. PLUS when you invest in Firepow at the site below you'll also qualify for free one on one email coaching and mentoring with me. Go to for more information!

Traffic to Blog - 5 Fun and Fast Ways to Drive Traffic to a New Blog Within 24 Hours

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Many blog owners struggle with getting traffic to their blog, especially when their blog is brand new. Generating visitor traffic to your blog takes a little effort on your part but thankfully modern technology is now making that task a lot easier.The most common blogging platforms online are Blogger, Wordpress and installing your own WP blog on your domain. It's possible to get traffic to your blog on its first day of launch once you put these tips into practice.I created a new blog in a health niche on 17 September 2008. Within 24 hours of creating that blog I generated enough traffic to this weblog to award me with a sale.Let me give you an example of what I do when I start a new blog.(1) RSS Feed SyndicationEvery blog has an RSS feed. By submitting your RSS feeds to the most popular feed services online you can get very quick traffic to your site, particularly if you are focusing on keywords with lower competition in the search engines.All that you need to do is submit your feed url to a range of services (these are free) as soon as your site is live.The ones in particular that I highly recommend Now when you submit your rss url to these services it's absolutely critical that you carefully select the right tags to include with the submission. It is these tags that will help drive traffic to y our website. The best tags to use are the ones that are you targeting your site about -- plus what you believe your search engine visitors will put in the search box in order to find out what you're offering.(2) Social Bookmarking Your BlogSocial bookmarking involves bookmarking your blog, what it's about and what it has to offer at the most popular social bookmarking sites online.It is important not to overuse this method or to spam these sites.Simply do a short post explaining why you believe this site or product will interest other people on these sites.Some of the most popular social bookmarking sites are:Digg.comYahooBuzzTechnorati.comDel.icio.usPropellerStumbleUponRedditMixxFarkMyBlogLog (3) Social NetworkingSocial networking is slightly different. Probably the most popular social networking site is Facebook. When you create an account at Facebook or other social networking sites like Myspace you can connect with other people online and create friendships and networks with these people related to your niche.It is through these networks and relationships that you can then promote your sites or products (although VERY subtly).Some of the more popular social networking groups are:FaceBookMySpaceClassmates OnlineMSN GroupsYahoo GroupsXanga (4) Google AdWordsPaying for traffic from Google isn't for the faint hearted. Done incorrectly you could achieve no sales at the end of the week but a Google AdWords bill of hundreds of dollars. However, done correctly you can actually get in front of surfers within about 15 minutes of writing your ads.(5) Video MarketingMillions of videos are watched daily by surfers all over the world. Video marketing is really the next wave of internet marketing online. By creating video clips or short video articles and then linking to your url in the video and also in the description box of the video sites you can get high rankings very quickly and drive traffic to your blog fast, provided the quality of your content is good.Here are some of the easier to use video sharing sites online:YouTubeBlipVideoEggDailyMotionGoogleVideoAOLEyespot ConclusionMany people online choose to put in as little effor[...]