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Create a Profitable eBay Home Business

Fri, 06 Mar 2009 04:11:00 +0000

My favorite thing about eBay is the simplicity of everything. To get started selling you just setup a free account, enter your title and description, click a few buttons and whatever you have to sell is up on one of the most trafficked sites online.

eBay puts the buyers infront of you. People who go to eBay are there to buy things, they are shopping, looking for a bargain especially in these economic times.

Most other online business startups would require you to invest lots of time or money into getting traffic to your website, were as eBay has already done this for you.

The biggest and really only hurdle there is when selling on eBay is making sure you're selling what people want to buy. It makes no sense to list things no one is paying for, and this is easily discovered with a simple search.

Let's say I see a certain cell phone on eBay that's really popular. I do a search for it, I scroll down and look on the left and see "Search: Completed Auctions" I click that, and I can instantly see what's selling, who's selling it and for how much!

I mean, it doesn't get much better than this. You already know within seconds how much profit there is if you can find a source for the product.

So, maybe you find something and it's selling like crazy but you don't know where to get it cheap, easy just do a search on eBay for "PRODUCT NAME wholesale" or "PRODUCT NAME wholesale lot."

Just like with any business or physical products there's the manufacturer, the distributors and the end user (buyer).

Do You Know This Critical eBay Success Key?

Fri, 06 Mar 2009 04:10:00 +0000

There are many eBay listing elements that are critical to your selling success. But one item in particular can slam the door shut on your auctions success before it even gets started. Have you given this crucial point proper consideration in your listings?

Never underestimate the power of having your auction listed in its' proper category. The correct category listing is of the utmost importance. Many, if not most, bidders use the category system to search for items. If your auction is listed in the wrong category, or worse, in the miscellaneous category 'Everything Else' these bidders won't find your auction.

Finding the proper listing category is not complicated. It can add an extra step to creating your listing which will take a bit more of your time but you will discover that this time is well spent when the bidding closes. eBay can even suggest categories for you when you create your listing. Just type in a few words to describe the item on the category selection page and click 'search'. For the best result be detailed. Enter exactly what your item is, with brand name and model number (if any), so that eBay can select the best category for you.

If you're not pleased with the eBay result you can always search for like items yourself. Try different search words to see which ones produce the most results. For your reference you can also find all of the available listing categories eBay's home page.

Still can't decide exactly which category best fits your listing? eBay has a solution. You can actually list your item in two categories. Of course there is an additional fee for this but the strategic advantage of listing across categories is often worth the extra expense. Keep this option in mind even if selecting your primary listing category is easy.

How to Become an eBay Seller

Fri, 06 Mar 2009 04:10:00 +0000

Selling on eBay and becoming an eBay Seller is much easier than most people think. If you're thinking there's a huge process to get signed up and selling, it really isn't.

First, simply go to eBay and you'll see in the upper left it says "sign in or register" simply click on register. This will take you to a page where you need to enter your personal information (name, address, email phone etc) and create a user ID.

I highly recommend when creating an ID that you don't use your name or something personally identifiable, with identity theft out there it's just another way for someone to find more information about you. So choose something, if you have a business already maybe use the business name or something that describes what you sell (if you already know what you're going to sell).

Coming off as professional is going to play a major roll in your success so make it count.

Once you are done entering your information hit submit and check your email, verify you wanted to setup an account by clicking the link and your account is setup, just one more step.

You'll need a credit card, bank account or Paypal account to be able to pay eBay. So your next step to start selling is to simply put on of them on file with eBay so they can take the fees out automatically.

If you don't feel comfortable with this, get a credit card with a low limit or setup a separate bank account just for eBay.

eBay REALLY wants you to use Paypal since, they make make money when you use it since they own Paypal, so it makes the most sense to setup a Paypal account if you don't have one and use it for fees, since Paypal would also want a credit card or bank account to use, you might as well limit this kind of information to as few sites as possible.

Are You Sending Your eBay Business to an Early Death?

Fri, 06 Mar 2009 04:08:00 +0000

An eBay business is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to make money on the internet. With practically no knowledge of anything you can start selling and making money. But eBay is far from 'idiot proof.' If you don't treat it like a business you will be out of business in a flash. Simple mistakes can be a death sentence for your business. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid at all costs!

*Never exaggerate or hide important information about your product. Always be totally honest. If your customers receive products that are not exactly as described your reputation will quickly be destroyed by feedback comments.

*Don't be slow on shipping. Always send your customers lots out as quickly as possible. The easiest way to make potential customers run away from your auctions is for them to read bad feedback about your shipping times. Never state in your listing that you ONLY ship at particular times such as once a week or twice a month. This exudes negativity and portrays arrogance to your bidders.

*Don't keep your customers in the dark. Always communicate with your bidders and customers. Keep them informed. Not hearing from you makes them wonder if you just took their money and disappeared.

*Don't charge outrageous shipping rates. This is perhaps the biggest single complaint you hear about from eBay bidders. In fact, eBay has stated limits in certain categories to stop gouging by sellers. Always charge reasonable shipping and handling rates and combine shipping to reduce total cost for multiple winners.

*Never publish gaudy or amateurish listings. Stay professional. Don't use animations or flashing lights. Stay away from ALL CAPITALS IN BRIGHT COLORS. Refrain from using music. These may seem like really neat features but ultimately distract from you selling message.

*Don't be negative in your descriptions. Never include language such as "if you don't pay in 7 days we will leave negative feedback and report you to eBay!" or "if your not serious about paying don't waste my time by bidding." The language of your listing is the only contact bidders have with you. If they think you will be a pain to deal with they will just go to some other listing.

How You Can Make Money Buying Items on eBay

Fri, 06 Mar 2009 04:08:00 +0000

Did you know that people everyday are buying products on eBay and selling them for a very good profit. It is really not hard and almost anyone can do it if they know how to follow some simple rules when it comes to purchasing products on this online auction site. Take a look at how you can do it as well and start profiting from this online powerhouse.

One of the most overlook items that you can buy on eBay is motor vehicles and motorcycles. If you sell, you can do so for profit. Go through the listings of vehicles that they have for sale and some very good deals can be found. The reason that you want to look into purchasing vehicles is that many times you can find better deals on eBay than what you can where you live. You may even see people get two or three thousand more for a vehicle by bringing it home and sprucing it up and reselling it. They key is to know exactly what your market can handle and you must also know the asking prices for something comparable.

Want ads are all over the Internet. Buyers are looking for certain product and they will pay top dollar for them. It could be a certain book or a certain item they have been searching for. This is where you come in and some nice profits can be made. If you search on eBay you can find many of these products and you can work out a deal with the person looking for these items. Toss in a good profit margin for yourself and both parties are happy. It is a win-win situation for both people.

Flea markets are another place people go looking for something they just cannot find anywhere else. If you do a search on eBay, you will find a lot of items you can purchase and sell for a nice profit at your local flea market. This is something that more people are doing these days so be warned you could run into some competition doing it. They key is to know what is hot and what people want and what they do not want. This is done by doing plenty of research and seeing what people are buying these days. It can be done, but will take some work on your part.

Buying products on eBay and making money in the offline world with them, as you can see, can be done. The real key is knowing exactly what things cost in your area. Look for the best available price on eBay. You want to factor in everything such as shipping when you determine if it is profitable. Look around and see what is hot in your area. You may find that every area is different and what may be hot in one part of the country is not in another. It is just how it works. The key to profiting on eBay is doing your research and knowing the trends and what maybe hot tomorrow before it arrives. If you can do that, profits will line your bank account.

Sell For Profit on Ebay - The Best Items to Sell on Ebay

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 02:19:00 +0000

It is getting harder and harder to sell for profit on eBay. Through the years, eBay has been raising their fees very consistently, both their insertion fees and their final value fees have been rising. On top of that, the competition is getting more and more fierce as sellers continuously try to reduce their prices in an effort compete and increase sales. Overall, sellers expenses are rising, prices are falling and margins continue to be squeezed. These price wars benefit no one, not even the buyer.

Why would a price war not even benefit the buyer? Because sellers are trying to make up for a reduced selling price by inflating their shipping and handling charges and hoping that the buyers do not notice. And many times they do not.

A reasonable alternative to this spiral, is to purchase a product one time, then sell it many times.

They are known as resale rights products, and some people have been making a lot of money with them. Ebay changed their rules regarding these resale rights products. This rule change created an extra expense but greatly reduced the competition.

In a nutshell, the best items to sell on ebay are still information products, but now we just have to do it a little bit differently. Instead of the autopilot system that we once used, we now must spend a little bit on supplies such as blank DVDs or CDs and envelopes and postage. Overall, you can spend about $2.00 in supplies for products that you can receive as much as $27 or more for. This combined with the reduced competition makes ebay, once again, a profitable little marketplace.

Do you need low cost, high profit resale rights products? Here are some to choose from.

I can provide you with the products and the know how to use them.

Use the eBay Coupon Codes

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 02:19:00 +0000

So many people don't have a clue about eBay coupon codes. As a matter of fact I didn't either until about a year ago. I'm pretty sure a friend of mine told me about them. Of course I was skeptical with all the garbage that's going around the internet. However I thought I would give it a try and guess what? I got 2 dollars discounted off my purchase from eBay.

I spend a lot of money on eBay so two dollars didn't seem like a lot so I didn't think much of it and even forgot about eBay coupon codes for a long time. Well we all know how the economy is acting right now and we all know that saving money is a good thing. A few months ago when purchasing something from eBay suddenly the codes thing popped into my head again. I remembered the money I saved and I was sure that it would be easy to find more coupons to save some money on the Christmas presents I would be purchasing this year.

So I went in search of more eBay coupon codes. Well, what I found was a lot of difficulty. The internet is huge and you can find anything but that just didn't ring true with the codes. The few places I did find would have a few codes of which most were expired. Well I knew this would be tougher than first thought but I wasn't quite ready to give up just yet. I decided it was time to put some keyword and search engine strategies to work.

Eventually I did find more sites but I still had to deal with many expired codes and codes that were just useless to me and my buying. Don't get me wrong I was still finding quite a few eBay coupon codes and getting some great deals but it was just proving to be very difficult work. However I am a successful affiliate marketer as well online so I know that making things work takes a commitment and hard work. Most people would have given up long before but not me. I don't succeed by walking away.

Finally one day I hit a jackpot for eBay coupon codes. The code was worth 250 dollars of my purchase. I was a bit skeptical with this one but it worked and I have never looked back. I now use the codes on a regular basis and as long as they are available will never quit using them.

While searching for the eBay coupon codes I realized that for the normal individual this would be very tough and they would give up quite quickly.

Well I wanted to help and I didn't want you to not be able to prosper with the savings that the ebay coupon codes can supply. You just have to head over to my website that I built to take the work away from you. You see I update the site with all the latest codes and get rid of the expired ones. Don't be scared. Just visit my site now for some great ebay savings.

How to Find the Top Selling Items on eBay

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 02:18:00 +0000

Knowing how to find the top selling items on eBay is an important skill for sellers who want to maximize their profits on the world's most popular marketing site. Millions of products change hands every day by being listed and sold there. Of those millions of products, a relatively small percentage are hot selling items.

Successful sellers find items to sell that are popular with buyers. In fact, some hot items are so popular with buyers that they find themselves amongst stiff competition to win the auctions of these hot products.

So how do you find the top selling items on eBay? The best - and most time consuming way - is to do research on the site and find the most popular products yourself. The way to do this is to use the advanced search feature and go through each category looking for hot items.

There are some fee-based websites that allow members to search sold listings on eBay, and some feature hot product lists. The eBay website itself offers Marketplace Research, a fee-based program that allows members to search specific products and obtain statistics about average pricing and completed sales.

eBay Pulse is a tool used by many sellers to find popular items on eBay. Pulse shows the top ten keyword searches for each category. Keep in mind that this includes searches only and does not include statistics about completed listings.

Another option is to pay someone who has already gathered research and found the most popular items among eBay buyers. Some people actually enjoy strolling the virtual streets of eBay and discovering the hottest products that sell the quickest and for the most money.

Those eBay sellers who make the most money do so by finding and selling the top selling items in hot, lucrative niches. They either do the research themselves or pay someone else to do the research for them.

Selling popular products is the most important factor when it comes to maximizing profits on eBay. Lots of sellers make money on the site, but those who earn the most are those who know how to find the top selling items on eBay.

Would you like to learn about the top selling items on eBay?

You can download the free Guide here: Secret eBay Niches

8 Tips and Tricks For Good Money With eBay

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 02:18:00 +0000

If you really want to make a good decent income with eBay,follow these tips.

1: Identify your niche market.

Identify what is selling and what is not.Getting market research data will be useful to you.You'll probably see the those one or two items that always seem to sell for a good price.

2: Check the competition
Take a look at what the other sellers in your category are up to,pay attention to their strategies.See to any mistakes their auctions might have, because this is a good chance to beat them at their own game

3:Get your product:

Get suppliers for whatever it is you want to sell, get the best rates,call a lot of people get the best deal. If the prices you've seen are higher than the suppliers, then you're full on.

4: Startup small:

Start with smaller amounts of money on your ideas,if it clicks,then you can go ahead and invest more.

5: Testing the market:

Try more and more strategies until something works,keep repeating till you found the proper niche.

6: Make business plan:

A business plan with few pages that outline the market opportunity you've selected, your strategy, strengths and weaknesses of the plan and a budget. this is to put on the right path.

7: Investment :

Invest in the problem. Buy inventory, and start expanding your business. Set a target on the number of sales each week, increasing it as time passes by.

8: Register as a company:

When you started to earn several thousand dollars worth of sales, you should really register yourself as a company,a lawyer is the best person to help you through the process.

If things are not working out, don't stop until you succeed. Keep working at it, you'll almost always find that real breakthrough might happen when things are starting to look desperate.

Eddie Machado is a successful Internet Marketer for the last 6years. Visit to read more about the different online business avenues available on the Internet.

How to Import Products From China to Sell on EBay - Part II

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 02:17:00 +0000

Are you tired of getting scammed by fake Chinese wholesalers? Do you need to find a reliable Chinese wholesaler in order to give your eBay business a boost? In an earlier article I gave you five essential precepts for separating the scammers from the real deal. In this article I will give you five more. Follow these exactly and your chances of being scammed will decrease dramatically.

I - Contact Emails, Legitimate or Free-mail?
Legitimate wholesale suppliers do not use free-mail like or for their contact information. A wholesaler's contact email should be based on the domain name of the wholesaler's website. If the wholesaler's website is "" their contact email should be something like "" not ""

II - Check "Who IS" to Find Out Who They Are.
If you want to find out if a wholesaler is legitimate try checking for them on This handy website will be able to tell you how long their website has been in operation and who the official owner is. If the date of the website's initiation is far back, this is good; and if the owner name posted on matches either the name of the wholesaler or the name of the wholesaler's executive this is even better.

III - Fair Prices or Fake Prices?
Before you even think about buying products from a wholesaler, have some idea about what a normal prices for these items are. Find out how much similar products sell for on other websites and see how much they sell for on eBay. If prices on the wholesaler's website are vastly different from your expectations this may be a bad sign. If the prices are too high, they may be trying to rip you off; and if the prices are WAY TOO LOW then they are probably trying to scam you. Now I'm not saying that you won't be able to find great deals, just make sure that they make sense logically.

IV - Can't Find them on Google?
If you can't find the wholesale website by searching for it on Google, this is a very bad sign. If the site is legitimate it should be in fairly heavy use and should then show up in Google's search results. If you want more complex feedback on a wholesaler try searching for them on

V - Just Use Common Sense
This is the most obvious tip concerning how to import products from China; and yet, it's also the most crucial. Don't trust wholesalers that offer prices that you know to be impossible. If it seems too good to be true, it's probably a scam. If you're still not sure about a particular wholesaler (or, for good measure, even if you are) try contacting them by email and see how long it takes for them to respond. Do they answer your questions promptly or evasively? Make a small insignificant order first. If this one works out well, then try to make a large order.

What's next? Learn more about how to make money on eBay by importing cheap, every day items from China to sell on eBay.

Make Money on Ebay - Selling High Margin Products on Ebay

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 02:17:00 +0000

Many people are looking for excellent products to sell on eBay. Frequently, eBay will raise their rates for sellers which only serve to further squeeze margins for sellers that are already tightly squeezed.

Most sellers of "hard goods" face this problem every business day. They have a difficult time sourcing their products, and when they do they have a hard time purchasing them at a price that will allow them to turn a profit on eBay.

There are, however, some smart sellers who can make a one- time purchase and then sell that product again and again. You can be one of those people if you follow these simple instructions. These are high margin products to sell on eBay because you only buy them once and then your only additional costs is a few cents each for a disc.

1. Find a digital product that comes with resale rights. A digital product is anything that you can sell on CD or DVD such as an ebook, cookbook, website templates, wholesale lists. There are very many websites that specialize in resale products but eBay is the best place to find the best variety.

2. Your product should be delivered on CD or DVD and come with sales templates. Simply cut and paste the template into your own eBay sales page. This is perfectly legitimate since your product was legitimately acquired. You must, however, insure that the title and some keywords in the salespage are altered somewhat since you do not want your page to come up with all the other products that are exactly the same.

3. Copy the disc and resell it at a fair yet competitive price. I have purchased products for less than five dollars, and resold them many times over.

Compare this technique with the seller of DVD movies for example who has to buy his DVD for five dollars and sell it for six dollars just to recover his eBay selling fees, not to mention profits.

You can browse through a number of this kind of product at success-link auctions. Most of the products on this page come with resale rights so that you can copy them and sell them again and again.

Coach Handbags on Ebay

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 02:16:00 +0000

If you are into designer fashion purses chances are good you've taken a look at the huge number of Coach handbags and accessories listed on eBay. It's a great place for obtaining a hard to find matching wallet or replacement for your favorite worn out bag. It is a convenient place to shop and usually a nice savings comes along with your purchase. It doesn't get any better than this, minus that one burning question in the back of every girls mind. "Is it real?"Without a doubt the biggest question when buying one of these bags is authenticity. Is it real or fake? You hear so many stories about the counterfeit products on eBay and with Coach being so wildly popular you have to wonder. Is it even worth my time to shop for these handbags on eBay?The answer is positively Yes. When eBay was new it grew so fast it couldn't keep up with itself. The scammers got on and monopolized the designer fashion categories, particularly LV and Coach. Yes, it was bad. But it was years ago. Once the designers of these bags started threatening with lawsuits and making waves eBay took action and created measures to clean up the mess. And for the most part they have successfully done so. But people still equate those early beginnings with the present and it's just not true.The truth is, it's actually harder to buy a knock off Coach handbag on eBay than an authentic one! Still, caution must be used. Are there fake bags and wallets on eBay? Yes. Anytime you have a shopping venue that massive you are going to have some fraud to deal with. Basically, there are three basic categories of fake Coach sellers you would likely encounter.The first is the innocent seller. These people do not regularly sell Coach bags nor are they knowledgeable of them. They just happened to find one at an estate auction or thrift store and know it's a popular selling item so they list it on eBay not realizing it's a knock off.The second is the newbie internet marketer. These folks can be honest at heart but don't do their research. They find a "wholesale outlet" for Coach bags (there is no such thing) on the web and figure they will go into business on eBay. These bags are usually easy to spot and these sellers don't last long on eBay. They get shut down usually within a few weeks.The third is the true criminal. These guys sell "mirror image" items, particularly Signature wallets and sometimes handbags. A mirror image is a fake with an almost identical match up of the real deal and almost always is a signature pattern. These guys are truly crooks who are buying from crooks to try to fool you. While the pattern in a photo may look authentic the quality is inferior. Within a month these types of purses or wallets will start to fall apart. But you don't have to go through that!With a little research and effort it is easy to avoid buying from these people. The key here is preventative measures. While being able to spot a fake bag is nice, it's just not always going to be that easy online. To really stay on top of your online shopping game it's easier to spot a bad seller, or auction than to be focused specifically on the bag. This is not difficult and well worth the effort. With a little web research these bad auctions can be spotted almost immediately and you simply move on to the next. Remember, there are far more authentic Coach handbags on eBay than there are fakes. Still, you don't want to go through the ordeal of buying a fake so take your time and use a little caution.Hello, my name is Ray Sherman. I've been active in designer fashion and eBay for many years and I know how frustrating being scammed on a fake bag can be. I'm particularly knowledgeable of authentic Coach products. So, how about some free authenticity tips for you? These are reliable, useful tips straight from my[...]

eBay Selling Tip - Sell Popular Products in Hot Niches

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 02:16:00 +0000

The best eBay selling tip is to sell popular products. Most successful sellers will tell you that the way to make the most money possible on eBay is to sell popular products in hot niches. The type of products you sell has more to do with your success than anything else you do as an eBay seller.

Too many eBay sellers promote products with an average or below average sell-through rate (STR) and this has a great deal to do with how much money they earn on the site. It is surprising how many sellers blame eBay when their sales decrease, but the truth is that sellers who don't keep up with market trends and changes pay the price with fewer sales and less money in their pockets.

It does take time for sellers to keep up with market trends, but it is vital to any successful online business. As an eBay seller, you should do regular research to stay apprised of what buyers are searching for and buying on the site. What is hot today might not be a hot item tomorrow or next month or next year.

One reason it is so important to sell items that buyers are searching for is that if the product is not popular with buyers, chances are the auction will end without selling, and that means wasted money on listing fees. But when you sell hot items, they sell quickly and often buyers compete with each other to win the auction. Smart sellers go in search of these hot items and make them available to buyers.

In summary, the most important element of running a successful eBay business is to sell hot products in lucrative niches, and to keep up with changes in the market and buyer trends. Do this, and you'll make a ton of money on eBay.

Would you like to learn about the hot, profitable niches on eBay?

You can download the free Guide here: Secret eBay Niches

I Want to Stay at Home and Make Money Fast - How Can I Make Good Money on eBay?

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 02:15:00 +0000

Want to make money fast? Have you heard about how a lot of people are making a full time living on eBay making hundreds or even thousands every day? You would probably imagine they are power sellers who have huge inventory, or maybe they are dropshipping so they avoid actually handling any products.

Well sure, there are plenty of those people, no doubt. There are also plenty of others making a very good living on eBay using other methods. But no matter the method, it usually involves listing items every week, keeping track of the items, heading to the post office to ship things when they are sold, and so forth. Good money but lots of work actually.

What if there was a way that you could make money quickly and easily without ever having to handle any merchandise. And what if the startup cost of such a business was cheap to begin with, and next to nothing afterward? That would be pretty cool huh?

Well guess what, there is a way to accomplish this. Ever heard of Build a Niche Store, also known as BANS? This is a program with a one-time fee to purchase which you can use to make unlimited BANS shops.

If this is all new to you, you may be wondering what in the world I'm talking about. In a nutshell, you sign up with eBay to become an "affiliate" which means when anyone buys something on eBay through your link, you will make money. You then purchase the BANS software and use the very easy manual to follow the step-by-step instructions and set up your eBay site using any category you wish. Pretty much anything you can think of that can be found for sale on their site. It's an easy process even for someone brand new to all this that doesn't have a techie bone in their body, and you can have the whole thing finished and ready to roll in an afternoon and be making money that same day or the next.

The beauty of this system is you can then go on to make as many sites as you want. You could set up one a day if you wanted to. I knew absolutely nothing at all about eBay sites, and I set mine up in one evening and have been making money ever since.

If you are wanting to make money fast with eBay this is one of the easiest ways for a newbie to get started.

If this is something you want to know more about, you can find out how to make money fast using eBay and BANS. Even if you are the newest newbie, anyone can follow this step-by-step way of making lots of cash on eBay. Visit

How to Find Dropship Merchandise

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 02:14:00 +0000

If you are planning on selling on eBay or opening your own e-commerce store, you may have heard about dropshipping. Using the services of a dropshipper is an excellent way for anyone to get started selling online. This setup requires little in the way of upfront resources and can put you in business quickly. In this article, we will talk about how to find dropship merchandise and how to choose the right dropshipper to work with.Dropshipping is a simple enough concept. A dropshipper provides you with access to their inventory at a discount or wholesale rate and ships the products directly to your customer on your behalf. You only pay for an item once you receive payment from your buyer, so you don't have any upfront product costs or inventory to manage. This is why dropshipping is a popular way for new sellers to get their start.There are many dropshippers online that provide this service. Some of these dropshippers are nothing more than resellers themselves while others are legitimate businesses that you can make a real profit with. The trick is finding out which is which.In order to find the good dropshippers that you can build a solid business relationship with, you will have to do a little legwork. You should try out the customer service of the company you are considering to make sure that they respond in a helpful and timely manner. Remember that you will have to relay on their service in the event of any problems so you want to make sure that the support is there if you need it.You will also want to ask about their company policies regarding shipping, returns, warranties and the like. Returns are a part of doing business, so it is particularly important that you know how they are handled. Shipping is also critical because you want to make sure that your end customer gets their stuff on time and in good condition. If possible, run a test order with the company and try it out yourself to make sure all goes smoothly.Now that you know how to weed out the good from the bad, heres how you can find sellers of dropship merchandise in the first place...1) Look OnlineThis is more of a trial and error approach, but if you know what you want to sell, you can search and scout potential dropshippers with a bit of research and follow up.2) Use a Dropship DirectoryInvest in a quality dropship directory and let someone else do all the research for finding the best prospects. This method will save you considerable time plus you may see things you might otherwise not have noticed.3) Contact ManufacturersUsing a site like the Thomas Register or Alibaba to find manufactures of the products that you wish to sell could pay off if you are willing to contact them and see if they are willing to do dropshipping for you. While they may not advertise it, there are arrangements like this made every day behind the scenes.However you find a source, just be sure to do your research before settling on one. Assuming that this is a business for profit, you will want to make sure that you can make money with the dropshipper you choose.You can search eBay auctions to get an idea of the current and past sales price for any item and compare that to your wholesale cost and any fees. Hopefully, there will be room for you to make a profit. If not, try checking another product. Many otherwise good dropshippers have better prices on some items than others. If none of the products can turn a profit, don't be afraid to move on to another dropshipper.Looking for a legitimate dropshipper to supply your merchandise? Click Here Now to learn which one I recommend.[...]

How to Import Products From China to Sell on EBay - Part I

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 02:14:00 +0000

You've been dying to learn how to import products from China in order to resell them for profit on eBay.If the preceding statement is true about you then you've come to the right place. This brief article will supply you with the most important do's and don't's concerning how to import products from China.Three HUGE Caveats for Importing Chinese ProductsDo NOT under any circumstances commit the following mistakes as you figure out how to import products from China:Never Buy Branded Electronics from ChinaBranded Electronics shipped directly from China are almost always fake. The wholesaler will try to convince you that since most electronics are made in China anyway you will be able to save by buying directly from Chinese factories. This logic is faulty for the simple reason that the actual distribution of these products is always handled by companies outside of China. If you fall for this, you are only going to end up with worthless fakes.Never Buy Designer Clothing from ChinaThe same thing goes for designer clothes. Hot brand names like Gucci and Nike are NEVER sold directly from Chinese factories. Designer fakes, which are often sold for a fraction of the price of the genuine artifact, are worthless and may get you into deep trouble if you try to pawn them off as originals.Never Buy DVD Box Sets from ChinaDVD Box sets are also generally fakes. There is really no way to get around this. If a box set of DVDs is being sold from China for next to nothing, it is almost always consists entirely of pirated DVDs.Five Big Tips for Finding Out How to Import Products from ChinaNow that you are aware of the three most important things to stay away from when buying products from China, it's time to give you five important criteria by which you can objectively evaluate Chinese wholesale websites.1. Pay attention to their products.If the Chinese wholesale website that you are looking at carries any of the fraudulent items listed above, stay far away. However, if the company you are evaluating sells quality unmarked/unbranded merchandise that will be easy to resell, you might want to consider starting a business relationship.2. Check out their rankings on and the Google page rank.Both of these websites provide ratings regarding the popularity of a given website. More popular wholesale websites are more likely to be legit. Therefore, you should steer towards sites that have good rankings on both Alexa and Google.3. Evaluate their domain name.If the website's domain name contains a branded product name (e.g. then the website is almost certainly not legitimate. Steer clear.4. Is their contact information readily available?While ready contact information is no guarantee of reliability, a lack of contact information almost certainly points to a deficit of credibility. Do not do business with websites without a listed physical address and phone number.5. Be careful how you pay!Credit cards and PayPal are usually the safest way to conduct transactions online. However, most Chinese wholesalers do not accept these methods on a regular basis. A common form of payment is wire transfer. While this type of payment is never completely safe, you can save yourself some of the associated risk by always making sure that your payment is being sent to a COMPANY account and not a PERSONAL account. In addition, be aware that if a company accepts WU or Money Gram that it is probably a scam.Andrew Minalto is founder and CEO of MLT Publishing. Andrew runs successful information publishing business as well as an eBay store and an online retail store.At the age of just 23 he has achieved a phenomenal success in selling both physical[...]

Be Sure to Use Your eBay Coupon Code

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I was absolutely amazed when I used my first eBay coupon code to save money on one of my purchases. I put in the code and at checkout the savings were deducted from my purchase. Well you can just imagine my surprise when it did exactly what it said. There was no cost and no catch.

I decided if there was one eBay coupon code there would be tons of them out there. Well, now I found the catch. A great huge place like the internet and there just wasn't that many of the codes to be found. If there was I sure wasn't having any luck with them. I did manage to find a few outdated sites that had some but most were outdated and not usable.

Well I made it my mission to find some more of these codes. I was determined to find another eBay coupon code. I quickly found out that most of the ones you find have an expiry on them. So you either have to decide to use them or lose them forever. That wasn't my problem. I knew if I could find them I would use them.

I got to work using my knowledge of keyword searching and slowly was able to dwindle away and find an eBay coupon code every other day. I was careful to bookmark the sites, even if they were terrible sites with almost all expired codes on them.

I wasn't going to give up because first of all I am an avid eBay shopper so saving money while shopping eBay with an eBay coupon code for me was like a dream come true. The moment when I knew I was addicted was when I found a code that claimed would save me 250 dollars. I was really skeptical about this one but once it worked I knew I would never give up looking for that proverbial eBay coupon code.

With times all over the world being as tough as they are right now the eBay coupon code has become even more important. I buy most of my Christmas presents from eBay so you can bet I am online everyday watching all the new codes that come out. I'm sure it is just a matter of time until we see many of them or maybe none of them. You definitely don't want to take a chance on not getting your share of the savings so be on the lookout for the eBay coupon code.

I'm not too proud to save money and I am not to proud to direct you to the proper place to find your eBay coupon code.

These codes are hard to find and I have put a lot of time and effort into digging them up all over the internet. So you see I have done the work and all you have to do is visit my website to find the codes you are looking for. I try to keep them updated the best I can.

Get Your Free eBay Coupon Codes

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When I see the word free I associate it with this is going to cost me a lot of money. That's what my husband taught me anyways because he is an affiliate marketer and he knows how the game is played. Well I am an avid eBay purchaser so when my friend introduced me to free eBay coupon codes I automatically went on the defensive and asked her what the catch was. She insisted there was no catch.

She told me to go ahead next time I buy something to enter the free eBay coupon codes and see what happens. Well I knew she was my friend and I knew I should trust her but something was still bothering me. The time finally came and I remembered the codes when I was buying something. I did hesitate but punched in the code and on my checkout the savings were immediately applied. Now I was excited. There was something on the internet for free. I couldn't wait to tell my husband.

Anyways the next time I went to make a purchase I called my friend for more of the free eBay coupon codes. She gave me a few but I could sense something in her voice. When I asked her what was wrong she told me how hard the coupons are to find on the internet. She was concerned that not enough people could take advantage of these great savings because either they didn't have the time or patience to go searching for their own coupons. I really didn't think it was a big deal as long as I had them. However that's not the way my friend thinks. You see she works on the internet and loves to help people. She hates when the little guy is left out of a good thing.

A few weeks later she called me and explained that she had been doing some search engine and keyword work. I sort of new what this meant because of my husband's work with affiliate marketing but really I didn't have a clue how any of it worked. To make it quite simple she had informed me that she found an easy way for anyone to have access to free eBay coupon codes. She showed me what she was talking about and I was absolutely thrilled that she would go through that much effort for others to benefit.

My friend has actually done all the homework. She has done all the SEO and keyword research just to benefit all of us when it comes to using free eBay coupon codes.

She has built a website that any of us can visit to get the latest free eBay coupon codes. She works very hard to try and keep the site updated with the latest coupons and get rid of the ones that are expired or useless.

Be sure to check out her great website

Cathy Banks Auction Work at Home System Explained

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These days there are many different ways to make money online and start a supplemental income stream. These alternative online jobs and opportunities are getting more and more attention with our current economic situation. Everyday more people find themselves in need of a second paycheck or even worse a new job.The important thing to look out for when looking for online opportunities is to avoid scams. For every legitimate online job there are a hundred scams waiting to take your money. This is something to keep in mind when taking a close look at Cathy Banks' auction work at home system.What Cathy Banks is proposing is a way to make money through online auctions, something that has been around for many years now. With the explosion of eBay and related services selling and reselling products online has become a multibillion dollar business. However as with most money making opportunities as soon as people find something profitable they all rush to it and the market gets flooded.This is the current case with using online auctions to make a living, it is definitely possible but at this time you would need something to separate yourself from the fierce completion. This involves one of two methods, either out pricing your competition or by selling products they don't have.The way to accomplish the first method is by finding better wholesalers than your competition; this will allow you to price your products lower than them. The problem is that you are also cutting into your profit margin, however you will still make money from your online auctions. The other method can be done by either creating your own products or auctioning of region specific products for which demand is high and supply limited.Now the reason that I bring up these methods is to make you aware of the modern methods of making money online through online auctions. Now the auction work at home program currently being marketed by Cathy Banks has nothing to do with these methods of making money through online auctions.This is the reason why her program is being revealed as a scam her purported methods of making money online rely on setting up fraudulent auctions that only appear to make you money but in the end will hurt you. The only way that Cathy Banks can do what she claims on her site is by running an eBay scam in which her customers set up auctions for products that they never intend on delivering.Thus the person who will get hurt in this scheme is you as they are using your account to process these fraudulent auction and when the customer requests their money back it will come out of your pocket. Scams like this have come and gone and they eBay community had done a great job of keeping them from surfacing until now.People should thoroughly research Cathy Banks and auction work at home before investing their hard earned dollars into this system.For more information on this program read real customer reviews of Cathy Banks and related articles on ecurrency arbitrage.[...]

How to Get EBay Coupons

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You have to be very lucky to be one of the chosen few who receive an eBay coupon by email.

These coupons are just like cash that you can use towards anything you buy on eBay - the only conditions being that you pay using PayPal, and that you are using eBay in the USA, Canada or the UK. There are two ways to get eBay coupons.

Wait for that Email.Of course, if you just wait, you'll be waiting for a long time. You have to do something to make yourself look like the kind of person eBay would want to tempt back with a coupon. If you open an account, buy a few medium-value things and then suddenly stop, the chances are you'll find yourself with some kind of special offer - but still, not always.

Go Searching.The better way, of course, is to go and find the coupons that are out there on the web. This is quite hit-and-miss, as eBay don't always have an offer on, but when there's a valid code you can guarantee that it'll be everywhere within a few hours. Just type 'ebay coupon codes' into your favourite search engine, but be prepared to pick through some rubbish. You might find you have better luck if you use a more obscure search engine,

where people haven't taken the trouble to game the results.If going through search engines is too much for you, then just keep an eye out at any community forums you frequent, where someone might just post one. You probably have the best chances if you make a few friends on eBay's own forums at It can be fun and educational to chat to the regulars there too, so you really have nothing to lose.How do You Redeem Coupons?A coupon is basically a code, with some being quite long. All you need to do is pay with PayPal as usual for the item you want to use the coupon towards.

After you choose PayPal as your payment method, you will notice a heading that says 'Coupons, Gift Certificates and eBay Anything Points'. Type the coupon code in here: they can be long, so you should use copy-and-paste to make sure you get it right. Just click 'Redeem', and it's good to go.

Don't worry about causing problems for sellers by doing this, by the way - they have no way of even telling that you used a coupon, as eBay just pay them for the item as usual. Coupons are good for sellers as they attract more buyers to eBay, meaning that they get more bids on their auctions. After all, why would they object to getting more money without you actually having to pay it?Since you're interested in making your eBay shopping more affordable, you might be interested to know that you can now buy eBay items on credit. Our next email will tell you all the details of eBay's new 'Buyer's Credit' program.