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Maternity Accupressure

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Maternity Acupressure

Mon, 04 Aug 2008 23:30:00 +0000

Easier, Shorter and Safer Birth labor acupressure guide
So my wife and I just had our third child about a month ago. She is almost 35 and there are supposed to be alot of risks at that age. Thankfully we had none, But the doctor wanted to induce her. Since my wife has never had any drugs during all three of her births (God bless her) when the doctor said she wanted to induce her we started to try and find ways to induce labor ourselves. After looking at horrible things like castor oil and what not we found Maternity Acupressure. Now this is no joke. Our Anniversary was on the 23rd of June and on the 22nd we bought this ebook on Maternity Acupressure. Well to make a long story short we did the pressure points and guess what at &:20 pm on the 23rd our third child was born.

Now I think that anyone that is interested in looking for natural ways to induce labor should check it out.

Easier, Shorter and Safer Birth labor acupressure guide

Oh yeah we were in the hospital for 6 minutes before Parker was born.

Check it out.