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Franklin TN Dust Allergy

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Franklin tn dust allergy

Can't you just hear that Astelin commercial right now? That barber shop quartet
singing the name, "Astelin." Well I heard it too one day and on a day where I
really needed it. I woke up sneezing and congested for the second day in a row
and knew that it was time to head to the doctor. Almost immediately after
calling for an appointment, my suspicions were confirmed when a runny nose and
that drip in the throat soon followed, I knew then that I was officially ‘sick’.

By the time that my doctor's appointment rolled around, I had just stuffed a box
of tissues in my purse to carry around with me the entire day. I was miserable
and I needed help! I tried to wait patiently in the waiting room while
simultaneously trying not to annoy any of the patients with the awful slurping
and sucking noises that were coming out of me. Doesn’t that just sound gross?
They took pity on me and immediately gave me room to wait for the doctor.

The doctor came in and gave me the "what's seems to be the problem?" spiel while
he made no eye contact and read my chart. One earth shattering sneeze sure
scared him into looking right at me. My watery eyes and my red nose must have
softened his demeanor because he went got me a cup of hot tea with a fresh lemon
and patted my shoulder.

Ok, so he really did not bring me the tea but he did pat my shoulder and he did
recommend Astelin which he said would clear up my

in around 15-30 minutes. That really made me pay attention because
Astelin seems to work faster than any allergy medication that I have ever tried.
Although I am not a big nose spray fan, I thought that I would give it a try.

As soon as I filled my Astelin prescription, I immediately tried it while I was
still standing in the pharmacy area and then left the store. As soon as I got
back to my car (within 10 minutes), I could already feel some of the symptoms
clearing up and I was beginning to feel a little better.

Astelin really is one of the easiest and fastest allergy medications that I have
ever used. It was not a heavy spray and was more of a mist so it did not make my
throat burn when I tried it. Astelin worked quickly and provided me with a lot
of relief for hours. It also had nothing in it to make me drowsy which really
stops me from taking a lot of allergy medicine. I cannot afford to nap during
the day because I am a working professional and being drowsy means that I am

I would definitely take Astelin and recommend to anyone who
suffers from allergies. It works fast, is easy to take and lasts a long time without
causing drowsiness. What more could you want from an allergy medication?

Stacie C.

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