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Grooming Your Chihuahua The Easy Way


The Chihuahua is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and that is not surprising at all. Not only are these dogs the tiniest of all breeds, they are the oldest as well. According to the American Kennel Club these dogs have been around from the time of the Aztecs.

You will find these dogs to be very attractive growing no taller than nine inches and weighing a mere three to six pounds. They have a sweet small face with a sharp muzzle and large fox-type pointed ears. Their eyes are large and quietly intelligent. The Chihuahua coat comes in two varieties – one is short and straight and another is long and fluffy.

Grooming your Chihuahua mostly involves brushing and bathing which needs to be done at regular intervals every two to three months. You will also need to pay attention to its eyes, which tend to water creating tear signs on the face, and its nails that need regular clipping
Clipping the nails could be the trickiest part of grooming your Chihuahua. They are very frisky and normally hate to sit still which is absolutely required when the nails are clipped. This is a moderately challenging task, which will require your utmost patience and a certain degree of skill in order to do a good job.

Since most people have a lot difficulty with this kind of grooming here are some sure-fire tips that will help you clip your Chihuahua nails without any trouble at all. You will need a few things first – a large towel, grooming clippers for dogs, another person who can assist you, and your pet - preferably in a good mood.

Take your Chihuahua and wrap it tightly in the large towel just like you would wrap a baby leaving only the feet free at both ends. Ask the person who agreed to assist you to hold the dog tightly in his or her arms. The dogs usually love this because they love cuddling. Check carefully how far the quick is and then cut the nail straight across.
The most common method of grooming your Chihuahua is bathing. Though this dog is very small and giving it a bath hardly involves any major effort, very few people really know how to perform this task optimally. Do you know how to bath your pet?

Before you proceed with the bath you need to gather a few things that you will need during the bath – balls of cotton, medium sized comb, a large towel and a quiet, gentle hair drier. Before you wet the dog, comb the fur and remove all the matted hair. Then, take the cotton balls and put them into the ears of the dog. This will stop water entering and prevent ear infections. Use only dog soap and dog shampoo for bathing your pet. Lastly, dry the dog with the towel and gently blow-dry the fur. Follow these tips to grooming your Chihuahua and you will have a wonderful, happy and clean pet in the house.

Chihuahua grooming need not be too tough if you follow a regular schedule followed by treats which will be an incentive to good behavior during the process. This article offers you some very critical Chihuahua grooming tips which will ensure that your pet is well taken care of with minimal effort.

A Chihuahua Pup And How To Raise It


When you bring your new Chihuahua pup home for the first time you feel like you are ready to bond with your little dog and get started on a life full of love and happiness. That is great but you need to also be constantly learning about their behavior and the things you should be doing to help your dog get used to you and your house and also what you can do to help your dog learn to interact better with people. It is a long road you have ahead of you, but if you keep learning about your dog then the possibilities are endless.

Right off the bat let's just get this one out of the way and say that Chihuahuas and kids do not mix. Chihuahuas do not like loud noise, a lot of commotion, and also the kind of running around that kids do. That kind of activity will stress your dog out and possibly cause it to rely on a bite reaction where it will bite everyone it sees and it will also start barking uncontrollably. So if you have kids you will probably want to avoid purchasing a Chihuahua pup.
Everyone loves to watch a little Chihuahua pup bark and protect a toy or it's bed from evil forces. But the fact is that behavior such as this protection behavior can develop into serious problems later in the dog's life where the dog will not trust anyone and will bark and snip at anyone that comes near it. You need to let the dog have its space but also let it know that it is safe in the house and that no one is trying to take anything from it. Positive reinforcement and lots of love can do this.

A Chihuahua is a toy breed and one of the smallest of the toy breeds so they are also very fragile dogs. Unlike many other breeds the Chihuahua does not do well with running and jumping around so you may want to discourage your dog from climbing too much. A Chihuahua is fragile and a jump from a table to the floor can break bones so discourage climbing. Also avoid picking the dog up too much, as the leap from your arms to the floor can be extremely unsafe as well.
The Chihuahua has a mind of its own so when it comes to housebreaking a Chihuahua pup will give you quite a battle. You will need a lot of patience and a lot of advice, so be sure to do a lot of research on Chihuahua housebreaking before you get started. The biggest thing you will have to contend with is the fact that the Chihuahua hates the elements like rain and wind so getting them to go outside for anything can be a challenge. Exercise patience and be ready for a long fight.

There is a lot to know about such a little dog and the Chihuahua is the smallest of the toy breeds. You need to be well informed in order to properly deal with all of the issues that will come up when training your pup so be sure you do a lot of reading and if you bought your dog from a breeder then be sure to ask them a lot of questions too because you will need all the help you can get.

If you need advice on raising Chihuahua puppies then you can use this article. If you need assistance with Chihuahua puppy care then this article may help.

Where To Find Chihuahua Puppies


Chihuahua puppies come in two varieties; the long coat variety and the smooth coat variety. The smooth coat has short hair with a very smooth coat. The long coat variety has a longer thicker coat, sometimes curly around the head and ears. Bathing once a month is sufficient for this breed and brushing once a week is enough grooming for a Chihuahua puppy. Chihuahua puppies are the smallest of the breeds but live just as long as any size of dog breeds and are for the most part very sweet and even tempered dogs.

This toy breed is actually quite muscular with a fine bone structure, but can be prone to ear infections. Chihuahua puppies are not good with children do to their small stature. They also do not do well in homes with other animals. However, they are very loyal to their masters. Be sure your new Chihuahua puppy has AKC papers, is wormed, has been given it's first shots and a very good health guarantee. All reputable Chihuahua breeders will provide these services with the purchase of your new puppy.
It is very important to bathe your Chihuahua puppy at least once a month and brushing your Chihuahua puppy’s coat once a week is also highly recommended if you want to maintain a healthy coat for your puppy. If you own a longhaired Chihuahua puppy it is very important to brush your puppy’s coat at least twice a week. The long hair on Chihuahua puppies can get tangled quite easily because the coat on a longhaired Chihuahua puppy is long and thin especially around his chin, ears and neck. A good brush will remedy the problems with tangles.

It doesn’t take long to groom Chihuahua puppies because of their stature and the puppies enjoy all of the attention. Chihuahua puppies are fun to dress in little outfits with matching hair bows. This toy breed is very popular with teenage girls and many celebrities. They are easy and fun to care for.

The AKC tries to govern all registered puppy breeders especially those breeding Chihuahua puppies. Because there are so many Chihuahua breeders in existence it is very difficult to watchdog over all of them, however, if you know what you are looking for and ask the breeder a lot of questions, you will soon know whether you have found a good breeder. The breeder of Chihuahua puppies should be very open about his breeding policies and provide the proper AKC papers for every puppy.

The puppies should be wormed, have its shots and have a very generous health guarantee. Most of these breeders will not provide a crate, so you should invest in a good one to help make the moving transition easier on the puppy and the owner. Be sure and ask about these items before even looking at the puppies because there will be no need to spend time with this breeder if he does not provide you with these essential items for the new puppy.

Chihuahua puppies only need to be bathed once a month. They also only need to be brushed once or twice a week. How to choose the right Chihuahua puppy is simple when researching and consulting with the AKC.

The Care And Naming Of Chihuahua Puppies


Big eyes, big attitude in a teeny body no bigger than a guinea pig – who can resist Chihuahua puppies? Since Chihuahuas are the world's smallest breeds of dog, they aren't going to get too much bigger than their puppy height. But don't just rush out and bring one home. Because of their size, they can be easily hurt. You need to adjust your life and your home around your Chihuahua puppy.

Simply being stepped on can kill a Chihuahua puppy, because they are so small. If you have ever taken care of a hamster, gerbil, rat, mouse or guinea pig, then you already have a good idea of what is involved. Unfortunately, you can't keep Chihuahua puppies in a cage indefinitely, but you can crate them or seclude them in one room if rowdy visitors drop by. Chihuahua puppies think they are immortal, so you need to look out for them.
You need to call your Chihuahua puppy away from potential dangers such as chocolate, cleansers, slug bait, other dogs, laundry machines and even a fall out of a window. Keep treats on you or a special little squeaky toy to reward your Chihuahua puppy for looking at you and then coming over to you. Never hit or yell at the pup after they have obeyed and come over – even if you feel like it. This will teach them that coming to your side will get them smacked or screamed at. Would you want to go near anyone who did that to you?

When Chihuahua puppies run free in the home, being stepped on by a human being can kill them. To prevent this just shuffle or scuff your feet across the floor, never picking them up. Open and close your doors really slowly to avoid a collision with the pup. Check underneath cushions before sitting down. This all becomes second nature after a couple of days.
Keep an eye on your Chihuahua puppy for health problems, especially for vomiting or diarrhea. Because of their small size, they can die of dehydration very quickly. Feed them small frequent meals of quality puppy food for small dogs until they are about six months old, when they can be fed twice a day. People food, especially cow's milk, will give Chihuahua puppies' diarrhea, so avoid them. If you are not sure of what to feed, ask your vet or a Chihuahua breeder.

This might sound daunting, but bringing home a newborn human baby is more work than a Chihuahua puppy. They grow quickly and learn even quicker. With a good name, positive reinforcement and a sense of humor, you will be able to voice train your Chihuahua puppy in a matter of weeks or months. You can't do that with a kid. And they won't drop out of college on you, either.

Dreaming of Chihuahua puppies can become a reality if you find the right breeder. Anyone looking for the best Chihuahua puppy names should keep the moniker smaller than the dog.

The Most Adorable Chihuahua Puppy For Sale


When looking for the right Chihuahua puppy for sale, it is important that you have already read up on the history of the breed along with its temperaments so that you are sure that this breed will fit nicely within your home. Before beginning your shopping, you will also want to make sure that you are stocked up on proper Chihuahua puppy supplies so that your new addition to your home will feel welcomed when they first arrive.

And now, once you have fully informed yourself about the important things to know regarding Chihuahua puppies, it is time to carefully consider how and where you will begin your search for a Chihuahua puppy for sale. It is very important that, just like researching the puppy's needs, you research sellers, or breeders, very carefully. There are many reasons why selecting the right place to buy from is important and you never want to end up regretting your decision later.
Now that you are all ready to head out and start looking for that perfect Chihuahua puppy for sale, you need to consider exactly where you are going to look. There are many places that sell Chihuahua puppies but you will want to select a place that can give you a good idea about the puppy itself and what type of breeding home it came from. When looking for a seller, they must have a vast knowledge of their animals and if they don’t then it would be best to look somewhere else.

Even though the convenience of a pet shop is sometimes appealing, it is important that you consider what is truly more important. If the convenience of a pet shop outweighs the benefits of a knowledgeable seller or breeder, then I guess a pet shop would work well but that does not mean that it is the right decision. Pet stores often will not be able to give you any information about the breeder whether it is for reasons of privacy or for the fact that they really don’t know anything about the breeder.
Even if you are not a first time puppy owner, you may still end up having a lot of questions and concerns that can be addressed by small experienced breeders. It is often these smaller breeders, instead of puppy mills, that have the time and the passion to share love and knowledge of this breed with other people. Finding the right Chihuahua puppy for sale is more then just what puppy is the best looking, but it is also about finding a breeder that you feel comfortable with so you can ask as many questions as needed.

Make sure that when you first go to the breeder’s location, you get a good look around to see what the living conditions are for the Chihuahua puppies. The last thing you want is for you puppy to come from a dirty, abusive or neglectful home, as they will in turn be a terror to your home. Many dogs that come from uncaring breeders end up in trouble in their new homes.

Chihuahua puppies can range from mild to harsh behaviors and it all comes down to who bred them. Ask what Chihuahua puppy supplies are really needed and you will be able to get a feel for the breeder who has the Chihuahua puppy for sale.

Chihuahua Puppy Care


A Chihuahua puppy can be a great choice of a family pet for many folks, as long as you exercise some caution in deciding where you will get your puppy. Pet stores will advertise, “Chihuahua puppies for sale!” and people will flock to the shop to get their pet. However, pet stores that sell dogs are really nothing more than a broker who is working for commercial breeders and puppy mills that are interested in nothing more than taking your money for a substandard dog. These places do not care about breeding animals that are healthy or well socialized. Purchasing a dog from a pet store is simply asking for trouble.

However, breeders of Chihuahuas are not all created equal either, and you need to be able to determine whether the breeder you select is a reputable one or one that you would be better to stay away from. It is also a fact that some “breeders” offering Chihuahua puppies for sale are merely con-artists that want to take your money and run, but by doing your homework you can protect yourself from these shady types as well.
Finding a breeder is the best way to purchase a Chihuahua puppy for sale, but not all who claim to be breeders really are. To find out for sure, check the registration papers for the mother of your puppy. If the person’s name is on the papers, then he is the legitimate owner of the dog. If not, you are dealing with a broker, which takes you back to the problems listed above.

If you can determine that you are indeed working with the actual breeder, there are then some other red flags to watch for. First, bad breeders will not have veterinarian records for their dogs, often because they are trying to cut corners by cutting back on vet visits. Next, a breeder that does not allow you to see the place where the puppies are being cared for may not be keeping his puppies in a clean environment. Puppies that live in their own waste can be very difficult dogs to housetrain. Finally, no Chihuahua breeder should allow you to take a puppy home until he is at least ten weeks of age, due to the frailty of these small pups.
There are plenty of ways to identify a bad breeder, now let’s look at the ways to recognize a good one. A reputable breeder with Chihuahua puppies for sale will never sell them without ensuring that the people purchasing them will be able to provide them with good homes. It’s not all about the money for a good breeder, but about the betterment of the breed and the best care for the dogs. A good breeder will be willing to take a dog back at any time in the dog’s life because he never surrenders the responsibility of his dogs entirely.

You will know a good breeder because he will let you see where his dogs are raised, and the area will be clean. A good breeder will willingly provide references for you and happily answer all of your questions about his dogs because this shows that you care about the dogs as well. Reputable breeders usually belong to breeder clubs and register all of their puppies with the AKC. By knowing what to look for in a breeder, you are more likely to find a healthy Chihuahua puppy that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Although all Chihuahua puppies are cute, you want to make sure that you get yours from a reputable breeder. If you do your homework in regards to responsible breeding practices and Chihuahua puppy care you will be ready for a long and happy relationship with your new puppy.

Protect Yourself: Buy From A Chihuahua Breeder Not A Pet Store


One of the most popular small breed dogs in the world is the Chihuahua. Ever since the sweet, little face of one of these adorable dogs graced our televisions to ask us if we wanted some tacos, the world has gone crazy with people looking for the perfect little pup. Unfortunately, this has created a wide open market for the dishonest Chihuahua breeder who is looking to make a quick dollar. These unscrupulous breeders are churning out pups by the dozen in breeding centers known as puppy mills.

The sad thing is, most people do not realize that when they purchase a Chihuahua puppy from a pet store, they are contributing to the inhumane conditions in which these puppy mills keep their dogs. Because, unbeknownst to buyers who only see the sweet little faces in the window, the majority of pet stores are being supplied directly by many a dishonest Chihuahua breeder. Even store owners which claim they only buy from respected breeders are playing into this fallacy.
This spreading pandemic of dishonest Chihuahua breeder is forcing more and more people to join the fight to end their despicable breeding practices. A Chihuahua breeder that runs a puppy mill generally cares for nothing other than the money that he or she can get from churning out dozens of litters in a year. With Chihuahuas already being so small, the female must usually deliver her pups via cesarean section. Each litter she has deteriorates her body a little more.

The unscrupulous Chihuahua breeder will breed each female in their kennel each time they come into season. By breeding unhealthy females, they produce sickly pups. These pups are then shipped as quickly as possible, often before they are completely weaned, without receiving the medical treatment that is necessary to ensure their health. This has led many a new dog owner to take home a pup that will eventually cost them thousands of dollars in vet bills.
You can do your part in the battle against the dishonest Chihuahua breeder by simply refusing to purchase any pup from a pet store. The conditions in which pet store animals are forced to live aren't much better than those in the puppy mills. This has led to many new dog owners discovering that their new puppy needs extensive medical attention, or worse needs to be put down immediately. All too often, the pups bought in pet stores die within just a few months of going home with their new owners.

The most important thing to remember is that an honest Chihuahua breeder will never sell a single puppy to any pet store. Respectable breeders will make certain that their pups receive the medical attention they need to ensure they are healthy, and will never breed a female before she has completely healed from her last litter. Join the fight against puppy mills by talking to your vet, and asking for a recommendation for a respectable Chihuahua breeder today!

Puppy mills across the country are finding themselves being put out of business, thanks to the efforts of honest Chihuahua breeders who are doing their part to educate the public. This article provides valuable Chihuahua information for anyone who needs help deciding where to buy their new pup from.

Knowing Which Chihuahua Breeders To Avoid


When you decide to do business with a Chihuahua breeder you aren't buying a lamp from someone you will never see again, you are buying a pet that you will be raising in partnership with your breeder. Make sure you do a thorough check of your breeder before you do business with them, as you need to be completely comfortable that they are the right breeder for you. A reputable breeder will not try and hide anything from you and a reputable breeder will insist that you do all of your own researching so that you find that breeder that is perfect for you.

Begin your search by asking what national breeder registry the breeder belongs to. Check it out for yourself and see what you think of that registry's breeding standards. The one registry that everyone knows is the American Kennel Club but there are other registries out there and they can all be accessed on the Internet. If a breeder does not belong to a registry this should set off a warning in your head.
If you do not already have a vet picked out then the best time to decide on one and then get to know that vet is when you are considering a Chihuahua breeder. Your vet is very concerned about your pets and they will not allow you to get a pet from someone they do not trust or they know is not reputable. Your vet is a fantastic resource when you are considering a Chihuahua breeder and you should make sure to seek out your vet's opinion prior to making any final decisions.

You may not have thought of this but you should also probably have a talk with the local law enforcement officials about the breeders you are considering. Suffice to say that if the local law enforcement are very familiar, in a bad way, with a particular breeder then it would probably be a very good idea for you to avoid any dealings with that breeder for your good and also to protect your family from any future problems with your new pet.
Probably the most important person you can talk to when you are considering Chihuahua breeders are the breeders themselves. Find out what their policies are and see if they offer you any detailed care and feeding instructions with your new pup. Ask if they will be available for consultation after the sale is over and just see if this is a person that you would be comfortable getting a pet from. A pet becomes a family member so make sure you are making the right choice and ask your prospective Chihuahua breeders a lot of questions.

Choosing a good breeder is the most important step to getting a Chihuahua for you and your family. It is up to you to do the research and find out if the breeders you are considering are people you want to do business with or not. Only you can make that determination and you should only make that determination after you have done more than sufficient research.

If you need assistance choosing between Chihuahua breeders then this article can help. You can find useful Chihuahua information in this article.

Recognizing A Fake Chihuahua Breeder


It is time to expand your family and everyone has decided that they really want a Chihuahua for the newest family member. The single most important decision you can make in the search for your new Chihuahua is the first decision you make and that is deciding on what Chihuahua breeder you want to get your dog from. Choosing the wrong breeder could cause problems down the road so take your time and make sure you make the right decision.

A great resource for checking out Chihuahua breeders is the national breeder registries that you can find on the Internet. The gold standard for breeder registries is the National Kennel Club so you may want to start there. It is important that your breeder not only understands the principles of good breeding but also subscribes to them by being listed under a breeder registry. This should be the first place you look for a breeder.
A Chihuahua breeder is so much more than just someone you buy your dog from. Breeders are professionals that you should be able to call on for advice and also for when something seems to be wrong. A good breeder will have an open line of communication with the owner for years to come to make sure the Chihuahua is healthy and happy for a very long time. A breeder that is difficult to get a hold of is not a breeder you want to do business with.

A good breeder loves animals and is just as concerned with how you care for you dog as you are. A reputable breeder will send a new owner home with detailed care and feeding instructions so that the new owner knows what their dog needs and they also send home a food sample so the new owner knows what to feed their dog. If you are talking to a breeder that is not offering detailed care instructions then you are talking to the wrong breeder.
Insurance companies will contact a good and reputable Chihuahua breeder and offer them free six-week pet insurance policies to give to new Chihuahua owners. The hope from the insurance company is that you will see the benefits of the insurance policy and extend it for the life of your dog. If your breeder does not offer this kind of coverage option for your new Chihuahua pup then you may want to ask them about it and wonder why they do not have it to offer.

Buying a Chihuahua is something you and your family look forward when you finally make that decision to invest in a new pet. Choosing the wrong breeder can make the experience, and your new dog's life, a very bad one so take your time and ask a lot of questions. A good breeder expects you to ask questions and do your homework so by all means do what is expected of you before you invest in your dog.

This article will help you choose good Chihuahua breeders. For first time Chihuahua buyers this article contains helpful Chihuahua information.

What You Should Ask A Chihuahua Breeder


Anyone that sets out to sell anything starts to develop a routine that they like to use when talking to a new customer. As a prospective customer of a Chihuahua breeder you want to know what questions to ask so that you can judge for yourself if you are getting a good dealer or not and you are also going to want to have your Chihuahua ownership questions answered. You need to know what to ask a Chihuahua breeder in order to tell if you are dealing with a good one or not and these are some of the things you should be asking a Chihuahua breeder.

The first thing you want to know from any Chihuahua breeder is what national registry they are listed with. If they are listed with one they will have proof to show you. If they can offer no proof then you will want to check their claims for yourself on the Internet. A listing on a breeder registry means that they adhere to the standards of good breeding so ask about it.
When you leave the Chihuahua breeder's property with your new pup the relationship should not end there. The relationship with a good breeder goes on well into the life of your new Chihuahua and the breeder should always be available for consultation on any issues that concern you. If the breeder you are talking to seems less than helpful or less than interested in being helpful then it is probably a good idea to find a new breeder to talk to.

When you get ready to buy a new Chihuahua you are going to need to have a vet ready to take your dog to. Once you establish a relationship with a vet then have a discussion with your vet about the breeders in your area and find out which ones they recommend you deal with. Your vet is just as interested in the good health of your pet as you are so they will not steer you wrong.
A good Chihuahua breeder is going to have an interest in the ongoing good health and happiness of all the animals they breed so discuss with your breeder their policy of taking back a dog that is not wanted. It may be a difficult conversation about a situation that you will probably never have to ever use but you can get a good feeling about how dedicated to their craft a breeder is by their policy of taking back an animal rather than having it abandoned. They won't offer a cash refund but they will offer a second chance to the dog.

Ask a lot of questions of any breeder you are considering. A reputable and good breeder will expect a lot of questions and the tougher questions are not going to hurt a good breeder's feelings so ask anything you want. You need to know what kind of breeder you are dealing with so be sure to ask a lot of questions and listen to their answers.

You can find out what to ask Chihuahua breeders by reading this article. This article contains important and helpful Chihuahua information.

Finding Chihuahua Breeders In Your Area


One of the breeds of dog that has grown in popularity in recent years has been the Chihuahua breed. More and more individuals are choosing to take them home and make them their pets. However some individuals are having trouble finding these types of dogs as they have trouble identifying Chihuahua breeders. Individuals and families can find Chihuahua breeders through a variety of sources, and they can choose the right breeder to give them the pet they've dreamed of by looking for certain things in breeders.

One of the places for individuals to find Chihuahua breeders is through the Internet. Individuals can easily visit a search engine, type in a few keywords and find Chihuahua breeders throughout the United States. They can even narrow the search down to find breeders within their area, which makes finding Chihuahuas easy. For individuals having trouble finding Chihuahuas through the Internet or those without Internet access, local veterinarians can serve as a huge resource. Due to working with breeders by caring for their dogs, veterinarians can provide you with their information.
Once you've located Chihuahua breeders in your area you will need to decide which one can provide you with the Chihuahua you want. Many individuals simply pick the cutest dog from the first breeder they visit, but professionals advise individuals to ensure the breeder is top notch before taking the pup home. You should ensure your dog has been properly cared for to ensure you don't experience problems later on.

You should always visit Chihuahua breeders in their home or the primary place where the dogs are cared for. The dogs should be happy and excited when you are visiting since you are someone new. The area where the dogs are kept should be warm and inviting, and you should stray away from Chihuahua breeders that keep puppies outside or in a kennel setting. In addition the breeder should provide you with the dog's medical history as well as Chihuahua information that will allow you to continue the excellent care the dog has received in the breeder's home.
You can easily identify reputable breeders based on the information they require you to provide before you take the dog home. Chihuahua breeders care about their dogs and want to know they are going to a safe, loving home. This is why so many of them require individuals to fill out an application, provide references and in some cases go through a home visit which allows the breeder to ensure your home is ready for a new dog.

Getting a Chihuahua as a pet for yourself or your family can be very rewarding as they make excellent companions. However, you should make sure that you get your dog from a reputable breeder that has provided your dog with a loving home that has made them happy and healthy. The care a breeder has given your new pet should be the same or better than the care and love you will give your Chihuahua in your own home.

Selecting the right Chihuahua breeders before you select a pet is important, as there are several things individuals and families should know. This article can provide you with all the Chihuahua information you need to choose top-quality Chihuahua breeders in your area.

What To Know Prior To Owning A Chihuahua


Millions of individuals around the world are dog lovers. Unfortunately many of these individuals live in residences that prevent them from being a dog owner. For some no pets are allowed by their landlord, while others have too small of a space for a dog. However, many individuals with small spaces are discovering they can own a Chihuahua, which is actually the smallest dog in the world. Before you bring a Chihuahua home to your small or large living space you should learn what to expect.

One of things many individuals underestimate about Chihuahuas is the size of space they actually need. Chihuahua dogs love to run and play as they have lots of energy and are very interactive. This is why it is important for you to take your Chihuahua outside every day to ensure he or she gets enough room to run around without being limited by space.
Chihuahuas are dogs that don’t like to be left alone, as they prefer to be around people or other Chihuahua dogs. Many individuals choose to place their Chihuahua in a daycare facility specifically designed for dogs during the days when they are at work to prevent their dog from getting lonely.

Others choose to purchase an additional Chihuahua dog to prevent their original pet from becoming lonely while they are gone all day. This is a good option for individuals that may not be able to afford the cost of daycare for their dog. However the cost to care for an extra dog may be just as much as the cost of daycare. If individuals decide to purchase two dogs they should do this when the dogs are young and before they become possessive. In addition, owners should also ensure all dogs are fixed when they are young since Chihuahuas are particularly vulnerable to attack when in heat.
Chihuahuas are one of the most possessive breeds of dogs on the planet even though they are the smallest. They often become very close to their owner or primary caregiver and can launch into attack mode when they feel someone invading the person's space. This is why many Chihuahua dogs will attack family and friends of their owner even if the owner has been welcoming and friendly to the visitor. To overcome this Chihuahuas need strict obedience that is consistent.

While you may be turned off by a dog that growls and barks at everyone, Chihuahuas can actually make great pets as they are very intelligent and have some great qualities. However their possessive behavior should cause some individuals and families to consider whether or not they really are the best pet for them. Finding a dog that fits your family's needs and wants can ensure that the new addition to your family fits perfectly.

Bringing a Chihuahua home can be very exciting and rewarding if you know what to expect of the dog in advance. This article can provide you Chihuahua information about the behaviors and traits of this breed so you know what to expect when they become your pet.

Deciding If A Chihuahua Is Right For You


The Chihuahua dog makes an excellent companion because of their loyalty and need to be close to their owner, while their size makes them a convenient pet for many households. Some owners have even been able to let Chihuahuas ride inside the pocket of their coat, in a purse or tote bag or simple just carried under the owners arm. Chihuahuas enjoy outdoor activities and are easy to travel with.

Although at home the Chihuahua dog can be a bit curious and mischievous. When left alone for a long period of time the dog will often find something to get into and make a mess. The Chihuahua gets along well with their own breed but often doesn't get along with other dog breeds. So if you have a Chihuahua it is best to only have the breed or choose very carefully before finding another breed of dog to add to the household.
The Chihuahua dog has become very popular due to movies and advertisements such as the Taco Bell commercials. This means that you can now easily find a poorly bred Chihuahua that won't fit in with your household. The self-confidence and easy trainability of the breed causes many families to think they are perfect for their household. Although you can get a dog that was bred without a concern for their health and temperament if you buy from pet stores, newspapers or on the internet and you will have no way of knowing whether or not the dog will work with your household. Many good breeders will refuse to place a dog in a household with a child under the age of twelve. But the number of puppies from good breeders is limited due to their small litter size. Before determining if the breed is right for your household you should carefully consider their temperament.
When it comes to caring for your Chihuahua dog you need to focus on feeding requirements, exercise needs and grooming. At each meal Chihuahuas only need a small amount of food. About two to three ounces of high quality dog food with a few puppy biscuits is all that most Chihuahuas require. It is best to have two or three small meals rather than just one large daily feeding. Some larger sized Chihuahuas can eat up to a half can of dog food. Most people don't know that the Chihuahua is actually capable of walking long distances, although they won't object if you want to carry them around either. Typically the Chihuahua gets the majority of their exercise from playing around the house. This is why the dog is an excellent choice for the elderly. When it comes to grooming you should use a soft brush and rub them down with a wet towel or glove to make their coat shine. Trim their nails regularly and keep their ears clean.

The Chihuahua is excellent for some households, but isn't right for everyone. Carefully consider Chihuahua information to make sure they are right for your household.

The Chihuahua: A Long History As An Excellent Pet


The Chihuahua breed has a long and distinguished history as a dog. The breed originally came from the ancient Techichi breed of dog that belong to the Toltec Civilization near Mexico City. This ancient breed of dog was larger than today’s modern breed and was also mute. The breed became a sacred icon of the upper class members of society and as a religious symbol when they were used in ceremonies to help guide dead spirits after the Aztec empire conquered the Toltecs.

By the time the Chihuahua breed was discovered in the United States in the 1850s it had been crossed with a hairless breed from the Orient, which led to the modern breed we see today. The Chihuahua was discovered in the Chihuahua state of Mexico, which is located near Texas and New Mexico, this is also where the name for the breed comes from. The breed was then added to the American Kennel Club in 1904.
Officially the American Kennel Club describes the Chihuahua breed as graceful, alert and agile with a compact and terrier like quality. Although every dog of this breed has its own unique personality some Chihuahuas can be terrier like to the extreme and be very grumpy, haughty or even nasty if they are provoke. However, more often then not the Chihuahua is a dog with curiosity, intelligence and loyalty that makes them a wonderful companion.

The Chihuahua still may not be a suitable pet for households with small or noisy children due to the chance that they can be clannish at times and occasionally a dog may be suspicious of people other than their owner. But for the individual or elderly couple they can be an excellent pet that loves to be pampered and are good for apartment living or those with limited incomes. It is best to get a feel for the temperament of a Chihuahua before determining if this is the right breed for you.
Despite the Chihuahuas small size, they often aren’t aware of it. Many times a Chihuahua will be much bolder than other dogs that are three times or more their size. Because of their fierce loyalty to only one or two individuals the breed will often become highly protective of their owners. It is because of this nature that they are often wary of strangers or any new guests that are introduced to the household that the Chihuahua considers it's personal domain.

While the Chihuahua doesn’t make a good guard dog, it is this personality trait that makes them an excellent watchdog. Human contact is necessary for a Chihuahua such as touching, petting and general attention. The breed will often resort to attention getting tricks if they don’t get the attention they want. This makes the breed seem too needy for some, but you can get so much back if you just give the Chihuahua love, affection and care.

Know the temperament of your Chihuahua dog before determining if they are right for your household. Chihuahua information can help you determine if this bold breed is right for you.