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You are encouraged to share your conversations with God on this blog. In "Toto Coelo", a book by Bob Miller, there are over 300 such conversations.

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Altmans Winnebago Was A Needless Nightmare


The Altmans Winnebago Experience�?�Don't you just hate a needless nightmare? I totally disregarded the old adage of buyer beware. I bought a used RV from Altmans Winnebago in Carson ,...

You Know How It Is


"God, it's not like I want to sin. It's just that I'm a musician. You know how it is." "If it's the blessing I have given to you that has...

Just As I Thought


"God is AIDS your doing?" "No! It's yours." Note: Even though the majority of the conversations published in this book poured forth from people with teary eyes and trembling lips,...



"God, are you aware that these Gospel singing groups live in sin while touring the country singing your songs?" "Are you aware that you just joinned them?" Note: Even though...