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Two new illustrated guides


There have been excellent developments on one of my favortie sites about "how to build a shed" recently. Now the guys there have published two new illustrated guides. The guides are very easy to follow and understand:

How To Build A Shed Foundations

How To Build A Shed Roof

I hope they will publish visual tutorials for the other aspects of building outdoor storage sheds as well!

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How To Move A Shed (From Wikihow)



How to Move a Shed

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Moving a garden shed is relatively simple operation. The smaller the shed is, the easier it becomes. If the shed is big and complex, so will be the moving.
There are various reasons that can cause moving the shed - drainage problems, too much/too little sunlight, new landscape design or moving to another home.


  1. Cover the shingles with a tarp especially if you are moving on a long distance. This will help the shed survive the transportation.
  2. Dig under the shed to access its corners and insert jacks under them.
  3. Lift the building two spans above the ground so you have enough space to place the moving structure
  4. Insert long pipes or boards under the shed and bind them all together.
  5. Tie a hook to the construction somewhere in the middle of one of the side walls and connect it to a car or truck.
  6. Install wheels at the bottom of the construction
  7. This way you can move the shed to the new location very easy
  8. Uninstall the moving mechanism and release the shed on the ground


  • If you are moving at a small distance you can just roll the shed over long pipes (no need of a car)
  • To make it all easier, take out all the stuff that you store in the shed and move it separately

Things You'll Need

  • A car or a truck
  • Long pipes or boards
  • A robust hook and a rope

Sources and Citations

Article provided by wikiHow, a collaborative writing project to build the world's largest, highest quality how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Move a Shed. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

Using A Shed As Economical Second House


The price per sqft of the garden sheds is much lower than the price of regular home. You can get a large high quyality shed for just 3-4 thousand dollars. So if you need a second house in your garden, why don't you just put a shed out there?

Of course, there are things to consider when doing that.

First, what's the most appropriate type of garden shed if you are going to use it as a guest house? Wood of course! Only timber sheds can offer the comfort for living that people need.

What about the size? The larger, the better. See some large sheds for ideas. You cannot feel comfortable in the shed if it is not large enough to put at leats one bed and a table.

Next, the living shed needs to have windows - they don't need to be very large, but for sure you need some. The windows must be placed in a way that enough light will go inside the shed.

If you plan to really live in the shed - either you or your guests - you need to ensure it is comfortable enough even in winter conditions. This means you may need to put additional isolation to the walls of the shed.

Finally, an outdoor storage shed which will be used as a second house needs to be supplied with electricy and water. Eventually a restroom will be needed, but if that is not possible, your guest can use the restrooms in your house. In such case you must put the shed close enough to the house.

Don't forget also that any living place must be locked. Usually sheds can be locked with padlock, but padlocks are not as appropriate when people want to lock from inside. For this reason you may need to change the locking mechanism of your garden shed.

If you want to save even more money, read how to build sheds yourself. It's like building a house yourself, but much easier.

How To Build A Shed Roof


If you are building a shed yourself sooner or later you will end up looking how to build the roof. The roof is very important part of the shed because a poorly created roof means you can have water leaks, bugs and snow going inside.

The type of the roof depends of course on the type of the shed you are building. The best thing to do is to build a roof fromthe same material that you use for the walls. So wooden sheds work best with wooden roof. But for metal sheds it's possible to make roof from wood, plastic or even roof-tiles.

Before starting, take the size of your shed. The roof must completely cover the walls - it would be better if you make it a bit larger.

The building process starts with cutting and fixing the different parts - beam supports, end rafters, temporary brace, and intermediate rafters which go 4 on each side.

Then you need to join and fix the part starting from the top row.

The best way to learn is to watch a video. I can recommend you thefollowing one:

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Of course if you don't know what to do before that, you should not start with the roof - learn how to build a shed first.

And remember, if anything looks too complex to you, you always have the option to just buy a read shed. Alternative to that is using shed kits of course.

Using Storage Shed Plans


Like I wrote few times ago, building a shed by using shed plans is a cheap and exciting method of building. It requires time, skills and patience, but the results can be very rewarding.

Before using storage shed plans you need to to buy them. I recommend plans that can be downloaded online because you don't need to wait. You can instantly download them, print the plan and start your work.

When you select the plans make sure to read carefully all the instructions. Good plans will include detailed information about the quality and quantity of the materials required so you won't pay for waste.

Try to follow closely the sizes in the plans. If you get them wrong, you may end up with a messed outdoor shed.

Building a shed by using storage shed plans can take somewhere between few days and few weeks - it depends on your epxerience, passion and free time.

Learn how to calculate proprotions. This could let you scale the final shed a little bit as opposed to what is created in the plans. This is however recommended only to experienced shed builders.

Have in mind that the plans fro steel sheds are different than the plans for wood/timber sheds and those for plastic/vinyl sheds. So you'd better decide on the exact shed type before you buy the plans.

Whatever you decide about the details, have in mind that using storage shed plans is probably the best way to build exactly the shed you want.

Several Cool Resources About Sheds And Barns


Everyone who is interested in building or purchasing a shed or barn, must do some research first. I have done a lot myself, and over time I have picked several sites which proved to be very good. Most of these sites provide just free information or discussion, while on other you can buy sheds or shed kits.

How to build a garden shed is probably my favorite resource. They have some very interesting articles and a great e-course which helps you build an outdoor shed yoursels.

BettyMills is maybe the best online store for garden sheds and shed kits. Their sheds are of very high quality, the prices are OK and there is a good variety. To be honest I have seen similar shed kits cheaper on Amazon, but you can't have everything in the world.

About landscaping - the's page on landscaping covers much larger topics, but their sheds and barns related content is simply great. Like most guides are anyway.

The Helpful Gardener is a great forum about gardening. Covers all of the aspects it's have and there are many discussions about outdoor storage sheds. It's easy to receive an advice on anything if you need it.

So, what are your favorite online resources about storage sheds?

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Do You Want a Summer Office?


Many people dream about having their own Summer office but they don't know how to achieve that. Some will purchase to contractors to build a Summer office in their garden while others will just rent it somewhere. Isn't there a better option?

Yes, there is!

Just have a large nice wooden shed in your garden. If you ensure the shed has power, water and nice big windows, it will be a great Summer office. Why should you spend lots of money to have something like that?

What esle you should consider: the office shed must have communications. Internet and phone are a must for a modern office even if you don't meet clients there. You can easy ensure your shed is connected to Interned if you use a Wireless connection and a router. The phone problem can be solved easy by using IP phone.

How much will your green office cost? From few hundred to few thousand dollars - it all depends on how will you do it. If you want to buy a ready shed, prepare for few thousands. Otherwise you can simply build the shed on your own. If you want to know how, check out the How to build a shed e-course. Browse also this site for more information about outdoor storage sheds.

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The Frugal Shed For Your Garden


So you want to have a great shed in your yard but you are short in money? Boy, I know how do you feel! But is there anything else I can give you besides compassioon. Sure, there is!

There is a way to have a shed really on the cheap.
But to be honest, it requires some work on your part. In fact, you'll have to build your shed yourself. But don't worry, there is no need to get architecture degree for that. We'll do it the easy way.

First, search online and find a free shed plan. Costs so far: $0. If finding free plans seems like a disaster, at least look for cheap shed plans, you'll get one for $5 - $25.

Then, find used or cheap materials in the factories around you. You may get surprised how cheap some factorties sell materials which are not good enough for their production. But they will be more than good for your outdoor garden shed.

You can find suich materials in furniture factories for example.

At the end, plan few weekends for work on your shed. Do the foundation first - for it you can use cement or even cheaper - sand and pebbles. Put some effort into making the foundation solid as this is the most important thing of all.

Then get the plan, carefully follow it and yuo will have no problems to build a simple but functional and very frugal outdoor storage shed for just few days. If this is your first do-it-yourself project, I recommend you using a simple design, some kind of rectangle probably.

Building a small 12'x8' garden shed yourself can cost you around $100 - $200 together with the plans and everything. How does that sound, is it frugal enough?

What Sheds Do You Prefer?


Here is an interesting question: What shed would you prefer if you have to choose your first garden shed right now?

Is it a fibroglass shed? These plastic sheds are very functional, robust and relatively cheap. The fibroglass can survive almost all kind of air conditions for very long time.

Sounds great! But do you like the idea to have such an unnatural material in your vegetable garden? What about something much more natural and cozy?

That are the timber sheds! Timber is one of the best materials for creating small buildings, why not use it for your shed? It's sustainable and creates very pleasant feeling inside. Besides that, these sheds look cool.

The bad side is they are expensive. Anything cheaper? Of course, metal sheds are cheaper. They don't look as cool as the timber sheds, they are not as sustainable to air conditions like the fibroglass ones, but they are cheap and very easy to use and install.

So, what is your preference? What kind of shed would you like to have?

How To Build A Garden Shed


Many people prefer to build sheds instead to buy ready ones. But building sheds it not as easy as it may look like, especially if you are not very experienced in building similar things.

Most people need the help of professionally designed plans so at least they have some guidance what to do. Such plans are easy and cheap to obtain.

However even building a shed is hard if done only with plans. That's why there are many prefabricated shed kits available. They are of course more expensive by the plans but it's much easier to build a shed with them.

The process of shed building is quite complex so you'll need some guide to help you. I can recommend you read the free e-course how to build a shed. It's very interesting read.

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Outdoor Garden and Storage Shed Building Plans - Think Before You Buy!


By Philip H

Are you thinking of trying a do-it-yourself project on an outdoor garden or storage shed? If so, you will need some easy to follow shed building plans. With the plans available today, even first timers can successfully complete a project easily.

Let me give you a few tips on some things to consider before you get started, or purchase any plans.

1. How big is your outdoor shed going to be? Many people make the mistake of making their garden or storage shed too small. Consider the size of equipment or outdoor tools you will be storing. Also decide if you will use your storage shed as a workshop. If so, you will need more space.

2. Where will your outdoor shed be located? You must take into consideration the area where you intend to place your shed. Make sure you know all of your city's rules and regulations on zones, and how far off the road your shed must be. Also, you will want to either have a level spot or prepare one for your shed. You really want to be well prepared before your purchase your shed building plans.

3. What style of outdoor storage or garden shed do you want? You can find dozens of shed designs to fit your particular tastes. Whether you want a plain box type shed or a gable roof shed full of windows, browse around and find the one that suits your style of home and your tastes. You will probably have your storage shed for years to come!

These are just a few topics you might want to think about before building your outdoor storage or garden shed. No matter what size or style you decide upon, there are many plans readily available that have very explicit instructions and are easy for beginners. It's important to be prepared when looking for your shed building plans!

Even if you have never built anything before, you will find shed plans that are super easy to follow, and extremely affordable! Visit The How to Build Blog for details and lots more info.

Article Source:!&id=1239593

Sheds And Barns


Do you own a garden or a yard? If yes, you can use it to place a beautify and functional shed or barn in it.

The garden sheds are used to keep various things, tools, bicycles etc. If you have a shed you will free a lot of space in your house. Also, the good sheds make the price of your property better if you decide to sell.

The barns are used mostly for agricultural purpose - storing food, animals and agricultural tools.

There are many ways to obtain sheds and barns - you can purchase to someone to make it for you, you can buy premade shed or you can build a shed or barn yourself by using prefabricated shed kits or entirely from scratch. If going from scratch, it's recommended at least to use shed plans.

On this blog you will learn everything that you need to know about buying, building and keeping garden sheds