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Smart Water Bar - Australia's First Water Only Bar

Updated: 2018-03-06T03:24:33.914-08:00


Smart Water Bar on The Shout and More!



There has been alot of press lately surrounding the Smart Water bar, here is some places you can get involved in the discussion about the Smart Water Bar




Final Phase: Completion



After weeks of great work by the construction team the bar was finally finished Thursday the 7th.

Here are some long awaited images of the finished result.




Opening Night Photo Booth


The opening night of the Smart Water Bar proved to be a huge success. 

Along with the opportunity to admire the space and taste delicious Smart Water Mocktails attendees were also given the opportunity to snap their own shots in the Smart Water Photo Booth.

over 600 shots were taken, which have now been squeezed into one awesome stop motion video.


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Phase 3 Almost Complete


The final phase of construction is almost finished, and just in time for the grand opening tonight, thursday the 7th. Tonights Grand Opening will feature a VDJ set from Flagrant, Food, Smart Water Mocktails and Giveaways!

The hanging gardens of onesixone

The only known mod-grass dj booth in existence.

Hamish and Andy Love Smart Water too!



Over the weekend Fox FM funny men Hamish and Andy achieved the mean feat of attending 42 parties in one weekend, how you may ask?

With the assistance of Smart Water between beers!

Check out more photos and listen to their podcasts at


"The Best Idea In the History of the Planet"



Smart Water Bar made its way onto the airwaves last night with intense discussion on Nova FM's Nova Nites show.

Hosts Jarrod and Hayley unreservedly praised the idea as the best solution to the effects of binge drinking. 

Host Jarrod was quoted as saying

"i don't think there has been a better idea, recently, in the history of the planet"

Jarrod also compared the immense benefits of a visit to the Smart Water Bar compared to the usual hangover reduction tecniques such as, Kebabs and the TC (tactical chunder)

We certainly agree, and if you wish to share your thoughts you can do so by commenting on this blog or by posting on nova's forum found here:

You can also listen to the radio excerpt of the segment using the flash player below.

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Dj Flagrant To Play Opening Night


A one off space like the Smart Water Bar needs to some one off talent to kick it off.
After supporting international acts such as Snoop Dog, Jurassic 5 and Kanye west, DJ Flagrant has jumped on board to launch the festivities at the very first Smart Water Bar

Dj Flagrant cemented himself as one of the world's premiere dj's but, not happy with his efforts mixing and cutting music, he has branched out. 
Dj Flagrant will be demonstrating the awe-inspiring technology of Numarks Virtual Vinyl, which will allow him to cut and mix videoclips live. 

Check him out doing his thing live at the opening of Smart Water Bar. Exact times TBA.

Phase Two


With Phase one complete, and onesixthree stripped to its bare bones it becomes time for...

Phase Two: Fit Out

With everything uncool or unnecessary ripped from the walls and thrown out the door, construction begins on the one and only Smart
Water Bar.





Phase One Begins


Development begins on Australia's first and only Smart Water Bar

Phase one: Destruction

Before Melbournians can experience the first and only Smart Water Bar in the country, the remains of the beloved 163 must be gutted to allow for the sleek interior of the new bar to be crafted.


Smart Water Bar is Coming!



Situated smack - bang in the beating heart of Melbourne's night life precinct comes Australia's first 'water only' bar. 'The Smart Water Bar' will give tired and over-sauced socialites an opportunity to wind down and revitalise in a cutting edge, purpose built space located inMelbourne's Onesixone nightclub complex in Prahran.

Mod grass flooring, lush green surrounds and refreshing Spring Valley Smart Water beverages, the bar will be a place for late night refreshment; a place where people can reinvigorate the brain, soothe the soul before heading home after a night out.

On offer will be four unique flavours to help your mind unwind, Pink Savvy, Green Jump Start, Purple Harmony and Orange Armour.(image)

The Smart Water Bar at Onesixone in Prahran will be open from 5pm till 3am from Thursday to Saturday during the 2am Lockout Trial.Check it out!