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Power Steering Repair Austin

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As gas prices continue to rise, it’s become highly important to keep any car,
truck, SUV or any other vehicle on the road running at peak performance. The
slightest problem, no matter how insignificant it may seem could have an adverse
effect on how many miles a vehicle gets on each $4 plus a gallon. Maintaining
cars and trucks with regularly scheduled maintenance; including oil changes,
wheel alignment and tire rotation, timing belt replacement; steering and
suspension checks as well as a long list off other procedures adds up to better
gas mileage.

The best way to insure proper care is to always take the car to the same shop.
And when the unexpected happens, and something goes wrong, a mechanic who’s
already familiar with your car can diagnose the problem and make the necessary
repairs or adjustments much quicker than someone unfamiliar with the vehicle.
For the most part, drivers have three choices of where to get automobiles
serviced; a dealership that only has a shop to aid in the sales of more cars, a
chain store where they focus on selling parts rather than making the appropriate
repair or an independent shop where they stay in business by making cars run

Dave’s Ultimate Automotive at 2711 W. Howard Lane and 3822 S. Congress has been a family-run business for sixteen years. As a certified NAPA AutoCare Center (as well as
Triple A Texas approved and an official Texas Vehicle Inspection Station),
they’re still an independently-run business where they sell service, not new
cars or parts at marked-up prices. With ASE (Automotive Service Excellence)
technicians—who have more than 70 years experience at one shop and more than 50
at the other, they have the training, experience and interest in each and every
customer to provide the right service done right in the least amount of time.
And Dave Erb, with 21 years experience, has been named NAPA/ASE Tech Of The Year
for the past two years.

With the latest computer technology, the immediate availability of any
high-quality NAPA part, a wide variety of other name brand parts and tires as
well as a personal interest in every customer, Dave’s Ultimate Automotive has
developed a loyal following by providing the service, efficiency and
friendliness only a family-oriented business can.

Customer Jim Perry said in a testimonial at,
“You and your employees were most gracious to my wife and I while getting my
pickup on the road. I’m an old devil and raised on a work ethic that can only be
found in antique shops these days. I was shocked to see someone your age exhibit
that work ethic. Thanks for going the extra mile for me.”

Jim’s endorsement is just one of those praising the professionalism, honesty and
personal interest on the website. Others applaud Dave’s Ultimate Automotive for being a place where women trust the technicians, where prices are considerably less than at a dealership and where an employee entertained a customer’s children while the car got fixed.

When it comes to keeping a very important investment and major transportation
running in tiptop condition, there’s no place in Austin that can compare with
the NAPA Blue Seal of Excellence service found at either of Dave’s Ultimate