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The Salt Boxes


Mrs. Boardman and her sisters opened their Salt Box vacation cottages for their first season in 1938. The cottage colony was built on an old farm between the northeastern end of the Bass River Golf Club and Bass River, a...

The Windmills of Dennis and Yarmouth


Last year Daniel Fortier, of the Dennis Planning Department, posted pictures of windmills used in the past in Dennis and Yarmouth. There are windmills in yards to pump drinking water from wells, some apparently with elevated water storage tanks, industrial...

Downtown South Yarmouth About 1910


Here's a great old postcard of South Yarmouth center. The source at Wikipedia says 1910. Route 28 won't be upgraded until 1933, and then it will come in through the yard on the left and exit towards Bass River across...

The Salt Boxes of South Yarmouth


People began to open cottage colonies on the Cape in the early thirties, as more visitors began to come to the Cape in their own cars, and as demand grew for inexpensive places to stay. The Salt Box cottage colony...

Let's permit Medicaid and Medicare payments to authorized hospitals in India...


... and in Mexico, Thailand, and elsewhere abroad: Outsourcing Health Care To Countries That Appreciate Efficiency (Adam Ozimek channeling Tyler Cowen channeling Ragharum Rajan). Rajan argues that this would stimulate competition and innovation in U.S. health care. Ozimek cites a...

Anchor Dragging


Many years ago Bass River was a small, but busy, commercial port. In 1802 there were 21 vessels, some ranging between Boston and the West Indies, others fishing locally. In the early 20th Century, a sailing packet still kept a...

The Corps of Engineers looks at Bass River


Sometime in the fall of 1894, or the winter or spring of 1895, Captain Bixby of the Army Corps of Engineers visited Bass River to see if river entrance navigation improvements were a worthwhile way to spend federal money. The...

King island Today


Great photos of King Island, and the not quite abandoned Eskimo village of Ukivok, circa 2006: Charlene's flikr photostream. Thanks to David Kingma and Father Louis Renner at Gonzaga for the pointer.

Really Good News From China and Brazil


Clive Cookson reports that there's been a "64-fold increase in [Chinese] peer-reviewed scientific papers since 1981": China scientists lead world in research growth. Projecting ahead: Jonathan Adams, research evaluation director at Thomson Reuters, said China’s “awe-inspiring” growth had put it...

The Bass River "Road" Net - 1644


Charles Swift was a 19th Century newspaper editor and historian. His 1884 history of Yarmouth, available on Google Books, has a map of Old Yarmouth in 1644 (Old Yarmouth including the current towns of Dennis and Yarmouth). The Pilgrims reached...

"Why Does Getting Married Make You Fat?..."


Nicholas Bakalar reports: Study Says Women With Mate Get Heavier. The Australian study found that: After adjusting for other variables, the 10-year weight gain for an average 140-pound woman was 20 pounds if she had a baby and a partner,...

"Capturing Cape Cod History"


Since 2002, writers associated with the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth have been publishing short essays on Cape Cod history, and especially Yarmouth history, in the mid-Cape paper, The Register. This fall, the society put these together into a book:...

How to buy presents for a girl


Megan McArdle explains: Two Shopping Days Until Christmas. Who knew perfume was so complicated?

"Santa Claus's Trade Infractions"


Patrick Thomas and Tom Barry point out that Santa's Polar operations may violate international trade law: Santa Claus’s Trade Infractions. Oliver Griffiths explains why many of the presents Santa delivers were actually "Made in the U.S." or "Made in China,"...

Was Alaska Worth It?


Mounties marching in Juneau, Alaska. Alaska might have been Canadian if Seward hadn't acted. Did we get our money's worth when we bought Alaska from the Russians? It only cost $7.2 million in 1867, but David Barker wonders if the...

We need more foreign physicians


Dean Baker makes the case: The Post's Protectionism Strongs Again: It Never Heard of Foreign Doctors

The New Device


A new Christmas classic from The Onion: New Device Desirable, Old Device Undesirable. I certainly want one.

Why we need more foreign nurses


President Obama is opposed to liberalizing restrictions on entry of foreign nurses (White House Forum on Health Reform). He made the comment in response to a question at a health reform event at the White House last March: REPRESENTATIVE CAPPS:...

Yup'ik conservation


Nancy Hooper, 5th Grade Tununak School Ms. Boonstra's class, second place entry in Alaska Department of Fish and Game Sport Fish Regs Cover Art Contest, 2001. Tununak is a small town on Nelson Island. For many years non-Native sport fishermen...

Alaska's gold production is up


Elizabeth Bluemink reports: Alaskan Gold production highest since 1916 (Anchorage Daily News, November 8, 2009). Fort Knox mine. Source: Kinross Gold Corporation. In summary: Alaska produced about 800,000 ounces of gold in 2008 - the largest amount since 1916 (...

It's getting relatively more expensive to live in rural Alaska


The cost of living differential between urban and rural Alaska has increased since 1985 - an important reason is the introduction of "big box stores" in urban Alaska. Pat Forgery has a nice piece in today's Alaska Empire summarizing testimony...

Daniel Libby visits King Island, 1867


Construction of the trans-Atlantic telegraph cable pushed the limits of 19th Century technology. In the 1860s construction was begun on an alternative telegraph line to Europe - across Alaska, under the Bering Strait, and across Russia. Capt. Daniel B. Libby...

King Island, June 1912


William Van Valin was a school teacher at Sinuk, Alaska, during the 1911-'12 and 1912-'13 school years. Sinuk is on the Bering Sea coast of the Seward Peninsula to the west of Nome, not far from King Island. In June...

Eleven Reasons the Obama Administration's Chinese Tire Decision Was a Bad One


At least the administration was embarrassed, releasing its decision late on Friday to minimize publicity. The Obama administration has decided to impose import duties of 35% on imports of low cost Chinese passenger and light truck tires (U.S. to Impose...

King Island and the Russian Fur Traders, 1822


When westerners began to visit the Bering Strait, they were touching the jugular of a thriving trade in furs between America and Asia. Furs from central and northern Alaska, and from as far east as Canada's Mackenzie River drainage, made...