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Identify Your Niche Market

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Identify Your Niche Market


Identify Your Niche Market

The 10K In A Weekend Niche part I
The Secret Key to making money on or off the internet.

The secret is really not that much of a secret. It's simple.
SELL To Those That Have The Money!!

You can't sell a Rolls Royce to guy with a Ford budget. It just don't work.

Niche, niche, niche. That is the buzz word on the Net today. The mantra is find a niche, do this, do that, make a ton of money. Well the truth of the matter is, just like the old gold rush, by the time you find out about a great money making niche, so has a 100,000 others. You end up shoulder to shoulder in that virtual gold field, digging, and digging. The sad part is that by the time you get there most of the nuggets are gone.

Most internet marketers are banging their heads on their computers trying to sell a $49.00 dollar product to some other would be "internet marketer" who ain't got 49 cents in his paypal account. And then they wonder why they can't make a living on the "Net.

The best way to make a living on-line is to get off-line. Yes the money is Off-Line.

The fact of the matter is that there are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people right in your area that have fairly large sums of money set aside, waiting............... Waiting for someone to offer a solution to their problem.
You can be that person.

If you can offer a on-line solution to their off-line problem they will BEG! you to take their money. When you present the solution you can charge on a sliding scale.

I know of one lawyer that makes about $400,000 per client. So when I "work" on his website and bring him just ONE client I charge him $40,000, plus maintenance. It's worth it to him.

Please don't let all the doom and gloom about economic downturn effect you way of thinking. There are still a lot of people out there with money to spend.

Who are these people? Small business owners. Small business owners and professional people have advertising budgets, money that is set aside as part of the cost of doing business. Brick and mortar businesses need a web presence. Not just a website, but a website that will be an asset to their bottom line.

How can you tap into this lucrative resource? Simple.
It is just a matter of knowing what to say and knowing what to do.

When I say 10K in a weekend, I mean on any given weekend you could talk to a business owner, make the right presentation and walk away with a check for 10K. No matter where you live, chances are you are near a town or city that has a business or service that will beg you to take their $5000.00 check, when you.....................continued