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car care austin texas

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car care austin texas

car care austin texas

car care austin texas

car care austin texas

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Thank You Dave's Ultimate Automotive!

So here I was, new in Austin, and I needed some basic work done on my
car. I'd heard that a few simple maintenance services could improve my
gas mileage and I was all for getting it done as soon as possible! Now
for the real dilemma, where to go?

I had been to the dealer, but they were very expensive and a little
rude, almost like they didn't have time for me. I thought to myself,
"well if I'm not important to them, they sure aren't getting my hard
earned money", especially in these tough economic times.

I briefly considered not doing the work at all since I had no idea who I
could trust to do it properly. But then, I was reminded that my car was
my second biggest investment, next to my house. If I don't take care of
it, I would basically be throwing a whole lot of money out the window,
and I don't know anybody who can afford to do that these days!

I asked around at work and a few people said that they took their cars
to Dave's Ultimate Automotive. I knew

these people didn't drive junkers,
so I gave it a shot. Wow, am I glad I did!

First of all, they treated me like I was the most important thing in the
world to them. They listened when I told them what I wanted done, and
why. They offered suggestions on a few other things I could do, and I
could tell that these people knew their stuff. I handed my keys over
without any fear to these nice people and I went about my day.

They gave me a full estimate of all the work that we had agreed on, and
I knew what my parts were going to cost before they began to work on my
car. Some other places I had been to tried to be very vague because I'm
a woman. Not so at Dave's Ultimate

, they didn't' treat me
like an automotive idiot. I knew my car was getting the best care and
that my wallet was safe.

They gave me an oil change and aired up my tires to the proper levels.
Those things actually do make a difference! They gave me a full tune up
including belts, hoses and filters that were needed and topped off all
of my fluids; not just threw some cheap spark plugs in there or changed
out things that didn't need to be like most other places trying to make a
quick buck.

When I came to get my car, the estimate was completely accurate, down to
the penny!My car runs like new and I'm getting 3 miles more to each and
every gallon of gas. I recommend Daves Ultimate
Automotive to anyone that will listen! Their knowledgeable staff and
super friendly service has won me over completely. The nicest part was
that they weren't even trying, it just came naturally to them.

This was the best automotive shop experience I have ever had, and I've
had plenty. I will be a Daves Ultimate

customer for life!

Thank you again,