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Stress seems to be catch all term for almost anything that makes us feel enough pressure to be anxious, from truly serious to be seemingly trivial. Strictly speaking stress is defined as reaction to a physical, mental or mental or emotional stimulus that upset the body’s natural balance this could apply to most of us some of the time, or even all of the time.Our body must have evolved to cope with stress, but the peculiar, possibly unprecedented, kinds of stress that modern life inflicts on us do seems to have adverse consequences on the body, in both the short and the long term. Most people recognize some things that cause stress in their life, such as work load, overdue bills, traffic, traffic wardens ect... But some of the things people don’t recognize as inducers are:Lack of sleepExcessive alcoholSmokingBlood sugar imbalanceNutrient deficienciesFood allergies and intoleranceMedicines and hormones imbalance A poorly function bowel leading to toxic waste build upWork Related StressDepression, anxiety, drug or alcohol abuse can be symptoms of stress.Stress is good up to a point . It motivates and keeps people attentive. But clearly, when the economy is down . . . it is something to which people react to."Layne Prest, director of behavioral medicine and the medical family therapy program at the Nebraska Medical Center, said he, too, has seen an increase in the number of people seeking help for symptoms of stress. Forty percent of his clients at the One World Medical Clinic, who are primarily Latino, have stress-related symptoms. A declining economy hits blue-collar workers especially hard, he said. "They have to work two to three jobs to make ends meet."Also is seeing more Caucasians at One World Medical Clinic who are seeking free or reduced-price health care because they have lost or don't have insurance coverage. Sometimes work-related stress is more subtle than losing a job or fearing the loss of a job. Or the fear and worry about family situations that keep them from performing up to what they perceive as higher standards at work. Tips For Stress"Take a step back and be as realistic as they can. "People should consider if their fears are realistic," "Do they feel things are out of control, are they overwhelmed? Where can they make changes? Generally, don't try to control things you can't." In addition to the economic downturn, there always are people who feel trapped in a job or with a manager they don't like. Whether it's a job or a bad marriage, relationships can be "extraordinarily stressful, too," he said. "People recommend finding another job, but that is not always easy to do, and moving is stressful, too. It is still putting someone out of a routine."Friends and family members can be helpful sounding boards, but sometimes the situation calls for professional help from an independent, trained observer. "If people are ruminating about it (their situation) over and over and don't have an opportunity to get away from it, they should seek some professional evaluation," including using employee assistance programs at work."They should keep their resume up-to-date and keep their employment network in the picture," Meanwhile, people should keep focused on their lives and careers.In a situation were a company is considering downsizing, if workers start looking at each other as competitors, relationships can break down. That can actually hurt a person's performance and his or her chances of success. The unknown can cause a lot of worry, and workers aren't always knowledgeable about things going on in a company.Workers should find out as much as they can about their companies, to know whether fears about their and their companies' futures are warranted. Publicly held companies are required by law to provide substantial information,Stress is an external and internal experience. You can reduce your external stimuli by changing certain elements in your lives such as changing jobs or not driving to work. However, a lot of stress is actually how you perceive things internally. Do you let things get to you? Or do you let[...]