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Mixchemistry: House Music Podcast

The Mixchemisty podcast contains a variety of mixed House music genres from Funky and Progressive to Electro and Ambient via both analog and digital platforms... Please note... If the show has exceeded its bandwidth limit for the month, you can always

Published: Sat, 10 Feb 2018 00:39:15 +0000


Liquid Groove

Thu, 24 Nov 2011 16:49:48 +0000

The Liquid Groove studio mix project allowed me to delve deeper into re-fix editing within Ableton Live. This time around, I relied heavily on edit re-arrangements which helped me re-shape the mix to give more flexibility and artistic expression creating a unique overall feel of the set. The peaks and valleys within the mix are a byproduct of the arrangement process which was constructed to reflect a more poetic foundation inherent within my musical mind's eye thus allowing the listener a harmonic connection to the overall flow. The track selections carry themselves into each other with each drop and break down to eventual build up. I managed to dial the BPM tempo down to a more chill groovy house vibe which allowed for more deepness to come through. With this said, the project continues to maintain the digital jackin funk that has been prevalent in my current personal taste these days. That is to say, the styles represented in this mix capture the essence of what I currently produce, or of what I currently perform. Crafting this studio set took my nearly two months, and it has been a labor of love reflecting the careful attention given to each and every track selected for the listener's enjoyment. It is literally a "Liquid Groove." I do hope you enjoy it.If you do, please let me know by providing feedback, or by sharing it with your friends within your social media networks. Cheers and enjoy the gift of music... You can follow me here: Twitter: @mixchemist Track Listing: Francis Jilla & Johnny Drama - Supa Bad -Orsonic Cut Jeff Service - All The Way Down - Mixchemist Edit Tovar - (Disco) Inferno - John Osorio's Vox Edit Chris Grant, Vernon (BE) & Dacosta - Slow Your Chemistry Mixchemist Edit Tovar - Repeat It - Cos I Might Mash by John Osorio Damien Bailey & Ktheo - Nocturnification - Mixchemist's Secret Potion Edit Jeff Service/Midnight Star - Midas Touch/I love gold - Nocturnification Mash Sonny Fodera/Jorge Watts -The Way - John Osorio Ableton Edit Vernon (BE) & Dacosta, Ion - Jazz Woman - Ion Digital Exclusive Vox Edit Buck Naked - Stressed The Fuck Out - Orsonic Edit Speaker Buster - Supernova - Osorio Express Edit Nick Daring & David Labeij - Paint On Desh - Mixchemist Chemical Edit Manuel Sahagun - Martini Dry - Osorio's Unauthorized Edit Tom Drummond & Inland Knights - Downstrokin - Mixchemist WTF Edit Tovar - Say Something - Original Mix Nego Mozambique & The Candy Dealers - Wake Up For The Music - Osorio/Smithers Edit Vernon (BE) & Dacosta - Afterglow - Original Mix Phunk Rockerz, D-Reflection - Clap Your Hands - D-Reflection's Clap Mix Manuel Sahagun - Making Excuses - Osorio Radio Edit Tovar - Housation - Osorio's Complete Rework Edit Buck Naked - Featherweight - Snippet Edit Jay West - No Dress Code - Jay West Mix Kolombo, Nikitin, LouLou Players - Sounds Good To Me - LouLou Players Remix Jay West - Higher - Original Mix Biboulakis - All You Can Eat - Original Mix You can download this podcast in 320K here: Follow me while you're there too!

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Funky Beat Astronaut

Wed, 23 Mar 2011 02:03:43 +0000

Yes... it's been a while since I've posted a mix, but I haven't been asleep at the wheel! First and foremost I want everyone to know that they can follow me on various platforms on the World Wide Web: -- -- -- -- @mixchemist on Twitter There are a good number of mixes posted out there (this one included) which you can stream or download in High Quality (@320K), so do it... you know you want to! Let's get down to business... Funky Beat Astronaut is a funky mixture of "street" House with a hint of disco and a peppering of breaks. I toiled with remixing/editing the track arrangement for about a week before I dropped them in Ableton to mix & mash up. If you are familiar with the tracks selected in the play-list, you'll noticed I shorten them, and in some cases completely re-arrange tracks to preserve flow in the set. Concept-wise, I wanted to create a polished structured energy for this studio mix, and I think this set achieves that goal by concentrating the majority of the tunes within one theme, or key. For a good part of the project I selected tracks in A minor and C major, but I also managed to insert tracks with signatures a few keys up and down the scale to give the set more organic variation. Vocals are also a critical component to the mix as it adds the human element to the set, and you'll hear samples galore with heavy effects added throughout. The mastering was achieved by using Wave's L1, PSP's Vintage Warmer and a bit of standard EQ work to give the mix space eliminating offensive frequencies thus allowing for a clean listening environment. If you like this mix, please let me know by providing feedback, or you can just be a voyeur and not say anything... ha ha! As always...Enjoy the "Gift" of Music... Track Listing: Are You Really Listening (Accapella) - Julius Papp Late Night Cats - The Shuffle Club - Corduroy Mavericks rerub Love Supreme (Accapella) - Groovenauts - Mixchemist re-arrange Peppering Dub Stylee (Beats) - Julius Papp - John Osorio equalizer edit Track B - Da Sunlounge & Inland Knights - Mixchemist's rerub-rearrange Come Wit It - Sambucca - Jason Wit Beats remix Fastlane - Kinky Movement - Dave Allison Slo Burn Remix Hot Tonite - Jay West - Da Sunlounge remix Like Dat - Tom Drummond - Greenbay Jackers mix Get it Krunk - Corduroy Mavericks w/Ghosthouse - Osorio edit Half Steppin - Inland Knights - Osorio edit A Life Time - Da Sunlounge - OG/Greenskeepers/Osorio/James Curd mash Mouse Music - Sir Cosmic - Da Sunlounge-Mixchemist colaborative edit Body Rock - Soul de Marin - Tom Special Interest Mix Get a Beat - Da Sunlounge Featuring Brown - John Osorio re-rub-around the tub Rivers of Babylon - Tanga - All Good Funk Alliance Remix Bottom Line - Jay West - Osorio's re-edit See what I see - 3 Amigos Featuring Denvil - Scott Wozniak bonus beats Voices in My Head - Latenight Society - Orsonic Conjured Edit Just Can't Take it - Stacy Osorio - Bonus Beats Surreal - Manuel Sahagun - Orsonic Records Edit You Hurt my Feelings - Jay West - John Osorio's radio Edit Basement Freaks - Something Freaky - Max Sedgley remix Definition off - Tovar - Jay West Candy mix Tigra - Tovar - John Osorio Mash Got to Make it - Manuel Sahagun - John Osorio Re-fix Mash Up the Hill - Manuel Sahagun - Mixchemist edit Something Special - Max Sedgley - Crazy P remix You can download this podcast in 320K here: Follow me while you're there too!

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Classic Summer Sounds

Sat, 20 Jan 2007 20:18:51 +0000

This mix was done the old fashioned way... It's a straight turntable mix...No Ableton, No Serato, No Mp3's, No Wav files, nada... it's clean, it's simple and to the point. I wanted to post this piece to demonstrate some performance skills and pay homage to the old turntable media. I miss the roundness of vinyl, I miss the warmth of its sound, I miss the fidelity it produces, but honestly, I don't miss the price tag of the vinyl format. I remember dropping hundreds of dollars monthly just to put together a decent set... Thankfully those days have gone by the wayside, and putting together smart sets don't cost as much anymore. To further add, production vehicles such as Ableton, have allowed us to put our OWN music in our mixes... NOW that I like even more! Be sure to check the show out the 2nd week of February 2007 as there will be a new Ableton produced down-tempo mix uploaded. In the meantime enjoy this classic summer mix circa 2004 Cheers! Track Listing: Telemark & Kudra Owens: I Feel Alright (Dub Version) Marmelade: Lullabies Featuring Karine (Alex Kid Club Mix) Exun 2030: Planet Earth (Original Mix) Little Mike: You Gotta See This (Original Mix) Joeski Featuring Omar Alexander: Be There For Me (Original Mix) J&S productions: Te Quiero (Original Mix) Cassius: The Sound of Violence (Two Minute Warning Club Mix By Narcotic Thrust) Victor Magan & Lagarho: Feel Good (Juan Magan & Cesar Del Rio Remix) Kathy Dhope: Getting Crazy (Tribe Solution Remix) Rob Pearson: Bt's Hair (Original Mix) Mark Farina: We Gotta Get (Original Mix) Herbie Hancock: Rok-It (Re-Launch Remix) Bobby Blanco & Mikki Moto: 3 am (Eddie Amador Mix) Infectious Audio: Jacob's Groove (Original Mix) Tony Thomas: The Juggler (Original Mix) Eddie Spettro, Diesel & Desmet: That's The Joint (Spettro's Green Thumb Remix) ty tek: X-Rated (Original Mix) Marques Wyatt: For Those Who Like To Get Down (Deep Sunday Retro Vibe Mix) If you enjoyed the mix of this podcast: 1. Let me know, you can find me on Soundcloud at: 2. Let the world know by leaving your comments on the iTunes music store site!

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