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Audio Codecs : Audio Compression Codec, Codecs De Audio, mpeg 4 Audio Codec

Audio Codecs is a method of compression/decompression of audio file, audio data or streaming audio format. The codecs stands for Coders / Decoders.

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HE-AAC Decoder

Thu, 13 Aug 2009 06:11:00 +0000

HE-AAC decoder on ARM9E and TI C64x+

AAC is a popular audio coding technique recommended by MPEG committee. SBR is a tool used in combination with the AAC general audio codec resulting in HE-AAC (also known as aacPlus). It provides significant increase in coding gain. In SBR, the high-band, i.e. the high frequency part of the spectrum is replicated using the low-band.

The bit-rate is by far below the bit-rate required when using conventional AAC coding. This translates into better quality at lower bit-rates.It can be used in consumer applications like mobile streaming and download, digital terrestrial, cable & satellite television broadcasting and Internet Video on demand service.

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Latest AAC Audio Codecs at IPSupermarket

Thu, 09 Jul 2009 05:32:00 +0000

IP Title : AAC Decoder Ref : 4619A1B6BE IP Title : AAC BSAC Decoder On TI 64x Ref : 0A5EC4E2AE IP Title : AAC LC Decoder TI 54xx, DM 27x Ref : B6ECEB245F IP Title : AAC LC Decoder On ARM7 Ref : 571CC49830 IP Title : VAAC VINJEY MPEG 2/4 AAC Decoder Ref : D3B32474D4 [...]

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Audio codecs : Pros & Cons

Fri, 25 Apr 2008 05:48:00 +0000

The audio codecs is a method of compression/decompression of audio file, audio data or streaming audio format. The codecs stands for Coders / Decoders. There are various kinds of audio codecs available. Since these codecs have been implemented by different algorithms by number of companies; they have different specification and application in various fields. These audio codecs generally complies Industry standards. The various software audio codecs are: AAC AAC+ / AAC+ EnhancedAC3 or Digital DolbyDigital Dolby PlusSpeexFLACMIDIMP3MP3 ProMonkey’s audioOgg VorbisQCELPReal AudioSMPTE VC-1Sony: ATRACWMAMelodyHVACWavepack etc These various Audio codecs are technically differentiated from each other based on various factors which includes compression technology / algorithm, platform supported, sampling, OS supported etcOne can easily compare the various audio codecs on wikipedia. But still there is confusion over to which codec is the best? So let’s try to see what are the pros and cons of some codecs, which gives us the better idea about these codecs. AAC Pros An international standard approved by the ISO Flexible: supports several sampling rates (8000–96000 Hz), bit depths, and multichannel (up to 48 channels) Several implementations, including free and high quality ones (iTunes or Nero Digital) Reaches transparency in most samples and for most users at around 150 kbps Part of MPEG-4 specs Anyone can create its own implementation (specifications and demo sources available) Cons Problem cases that trip out all transform codecs Heavily patented Increased complexity AAC comes in different "flavors" (object types: AAC LC, AAC HE, AAC PS etc.). Many (especially portable) players only support LC (at the moment) so you can have files that are valid but your player won't play them. AAC+ / Enhanced AAC AACplus (AAC+) is a variant of AAC which is optimized for low bit rates developed by Coding Technologies. It uses techniques including SBR (Spectral Band Replication) and PS (Parametric Stereo).Multi-channel support for 5.1, 7.1 and beyond (48 channels total)Optimized speech, mixed speech/music down to 8 kbps mono AC3 / Digital Dolby / Digital Dolby plus Pros Digital Dolby or AC3 decoder is the industry standard for DTV and DVD media. Nearly all new DVD movies come with a DD soundtrack programAC-3 provides only full range channels, its sound is really much better in terms of quality. And it is also backward compatible.Digital Dolby plus also supports 7.1 channel Cons Max support for 5.1 channel audio CDs, limited to 448 kbps maximum for Digital Dolby SPEEX Pros Speex is an Open Source/Free Software patent-free audio compression formatSpeex is based on CELP and is designed to compress voice at bitrates ranging from 2 to 44 kbpsSpeex has a number of features that aren’t in other codecs such as Intensity stereo encoding, integration of multiple sampling rates in the same bitstream, and a VBR mode Cons: Speex is mainly designed for only three different sampling rates: 8 kHz, 16 KHz & 32 KHz FLAC Pros FLAC is portable to many systems Open source and freely licensed The encoding of audio data incurs no loss of information.Hardware support & Streaming support Extremely fast decoding Supports multi channel and high resolution streams Supports Replay Gain & cue-sheet (with some limitations) Gaining wide use as successor to Shorten Cons: Compresses less efficiently than other popular modern compressors (Monkey's Audio, OptimFROG) Higher compression modes slow, for little gain over the default setting. MP3 Pros Widespread acceptance, support in nearly all hardware audio players and devices An ISO standard, part of MPEG specs Fast decoding, lower complexity than AAC or Vorbis Anyone can create thei[...]