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Platform beds in Philadelphia

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Platform beds in Philadelphia

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Platform beds in Philadelphia
platform beds in philadelphia
platform beds in philadelphia
platform beds in philadelphia


Platform Beds

It is a common belief that platform beds originated in Europe and may
have started as loft beds which were raised on four poles. This raising
of the bed created extra space to be used as added living area or a
workstation. As trends changed and a more luxurious lifestyle emerged
the beds were shortened and eventually reached a point closer to the
ground similar to the platform bed of today.

Others contribute the history of the platform bed to Asia and the
traditional Japanese bed. Japanese beds are typically very flat and
situated at floor level. Like Japanese beds, platform beds are closer to
the ground than most other American beds.

By definition, a platform bed is a bed absent a box spring where the
mattress rests on wooden slats or a solid wood platform. Some platform
beds include a footboard to help define the sleeping space, but often
the footboard is eliminated. The absence of the footboard in conjunction
with the bed being low to the ground gives a feel of extra roominess in
the bedroom. The mattress can either rest on top of the frame or be
situated just inside the frame for a tucked-in appearance.

Platform beds are sleek in style and are undeniably comfortable. That's why it's no surprise they've become such a hit across the U.S. There are several styles of
platform beds so that shoppers are sure to find one that fits their decorating style.

The modern platform bed is very sleek and sexy giving the bedroom a fresh, clean feeling. While these beds are usually made of metal, some are made of wood. Often
modern platform beds will have casters which makes it easier to move the
bed within the room or to another room. These beds often incorporate
bold colors and finishes in white, red or black.

platform beds in philadelphia