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Preview: Gay Network - Circa-Club - the online social/business club for gay professional men

Gay Network - Circa-Club - the online social/business club for gay professional men

We’re delighted to introduce the new weekly gay Blog-Diary of Circa-Club’s ( the online club for gay professional men) high-flying yet low-lying membership secretary, Spencer – his life and loves, work and play, dreams and fears. It’s taken us mon

Published: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 18:28:18 +0530

Last Build Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 18:30:27 +0530


Blog 116 - Week ending 29th June

Mon, 21 Jul 2008 18:25:05 +0530

Kev and Karl bleary, nay blarney, -eyed at Monday morn mews meet post Dublin forays. Report back to Boss myself re last week’s Suit and Tie push, eschewing reference to Kev ‘n Karl’s own shirted escapes. Gay man on Switchboard line that eve, bemoaning fact he fears he’s not being treated fairly by authorities as a prospective adoptive parent. Refer him to a new web network created by a gay couple to support other gay singles and same-sex pairs going through the adoption process: Suspect he’s not alone.

Blog 117 - Week ending 6th July

Mon, 21 Jul 2008 18:24:35 +0530

Monday morn mews meet. Almost unbelievably incapacitating jet lag, post-Tokyo. Am present, yet not present. Just staring at Boss, as in a silent movie… her jaws opening and closing with almost ludicrous rapidity… hands raised and lowered, fitfully and in starts, a la Chaplin. Odd patches of sound come through… “marketing stalled”… “pull socks up”… no real sense to it. Waft out and back to pad for nap pre informal Circa meet at our undertakers in the eve, at which get chatting to new member - a research scientist.

Blog 118 - Week ending 13 July

Mon, 21 Jul 2008 18:23:10 +0530

Knackered Monday morn. Lie in after showing some guy out, presumably who I’d pulled via my footie kit on tube back from classical concert last night, only half recall. Skip mews meet. Instead rattle up Circa-branded Capital Queer column, this week on topic of “Global Homo Hate” highlighting fact that at the very least 77 (some think more) of the 193-195 countries on Earth today – that’s 40%, or 2 in 5, of all nations - still deem it a criminal offence to be gay, as well illustrated on the International Lesbian & Gay Association’s disturbing “hate map”: In 7 countries, the ascribed punishment can include death. But it’s not just an issue in Africa, the Middle East, Caribbean and parts of Asia. Consider the plight faced by gay communities in Eastern Europe. Depressingly, the European Commission has recently indicated that discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, age, religion or belief will no longer be covered in a scaled-back pan-Euro anti-discrimination directive, which will focus instead primarily just on disability.

Blog 123 - Week ending 17 August

Mon, 21 Jul 2008 18:23:10 +0530

Too lagged on landing to face mews meet, Monday. Collapse into bed only to rouse around tea time. Amused to read in papers that the Vatican has given its thumbs-up to little green men! The Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory, apparently claims that the vastness of the cosmos means one cannot rule out the existence of intelligent alien life – thus, believing in it would not contradict faith. All things green and wonderful, the Lord God made them all! Naughty, I know, but also chuckle to read that a group of Filipino doctors allegedly made and posted a YouTube video of their medical extraction of an aerosol can from a man’s rectum, although they now face a lawsuit by the patient - who claims he got drunk and doesn’t remember much else.

Blog 124 - Week ending 24 August

Mon, 25 August 2008 18:23:10 +0530

At Monday morning mews meet Boss is directing all her energies at a rather drained duo in the shape of knackered Kev ‘n Karl – barking out orders about the next batch of Prides, her blessed Birmans chipping in with the occasional meow or purr. Pen weekly Capital Queer column when back in pad… my main reason for hitting all those “most Influential…” lists I inwardly smugly smile! The UN’s outgoing High Commissioner for Human Rights has recently bemoaned the “perpetuation of prejudices”, including homophobia, by many in the international community. What, I humbly ask, is the point of penning so-called “international human rights law” - without any effective “coalition of the willing” to either police or enforce it?