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...advanced dreams

Some thoughts, news and informations from OpenSource world.

Updated: 2014-10-05T06:37:31.203+02:00


Pssst, admini!


Huston, we have a problem :)

Zašto smo preskupi?!


Prije svega bih htio pohvaliti gospodina Ivana Miloloža, koji se primio posla istraživanja* produktivnosti i stavio brojke na papir. Mišljenja sam da su njegove brojke vrlo realne i dovode nas do zaključka da smo mi sami upravo najveći lopovi, a ne X Y iz stranke ABC. U radnom danu od 6h, ovo su njegova zapažanja:Prosjecna produktivnost radnika u Srbiji: 3,54 hProsjecna produktivnost radnika u

How do we push open source products into business?


For long we've been telling stories like 'Open Source, you know, millions, billions of eyes are looking at the code and can do modifications they want.'. At first look, this is true. But, also, at first look this scares business.Open source advocates look at this from perspective 'I can fix any bug if I have brains to do it'. Business managers look at this from perspective 'Are you serious?

Is Ubuntu Server ready for prime time?!


I guess Wikimedia shares my opinion on this one ;)

IPMI in Ubuntu 8.04


I've recently added Dell's PowerEdge T300 to my collection of 'computer power'. This machine comes with support for IPMI2.0. This is a brief tutorial how to take full advantage of IPMI2.0 in Ubuntu 8.04.You'll need ipmitool package (universe repository);sudo apt-get install ipmitoolthen you'll need to load all the modules:sudo modprobe ipmi_devintfsudo modprobe ipmi_sisudo modprobe

Ubuntu 8.04 @ PowerEdge T300


I haven't posted anything for... a long time. So, here it is, almost like a fresh start :)I have a new server! Yay, finally I'll be able to setup some real environments for Ubuntu testing/development and other, business related stuff :DThe installation? Without a single problem.

Ubuntu-server insight - custom configurations


This is first in the series of posts I'll be doing in next couple of weeks regarding Ubuntu server. With these posts I would like to show you little and, maybe, unknown details which could make your life easier as an Ubuntu system administrator or, if you aren't Ubuntu system administrator, jealous. These posts aren't for new users which don't know how to start with Ubuntu, but for experienced

A serious bug


Note to all system administrators. There is one serious bug that leads to data loss, file corruption and your boss yelling at you. It's name is MacOSX and in it's latest version it just corrupts files on servers. It is confirmed that combination of MacOSX and, platform's flagship product, Adobe Photoshop causes file corruption on any kind of servers; Windows, MacOS, Linux... Be ware, there might

What do you have open?


A bit different approach to popular 'What do you have open?':RedHat Cluster SuiteMysql master-master replicationPostfixDovecotApacheVIPmemcacheddrbd8Of course, all for free and all on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, server edition.

First Fosscamp-UDS post


Waitress: What would you like for a desert?Howard: Ice cream.Nick: Nothing, thanks.Ante: Ice cream, too.Nicolas: Pancakes, please.Adam: A beer. Črne pivo.

Ubuntu 8.04 and DELL PowerEdge 1650


Do not just upgrade to Hardy! A bug in PowerEdge's firmware could bite you.Before you upgrade your Ubuntu 6.06 to 8.04, take a moment or two and check all devices firmware on your PowerEdge. If yours Perc (PowerEdge Adaptec based RAID controller) 3/Di didn't get firmware update for couple of years, go to the Dell support page and download update. Unfortunatly, you'll need Windows machine with a

Upgrading to 8.04


In last 3-4 days I've upgraded 10 servers (i386 and amd64) and couple of desktops from 6.06 and/or 7.10 to 8.04, something that makes system administrators sweat :). These were upgrades of not so important machines, but whole procedure was a test case for upgrades of important machines.I taught there'll be plenty to write about, but all upgrades went without big or even medium sized problems.

[bez naslova]


I tako je zavrsilo europsko rukometno prvenstvo. S njegovim zavrsetkom pocele su neke neshvatljive price...Ponedjeljak ujutro, sjedim u kaficu i slusam dvojicu za susjednim stolom kako komentiraju europsko prvenstvo u rukometu. Dva 'lika', svaki sa cigaretom, u 9h u kaficu. Ocito je da nisu nikakve relevantne figure u gospodarstvu, a ni u sportu. A s obzirom da su u kaficu u radno vrijeme, ili su

Active Directory, Exchange and *weird* stuff


I just converted one company to full Ubuntu solution. They have shared address books, tasks, calendars and stuff like that. Right, something that's called Exchange in Windows world.Cory, you are right. Stuff like Exchange and AD are stuff where Windows is still beating open source solutions. And there are more than one reason why this is so. First, (the wired part from subject) is that one great



You know how people use Internet Explorer just to download Firefox? Well, I predict same future for Firefox on Linux - it will become a tool to visit and follow instructions on pages like:, until we get epiphany-webkit package in Ubuntu :)

Seagate FreeAgent


So, I guess, those 5 Seagates I buyed today are the last ones. Moving along to other vendor. This is just unacceptable behavior from one, used to be, serious vendor. I had really high opionon about Seagate NS series, but with steps like this, I can only say;Goodbye.References:

One of the reasons why I deploy Linux


I needed to shrink ext3 '/' partitions on couple of servers, couple of thousands kilometers away. The problem is that one can't shrink on line ext3 file system. Another problem is that I can't just tell someone to grab a LiveCD and shrink it. So, what did I do?I've booted ubuntu installer from grub with kickstart and preseed files on one of my web servers. Also, I used network-console anna module

Marquis de RTFM


Vid Strpic1970-2007S nevjericom sam saznao da nas je Vid napustio tako prerano. Iako se u posljednjih par godina i nismo culi, neke osobe se jednostavno ne mogu zaboraviti. Takva se karizma viđa samo jednom. Od natezanja oko fotoaparata sve do rasprava na IRCu, pa cak i zajednickih poslova, uvijek se mogao vidjeti njegov trag. Na zalost, napustio si nas prerano, markize...

UDS Boston


I've just returned from my trip to UDS at Cambridge, MA. I was lucky enough to check out Fosscamp too. Since I mostly work with servers, I've had lots of interest in server related blueprints. Also, I wanted to help in creating ubuntu-server even better platform.Since blueprints are still work in progress, there are no definitive conclusions on them, but ubuntu-server team will be very busy



YES Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Congo, Costa Rica, Côte-d'Ivoire, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Egypt, Fiji, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Morocco, Kuwait, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tanzania, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, UzbekistanHZN, to je EU?! To je društvo kojem težimo?SRAMOTO!

End started today


12 years ago, deadliest war Europe saw since WWII, was coming to an end as a result of operation Storm (wikipedia). Today is our Thanksgiving day during which we remember all those killed and wounded during this war. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

For those unaware of...


Vodafone does have the tool for 3G cards. And guess what? It's GPL2! works great and, IMHO, should get included in Ubuntu ASAP!

You can buy Ubuntu computers in Croatia!


I'm happy to announce that one of the biggest OEMs in Croatia is offering computers with Ubuntu preinstalled. Check it out at HGspot.Thanks to HGspot, and everyone else involved in this success.

War is over


War is over. Microsoft will not attack Linux or it's users any more. Linux isn't cancer and it isn't communist product for couple of months now. I think this is history.Now it's time for the real battle; Microsoft vs. Linux companies.I expect Microsoft's Linux distribution by the end of 2010 (maybe even sooner), and then I expect Novell will die (we will see if they will be first to fall).

Do you feel that too?


Today I was at my friend's workplace. He's using Vista. I didn't rumble about Linux, but I couldn't not notice one operation. He drag and drop a file from desktop on to recycle bin. The amount of time needed for this operation to complete was enough for me to start thinking 'Does Recycle Bin do something new in Vista? Isn't it just for so called deleting files?'.It took at least 6 seconds to