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Four Years had passed

Mon, 10 Apr 2017 17:20:00 +0000

Four years had passed and I am still here continuing to pursue the main purpose of this blog, to make money over the internet.  I did earn something from the previous years, sorry guys but I could not divulge the amount I earned here.

I decided to update this blog to be used as link for my other websites I currently maintained.  These are posted over the top side of this blog.  Check it out for other details.  You see, I come up with another niche again as I was keep on bragging over my previous years of blogging and as other article I've written over this blog. This only proved that I am fond of writing something even if others commented some of the articles do not have the essence as article.

But mind you people, Google had kept this blog from those years and so I decided also to continue it, of course, not only for purposes of gaining later, but this blog will be used later as my internet profile.  A decade of having or maintaining a blog of this kind, I think will be of great deal for people who are also fond of writing. 

After all, such an article is considered the main content of the search engine.  This maybe is the reason why the big G did not remove this blog from their list.  I am glad to inform you, my dear readers to check my other website and learn how I'd come with those ideas and articles I've written, check it out over the sidebar.

Beginning Online

Tue, 20 Aug 2013 16:25:00 +0000

My day job really took lots of my online schedule as it made me compromised one of my best past times. I enjoy writing, posting some of my views on what had been the trend online particularly on this niche. I should have earned more from this. Anyways, I will make it up to my self this time. I'll be posting more starting today and hoping to have better materials to be shared.

It seems I am starting to gather my thoughts again, I already spend couple of minutes composing the first paragraph. Before, I used to finish a 400 words article for less than 10 minutes. Maybe a little more practice this time.

Yes, I tried to browse the previous posts and found some unbearable errors there. I corrected it already but if you still find some, or you may want to rephrase part of the post, just feel free to post it in the comment box.

I should have created fresh blogger domain, but I couldn't find one that best complement the topic I'll be working on, so I decided to work on this one. I consider this my first post again as indicated on my chosen title.

Alright, accompany me in my quest to make money through the internet again.

Affiliate Earnings Real Time presentation

Thu, 16 Jul 2009 16:13:00 +0000

You might have seen couple of websites presenting how much they are earning as an affiliate particularly of Do you know that the earnings presented in photo could be done through photoshop?

Guess what, there are earnings,of course, but the figures might have been presented in an exaggerated manner. From those many affiliate websites I went through, I have seen only one who presented the earnings in a real time basis.

Though the date had been taken more than a year ago, the owner really shown her exact report page in her account at clickbank. It is really a real time presentation. She is also one of those affiliate masters earning huge amount through affiliates.

I did experience earning something huge over the internet too. It so happen that the website had beed de-indexed by the big G and I need to start over again.  This why I am upddating this blog, editing all article to fit the required content.  Hopefully this blog may reached its potential and generate some for me.

A Business Idea Worth Reading

Sun, 05 Jul 2009 15:43:00 +0000

I have read a couple of business ideas on how to make money through the internet. And most them offer such a product they are selling and these products are slapped in their website(s). You can see example of these websites through affiliate marketing or those third party website offering commission upon selling their product or service being offered.

These websites are actually doing the right thing to make money through the internet, but are not really presenting an idea which could motivate a newbie to earn money through the internet.  Their main purpose is to sell and earn from it.

Though my page has these advertisements too, I am making sure there is at least a thing my reader will learn on how to make money online. I have written multiple posts already in which I guess a business idea was already presented.

In fact, reading is only what we can do to learn something over this community (the internet).  A complicate article or any presentation regarding how to make money through the internet could be verified over other website of the same niche.  If the idea presented has a variation then, another idea is learned.  Take note of these ideas until such time you are decided to put your own online appearnce or presence.  When that comes, you are now determined to venture and make money through the internet too.

Manual vs, Automatic Web Promotions

Wed, 17 Jun 2009 15:56:00 +0000

We could not deny the trend when it come to internet marketing. Lots of semi and automatic website promotions are over the internet today, but manual promotion is not totally being removed from the Internet Marketing industry. I believe both marketing strategies are being utilized to serve website owners.

Obviously, webmasters are using automatic promotions to rush up with those websites which are already on their peak in which it should not be the case because old and new websites can still profit as long as you know when, where and how you do the marketing.

I do use semi and automatic marketing too. But I am not using the automatic to ensure my website is gaining it links in normal ways. I am still doing manual marketing to reach my target and potential clients in the market, and it did work. Now my traffic has gone up doubling my present traffic. Slowly but surely, my website will gain its potential using even if I manually promote my websites.

The strategy here if patience, focus and don't stop promoting.

Earn Money Through the Internet

Tue, 16 Jun 2009 13:08:00 +0000

One of the best ways to earn money through the internet is by promoting products being sold at Clickbank has been online for a long time now and they continue to serve their advertisers and publishers even better. Choose among the products which interest you most and you have knowledge on it. This is important to consider so that you will not run out of idea while promoting the said product or service.

One way for you to promote such product is by choosing a good and searchable keywords. Long tail keywords should be chosen to be used to promote such product or service. Long tail keywords target more specific individual who are interested for such product. Every individual accessing the internet today are becoming wiser when it comes to searching the internet, that by typing a phrase over the search box, produces more specific that a short keyword, and by putting a quotation marks along on the searchable long tail keywords you are targeting, you website or blog will be in the first page of the search results, if not number 1 among the results.

Of course you need to promote your website or blog to reach it target market too. Aside form the traditional internet advertising and promotional actions, there's this program that amazed me most. This is called the push button internet marketing where you can promote your blog using the program. Though manual promotions are still the best actions to be done, using an automatic website promotion also counts to you quest of earning money through the internet.

While doing Website Review

Fri, 15 May 2009 03:44:00 +0000

Working from home is not as easy as being mentioned, you also some time to work on the tasks and that you need to be patient and resourceful. You don't need to stick to one money making information to concentrate on because there are other things to be done like creating a website review blog.

Of course, you need a blog platform for this job to where you reviews will be posted or to further market your service via posting all the services attached to the niche, website review blog.  This is not as easy at should be because you need to fill some content of the blog before offering your service of reviewing websites.  A minimum of ten articles of around 400 words per article is admissible on this project, the more articles your review blog contains, the higher the potential your blog will be chosen.

In fact, you can also review some of the affiliate products which are generating good income. These products are one of the most popular in the ClickBank website and these products are hot according to them. Though you can promote any product you think is profitable for your readers, you need also to determine the usefulness of such product so as to make a sale later on.

By reviewing any of the affiliate programs from, if course, you should also consider the link pointing to the sales page, a double purpose for your blog.  This is like marketing the affiliate product in your website. 

Writing a review of these products and posting it in your blog with the hop link from clickbank will somehow make you money later on. It is true because you are also promoting you website review and for sure, there will be people who will be interested for such product, especially if they found out they really need such thing for home convenience or any other thing that lessen their burdens at home.

Work At Home: Paid Review

Sun, 25 Jan 2009 16:07:00 +0000

There are lots of websites offering a work at home job. But there are really true work at home jobs available on the net and I've seen one. This work at home is for writer and bloggers only. If you are not inclined when it comes writing articles, drop it, but if you want to share this to one of your friends who finds writing a past time, then you should not miss this one.

First of all, you need a blog that will be your portal to offer paid reviews to the webmasters and internet marketers out there. I have written website reviews already and you can read them too for your reference. You know, these person are so hungry for contents where they can have a link of their websites. All you have to do here is write a review of the website and post it in your blog. The article review should have a link pointing back to website you are reviewing.

But before you can market your blog for paid reviews, you need to work on its promotion too, build multiple links pointing back to your blog until such time you appear in the search result page(s). The task to do this is easy actually. You can out source the leg work if want but this may cost you later. Though you can find cheap promotional services, it is still a cost on your part.

But of course, you can do the promotions yourself. As I mentioned, the work is easy. You need to this because webmasters and internet marketers wouldn't like to have a link on dead or stagnant blog. Anyways, if your blog has been promoted and reach some favorable online appearance, the paid reviews you will be, I think may handle some of your payable, a better price can be demanded for internet users who desire to have link in your blog.

Viral Adsensing

Sun, 30 Nov 2008 17:29:00 +0000

I should have been promoting my affiliate Viral Adsensing to earn some form this most popular internet passive income stream for a long time now. I have been working online for more than 3 year now and I should have written hundreds of article about Google adsense and how to make one of the best online passive income streams.

For that 3 years, I have written multiple articles with different topics. If only is paying through paypal, then I have been earning much form them too. In fact, I have created blog solely for clickbank affiliates alone hoping that they will some apply paypal payment method soon.

I have reviewed or should I say, written reviews of some of their products out there and I embedded my hoplink in the article pointing back to the product. Luckily, I got some commission already, but I have set my threshold to $10,000 and I did not meet it yet.

I stopped promoting some of my affiliate already and converted my site offering review services. It is produces good income also. But unlike adsense, after creating a site, promote it to a thousand promotions and your done. For sure, after the promotion, you will start earning from adsense. And, with that tool Viral Adsense to utilize, I am positive to earn 4 digit adsense earning monthly.

Finding the lesser Competition niche

Thu, 24 Apr 2008 13:59:00 +0000

Do you think there's still a niche not yet provided with website or blog today? You bet, most of the things you think were already created. Try to think of an out of this world topic and try to search it and if that topic doesn't appear on the search box, you might, for sure, you just missed type the spelling. lol

If you plan to create a blog or website, the first thing to consider is this question: How would you compete online with that niche?. Considering there are already thousands if not millions of websites related to that particular niche keyword. This means there are leg works to be done to compete with the other niche websites.

If you choose a niche with a less number of competitors, that niche might also has a small number of searches and market potential. It means that there are only few people searching for that particular topic. But the good thing here according to an article i've read, real peopl were the ones searching for these niches and not a robot.  This means more or higher potential for us to earn from these niches.

I have read a blog that states, it is better to compete with those having less competition, an over a thousand competitors only. But the thing to be considered here like having a long tail keywords in which only few sites use it. But before we do this, you need to look a niche first to where you'll base and create a blog or website.

Every site could have reach a PR or develop a link popularity in a couple of months, why not? If you'll just promote it on a regular basis, but the problem lies still on the number of competitors. Considering your site as new is also another thing for prospect clients to consider. Clients nowadays are skeptic, unless there's a trial period, and the money spent could be refunded 100% if not satisfied.

Online business really needs a capital to be invested. In fact, there's no such thing as free in this community. if you notice, those sites who are offering free ebook or any other as free is requiring an email address for you to get their thing. In the sense, yes it is free, but by giving away your email in exchange for the said free item, I think it is not free at all. You gave something in return in the first place and that serves as your payment.

Earn Money with Your Digital Camera

Tue, 29 Jan 2008 10:03:00 +0000

Earn Money with Your Digital Camera is just another niche you can focus on to generate money through the internet. The same with other online jobs, you don't have be a professional photographer to access this job. All you need is digital camera or a mobile phone with camera and an internet connection.

 You need also a platform to paste or post your collection of pictures, don't worry as there are lots of it already or you can also use this platform, to post your pictures.  The good thing here is that if you are using an android phone, you can use this to login to blogger and directly post your newly captured pictures.

Any picture or view or angle that will interest you can be posted as it is you and yourself alone is responsible for this matter. Better yet if there will be issues to talked about your pictures, this means more visitors to be come.  And if this happens, you can now generate money from this visitors.  No you will not ask or buy products from your visitors, but there time in staying within your blog platform alone is enough and by clicking on the google ad or adsense pasted in your 
platform will be a sure hit that will be accumulated later oon.

If you are interested, I suggest you start taking picture and post it over this platform to be used later on in your application for google adsense.

Surveys that pays?

Mon, 20 Aug 2007 15:31:00 +0000

I read a lot of articles related to affiliate marketing. Most of then states that affiliate marketing really pays a huge amount. Just like this ad "Share your opinion and get paid" is a nice phrase to attract client and I guess more of the online workers had already tried this niche.

I wonder why in reputable forum site no member even mentioned that they were once paid with such opinion. All the posters in the forum site most of the time are creating a thread that provides or offer another service or what so ever. It is all about money, you need buy from them the report or some sort before they will give you the info you need to create your own affiliate.

(I would like to reiterate that the topic I am stating does not focus on the whole forum but only on threads related to affiliate programs.)

"Getting paid for your opinion" affiliate program is being seen most of the time on advertisements promote by individuals who got the affiliate link on CB. I, myself have lots of it as you can see on the right side of this blog. But I did not get that "paid for your opinion" link because I could not totally comprehend the way a company or a website is making money on it.

I may not be that aware of affiliate programs, but just like you I'm having difficulties on how to generate money working online with affiliate programs. But if you will read the written convincing strategies of any affiliate program, every person will surely get overwhelmed on the possible amount to be received.

I also wanted to try these things, like buying that certain affiliate program to really test the power or potential of this program. It so happen that most of the time, the payment option requires only pay pal in which my country is not supported. Any way I applied already for a debit card for me to use, to purchase an affiliate program that suits my needs.

But surely I will not go to this "paid survey" schemes. And in this blog I will tell to the world how it will work or not. I will tell the world if I wasted my money on it or not.

No Free Work At Home Jobs

Sun, 29 Jul 2007 14:28:00 +0000

Free work at home job is free if you have already the resources to be used in getting one or had already working on some. But if you don't have any resources, then it's not free at all.

These resources include computer, internet connection and some of the peripherals needed for the job. Although buying a computer set is not advisable, but if you do have the money then you should buy one for your online job. So you see, you need a lot of money for that matter to get an online job. Or, if you don't have the money, you can always perform the job in any place where you can access the internet. A friend's house maybe, in the public library or you can rent one in the computer shop.

Free work at home jobs are too many and they are too good to be true. Most of them offer an overwhelming paycheck. The amount, most of the time, a person gets confused on what type of job he/she will get. Since you are already confused because of the overwhelming offer, you might not get the best job suited for your needs and schedule.

But if you are determined enough to venture on this field, I suggest  you go over forum websites and read some of the threads there particularly on how to earn money through the internet through a work at home job.

The internet is a billion dollar pizza, and you should have your part of it or everyone should have a part of it.  Sad to say, but even this very day, there are few people who seem to understand the logic of internet and how it should be accessed.

Focus guys, and take time to surf the net for you free work at home jobs.

Legit Online Jobs

Mon, 16 Jul 2007 00:54:00 +0000

Legit Online Jobs are populating the internet community. The number of legitimate online jobs are too many to be true. In addition that all of these jobs are offering huge paychecks, you might be confused about it, instead, the overwhelming effects might drive you to the other way around - getting the online job not favorable to your condition.

Everybody needs a good job that pays a good amount and online jobs offered it on the double. Confusions may arise if you are not decided or if you are in the process of selecting one.  Or worst, even this very minute you still do not believe that the internet a market where billions of dollars ran everyday.

I, myself had undergone such confusion. It took me a lot of time in researching online about the legitimacy of the services being offered. Legit online jobs vary from one point to another. You should recollect all your resources first before going into it.

Though online jobs do not require you to work full time and is up to you to schedule your tasks, still you will do the work to earn from it. There are also legit jobs that offers small efforts, say 1 hour or 2 is enough and it offers a big paycheck. The problem is that you have to search for that job. It looks like you will be looking for a needle on a bunch of hays.

This is actually the hard part of finding a legitimate online jobs for us. But patience is the key.And again, do be overwhelmed with the return of investment being offered.

Home Based Job Opportunity

Sat, 14 Jul 2007 02:00:00 +0000

Home based job opportunity is beginning to invade the internet community. Most of the online entrepreneurs see how promising these home based businesses offer to them. For these, a lot of websites are offering these kind of jobs.

From home based data entry jobs, you will work at the comfort of your home. Though this might be expensive on your part because you will be needing a computer and an internet connection. But it will be free job if you have already these equipment. Of course, it will be your advantage because you can avail another online jobs.

There are lots of free work at home jobs offered in the internet community. All these jobs do promise an overwhelming paychecks. Be careful from choosing one, the overwhelming effects on you might cause you to be confused on what really is to be the best job for you.

Not all the websites offering work at home job are legitimate. Some of them are scams and you don't have to loose money for it. Why not try those free work at home jobs first.

It's not that it offers a big amount you will grab it. Calm yourself so that you will not be overwhelmed and just grab all the things being offered. Patience is the key. Work at home jobs do not offer instant money, you have to work for it too. The more effort you will exert the bigger the chance to get a big paycheck.

Find a work at home job that fits you schedule.

The Height Of Competition

Fri, 13 Jul 2007 13:11:00 +0000

Most of us are thinking on how to live a comfortable life. We know that the best and first move to be done is to go to colleges/universities to get our college degrees. That having a competitive course is a factor that we could be able to get a nice job with promising compensation. Others think they have to finish schooling to be able to put a business that could compete in the business arena. This is all started on a dream.

But the fact the every people is thinking all of this, the competition in every field became so intense that even a single vacant position in the company there are 10 applicants and only one will get hired. This is the scene most of us do not realize as we go to college because our minds are occupied on how to finish the degree to get a good job. But after graduation and we started to apply for a job, we realized that finishing the course is not actually a success, but a beginning for greater responsibility, on how to develop a comfortable life for our love ones.

Competition continues to go high and getting a job chances is likewise getting thinner and thinner. You have to do something to make a difference. Why not change line in getting a job. Today, you don’t have to follow the line of applicants, instead, create your own line so that you come to be the first in the line and the first to get the job.

Traditional jobs are many, but the number of available manpower does not commensurate with the available vacant jobs on the market. It means that the old market is already crowded with skilled and knowledgeable applicants. It should not be like that, but do we really have to do the same, falling in line for about an hour or more waiting to be interviewed?

Give it up guys. As mentioned above, make you own line in a different perception. Get a non-traditional job. Work at home is the best job today. It may appear to be only a passive income generator but the market abounds and it grows daily. Thus, it needs more manpower to do the work at home jobs.

Whether you are a mom with 3 kids and/or a busy husband, there is this work at home jobs created for you. Not only the busy mommies have the opportunity like this, but every individual willing to have a work at home job. The good thing here is that no requirement is needed. No cover letter or application letter is needed, no interviews, no falling inline for an hour or 2, it means you don’t have to worry at all. But you need a lot of patience because work at home job does not emphasize getting instant money. You have to work for it too. You have to exert effort to earn money, but again, the good thing is that you are the one responsible for your schedule. You will be the one to set your own standards and to be changed afterwards if you feel you don’t like it or your are not comfortable later on.

The internet is the best source for this kind of jobs. But you have to be careful in getting one. You have to scrutinize such work at home job carefully,  find the authenticity of the job. Be careful not to be victimized by some unscrupulous individuals lurking the internet.