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Platform Beds New York

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Platform Beds New York

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Platform Beds New York
Platform Beds New York
Platform Beds New York
Platform Beds New York


You don't have to go to New York to find a Great Platform Bed-
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Top Reasons to Purchase a Platform Bed

For those of you who are not sure of what a platform bed is here is a
brief explanation. A platform bed is a flat horizontal bed that is
designed so there is no need to use a box spring mattress. The bottom of
the platform bed is designed with multiple slats of metal or wood that
runs the width of the bed to provide the support you need with out the
use of a box spring. The mattress of futon mattress (your choice) would
then lie on top of these slats to create a nice comfortable, cost
effective platform bed.

Platform beds are quickly becoming one of today’s hottest trends in bedroom design. These understated beds provide a stylish contemporary design to any bedroom. When you’re looking to update your outdated bedroom furniture for a
decent price the platform bed is exactly what you need.

With as many designs and styles are available when you decide to
purchase a new bed you will easily be able to find the perfect platform
bed that compliments the other pieces of bedroom furniture you already
own. These platform beds have a lower profile to them since there is no
need for a box spring that they give off the flair and visual of a
Japanese or European look and feel to them. If you are looking to move
away from the standard old fashioned American look in furniture a new
platform bed is the way to go.

Another plus to a platform bed is not only is it stylish, cost
effective, it can actually help prevent or relieve back problems and
promote a better night’s sleep. With the fact that a platform bed has
the slats built into the bed there is no longer broken springs from a
box spring mattress or sagging due to a bad box spring mattress. With a
combination of a sturdy platform bed and a good solid quality top
mattress you can end some of the problems that a basic bed promotes with
a bad back.

If you are just starting to look for a new bed you will want to check
out Platform Beds and More
as they carry such a wide selection of platform beds you will definitely
be able to find something that compliments the bedroom furniture you
have already or to completely find a new bedroom set with your new
platform bed. So now that you know your new platform bed can be stylish,
functional and help prevent restless nights and back trouble what are
you waiting for?