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Wu Yea Tea Facts


Wu-Yi Tea is a form of "green tea" and no doubt you have probably heard positive claims about green tea such as "it's healthy" or "it's good for your system". Well green tea has numerous health benefits, but there are 3 major benefits:

* Wu-Yi Green Tea lowers your cholesterol levels in your blood.
* Wu-Yi Green Tea causes your body to burn calories at a faster-than-normal rate... through a process called "Thermogenesis"
* Wu-Yi Green Tea causes your excess fat cells within your body to "oxidize"... meaning they are destroyed.

Not too bad is it? Just reading those 3 benefits should make everyone a Wu-Yi junkie... after all, not only will this tea make you lose weight and look good... but you'll also extend your years, as this tea formula battles cholesterol, which will highly decrease your chances of having a heart attack or stroke.

Wu-Yi Tea Lowers Your Cholesterol...
Wu-Yi Green Tea will have you looking great and feeling MUCH better about yourself and body, by cleaning your body and blood of bad cholesterol. These cholesterol cells block your arteries and do damage, but Wu-Yi acts like an 'anti-cholesterol' to destroy these heart attack and stroke inducing agents.

Wu-Yi Tea Burns Calories...
Want to gain weight? Then eat or consume more calories... or reduce your physical activity.

Want to lose weight? Well you can eat less and be hungry... or you could run for miles and miles of sweaty torture... or you could drink Wu-Yi!

Wu-Yi Tea has a naturally occuring substance called 'catechin polyphenols', which acts to increase your body's metabolism levels. With an increase in your metabolism, your body has to consume more calories. When you drink Wu-Yi tea... you are literally "jump-starting" your metabolism, and cause yourself to lose weight... without starving yourself or burning yourself out through strenuous exercise.

Wu-Yi Tea Literally KILLS your Fat Cells...
Yes that's right... Wu-Yi Green Tea is a fat killer! Wu-Yi has catechins in it's compound, which act to block glucose (sugar) from getting to the fat cells. When this happens, the fat cells die.

Also, the Wu-Yi catechins are a powerful antioxidant, which helps to detoxify, purify, and cleanse the body of wastes and diseases.

For centuries, Wu-Yi green tea has been used by Asian men & women... and that is a cause for them having the lowest rate of obesity out of any race in the world!

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