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Try Dandelion In A Natural Detox Diet

Try Dandelion In A Natural Detox Diet

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Try Dandelion In A Natural Detox Diet


Somebody's weed is another person's healing herb - especially where detoxing your body is concerned. There is a weed which you have likely heard of and this herb can gently detox your body and treat several health problems effectively. If the low cost was not its sole benefit, it is know as being extremely safe, to the extent that even pregnant women could use for the iron content (not for healthy detoxing) - perhaps you know what we are talking about - it is dandelion! The number of vitamins and minerals which dandelion contains is so large that it could be used as a whole body nourishment agent, just like you consume vitamin and mineral supplements. You could rely on its nutritive power if you go through the list of vitamins and minerals it contains: vitamins A, C and K, Choline, B-complex, iron, silicon, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and copper. Alert eaters would choose to make salads with the leaves.

Dandelion is great for a liver detox and thereby fixes all hormonal imbalance. This is simply because of the hormone metabolizing action by the liver. Menopausal symptoms along with irregular menstruation and PMS can be managed if the liver functions optimally.

Dandelion is one of the most effective diuretics and this action helps in losing weight. Though it may not have anything to do with the inherent reason for weight gin, but it can help you lose weight without having to touch the important potassium content of the body.

If the cause behind weight gain is indigestion, then dandelion can be used as part of a healthy detox diet for weight loss. It is a great bowel regulator as it helps in bile production by the gall bladder. In case this is the purpose for your use, take it for a couple of months for regularizing the functioning of your gall bladder and liver, but remember to slow down its usage with time. This weed also stimulates the natural actions and secretions of the digestive system such as with indigestion. It coaches your digestive organs to function properly again, without much effort from your side.

There are many people who have a problem with digesting fat since they do not have necessary bile production but they can trust dandelion for help.

There are however some conditions where use of dandelion to detox is contraindicated and these include any allergy to it, inflammation of the gall bladder, intestinal blockage or obstruction in the bile duct. Adults need to have 250 to 500 mg three times a day along with meals. It is always advisable to consult your doctor before you start with a new supplement. To keep healthy, we can really depend on nature.