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Updated: 2018-03-07T07:23:03.746+07:00


My Country is Too Many Mysteries


A period of campaign in this country make the people will be given on to dualism the image of condition of development successfully at present which yelled by political parties that participated on general election. For party that concerned in a period of present governance of course claim that government now have succeeded improve prosperity of people. On the contrary for the parties that wishing occupy the future governance of course claim that at present the people life is hard progressively. Debate between the parties if evaluated substansily, the party’s work plan can be told as worn out and cliched something, because from period of general election to the next period always happened a same condition without changed anything even the figures who following play at general election also relative same.Which are correct, people become impecunious or people become prosperously? This question can be told like looking for the conundrum answers “which ahead between chicken and eggs?” At a time of a selected political party occupy the governance, hence in final a period to governance will claim that people have increased secure and prosperous. On the contrary if the political party doesn’t occupy the governance, hence will have a notion that life of people become difficult. This condition will have come to the political culture in this country, so fair that if prosperity level of people be static though have flitted governance of different political parties.In this time, the prosperity of people don't be made as debate media just for simply reaching for power in this country. The improvement of prosperity can only be started if we know the factually condition at the moment. How can prosperity of this country people can be improved, if political elites still not yet ever been compact to opinion of in this time, which are correct, people become impecunious or people become prosperously? The development of this country needs solidarity between various nation components.Whatever condition, people have a right to live in prosperity because this country have very abundance properties. If in this time the people add secure and prosperously, hence the people ought to can more secure and prosperous if development is in this time conducted as according to people commendation. On the contrary if in this time people add hardly, the adversity don't be made as a political commodity to reach for the people sympathy so that forget to improvement of people prosperity.Which are correct, people become impecunious or people become prosperously? People don't be forced to look for the answer, because prosperity is not a conundrum. Prosperity ought to become country people property, it is not property of selected political parties and powers.Do you like this post, please push on orange button Subscribe in a readerRelated Posts :Choosing the Politicians “in Sack”"Politicians In This Country Want To Be "Suddenly Celebrity"Business Calculation PoliticsPolitic Campaign with People "Victimizing"Advertisement of Campaign“Hop Flea” PoliticanMay I Nominate Myself as President?Please, Return the Throne of Sovereignty of My Country to PeopleHopefully, KPK (The Commission of Corruption Eradication) Still Have BraveryIn This Time, My Country Need A Leader Not A PresidentMake Indonesia to Peaceful !!!Is It True That Corruption Have Become A New Industry In My Country ?Nearing General Election, In My Country Too Much Party Care to PeopleDemonstration Without AnarchistMy Country is Too Many Mysteries [...]