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Healthy Beautiful Skin Blog

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Safe Tanning


Safe Tanning

Everyone loves the look of bronzed, glowing, sun-kissed skin. It almost goes without saying that to change your white skin to glowing, bronzed and beautiful you really need to get a tan! We all know of the stigma that surrounds suntans and tanning beds, but the purpose of this article is to show you how to get a beautiful tan safely, not just by soaking up the rays at Fort Lauderdale in Florida or Seaside Heights in New Jersey.

Known Dangers of Tanning:

You know that just by lying out under the sun at Brighton Beach, Brooklyn in New York, you are absorbing dangerous UV rays that can trigger wrinkled skin and malignant melanoma. The longer you are exposed to direct sunlight, the greater the potential for related problems. If you don't want to resemble an 86 year old grandpa when you're 47, read on for tips and tricks to getting a safe tan!

Best Way to Tan in the Sun:

When you are getting a tan in the sun, there are several info bits that will make you tan securely. In the beginning, just apportion yourself a little bit amount of time tanning and no more. Don't forget that the longer you are exposed to ultraviolet rays, the higher the risk. You definitely shouldn't stay in the sunlight long enough to get a sunburn; just long enough to soak up a bit of those golden rays! Pale skinned people usually require a little bit of time in the sun before they start to burn, so remember to clock your time, blondies! Do not use things like butter or baby oil to speed up your tan. These can promote significant sun burns which include blisters and bleeding!

Best Suntan Products:

When you are looking for suntan products, only get products that are meant for tanning. Find products that block UV sun rays while still allowing you to get a tan. Another thing to do is use a special hydrating lotion before and after a tanning session so that your skin won't dry out due to the harsh sun. If you are tanning at the beach, take along some sunscreen so that when your allotted tanning time is up, you can spread it on for protection.

Sunless Tanning:

If you desire a great tan without problems, simply choose a sunless tanning product. Something to try is the spray on kind because there is {less|lower| risk of uneven tanning in some areas like knees, ankles and elbows. Start slowly as well. Rub in an amount just large enough to cover your skin. If you don't tan dark enough, you can always add more later, but it's a real pain to remove it if you turn orange!

Tanning is super and it is great to look at, but if you don't use these safe tanning hints, you will end up looking more like a shriveled up raisin or a red lobster! Good luck with getting your suntan and remember to do it safely.

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Day Two Of The Hallelujiah Diet


I have had no visible changes in my skin as a result of moving off the Atkins Diet and on to vegetation. I have not discontinued caffiene which is supposed to be a no no on the diet. However, there is no way to keep the hours that I am keeping and not do it. I have said elsewhere that I am considering doing Vitamark Crave drinks for energy. Unfortunately, I missed the autoship date. Therefore, I have a tremendous amount of Vitamark Appetizer Diet Cookies. Additionally, I have their wonder drink called Limu Plus. I am not sure that fits my new plan or not. One thing that you are not supposed to do, but I am doing anyway is taking vitamin supplements. I am betting that the best acne remedy is healthy eating. See you tommorrow.

Article:Acne Remedies


Aaron Griffin just saw his first zit before heading to his Art class. You can just imagine his worry as he thought everyone was staring at him. Fortunately for Aaron there are good treatments available for his acne.Acne can hit you at the worst time, causing breakouts without regard to age or race. Most people that {suffer|suffers| from acne, though, are between 12 and 24. Just about 85% of people who are in this age group get some acne and of those about 25% will be marred with prolonged scarring that can be anywhere from minimal to very significant. Those over 24, though, are not guaranteed freedom from the skin lesions of acne. The American Dermatologist Association reports that about 20% of all adults have active acne lesions. This boils down to the fact that 60 million American teens through adults have active acne skin lesions and 20 million of these have acne that is severe enough to cause permanent scars. Surprisingly, only 12% of acne sufferers will seek medical advice, but this is partly caused by the social stigma that acne carries.There is reason to have hope, though, for those afflicted by acne. Once you have learned what causes acne, what works and the things that don't help and how to prevent most acne, you can take those steps to get skin that is clear and glowing.What Causes Acne?While not contagious, there are several things that do increase your chances of acne lesions. To make it easy, acne is caused when the sebaceous glands produce excess oil. Other causes might include:* An inherited tendency towards acne or genetics * Stress and anxiety * Some illnesses * Cosmetics that are oil based * Pollutants in the environment * Some prescribed medications * Humidity * Poor cleansing of the skin * Hormones and hormone imbalances * Over washing the skinDon't Waste your Time and MoneyWhile some acne remedies will improve your acne, many don't. When picking out an over the counter remedy, be on your guard. Lots of the acne products on the shelves today have harsh ingredients that can dry out your skin, and can even make your acne worse. Choose your acne cleasing and treatment products with care and search for products that are easy on your skin.What Really WorksFour things are guaranteed to help acne. Together they pack a powerful punch to make acne a former problem.* Healthy diet * Water * Proper cleansing * Adequate sleepTo treat acne you currently are suffering from, try natural products such as tea tree oil which has strong antiseptic effects and is really quite effective. Witch hazel is an effective skin toner and it can provide a healthy glow. Mint is a good spot treatment, especially for cystic acne. It will cool and sooth the skin while killing bacteria in the process. A good cleansing mask that you can make with minimal effort is a corn starch and egg white mask. Make a paste with the egg white and corn starch. Apply to clean skin and allow to dry. Take it off later with a damp washcloth and rinse well. You will end up with greatly improved skin.An Ounce of PreventionPrevention will definitely help you avoid acne. The best way to avoid acne is to take good care of your health. A sensible, diet low in fat that includes lots of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables will help keep you acne free. Dark green leafy vegetables, like beet greens, are proven acne fighters. You should also drink lots of water to keep your body well hydrated. Getting enough sleep is another proven beauty tool. Physicians recommend about seven hours of sleep a night.One more thing, proper washing of your skin is vital for keeping it clear. You should clean your skin at least once a day. If you wear makeup, make sure that you take it off each nightbefore retiring for the night. When washing your skin, use a cleanser that is gentle and make sure that the water is not too hot. Don't scrub because that can increase your acne. Rinse your skin completely and blot dry with a clean towel. When you make an effort to prevent acne, you won't have[...]

Article:Dealing Wtih Dry Skin


Vickie Hudson just came home from skiarea and was filling in her friend Marsha Tucker about the horrible problems she had with dry skin from the frigid winds. Marsha told her that she had the same skin problem at Abetone, Italy. Another skiier filled her in on the three simple principles that will keep your skin in good condition in cold weather. She plans to use that on her trip to Mayrhofen, Austria on her next vacation.

Winter is the worst time on our skin. Lots of people are plagued with itchy, flaking, dry, rough and painful skin. Heading out to the store to pick up the most well known healing lotions and creams to help soothe the irritation and heal the flaking for moments of relief. However, most people are overlooking the essential and inexpensive methods to not only get relief from dry, chapped and cracked skin, but also help prevent it.

We as humans are made up primarily of water. For some reason, in the shor, cold months of the year, we don't think of the need we have of drinking enough water. During the summer, when we are losing fluids through sweat and exerting ourselves, we we feel how much we need to drink lots of water to help replace the water as we lost. In the winter the icy air does much the same to our body. It sucks that fluid right out of our bodies. This then cracks and chaps our skin, leaving it rough and itchy. Making sure that you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day will help you win the fight over your dry and rough skin. Try this out for the next two weeks and you will begin to see a definite positive change in your skin in just a few days.

Speaking of the importance of moist skin, a good moisturizing lotion is also a good idea. Find one that is appropriate for your skin type so that you aren't going to end up with oily skin. I recommend a cream instead of a lotion in the cold, since a cream is thicker and more protective of the skin. Also spend a moment or so and read the label. The cream or lotion that you use in the summer probably won't be appropriate in the winter. Find one that does not have any type of alcohol in the first few ingredients, as alcohol is a drying agent.

The third step is to dress the right way in the cold. Don't poo poo this, think about it. The more bare areas of skin that you have increases the opportunity that the cold air has to remove the moisture from your skin. Layer your clothes and let that inner layer be clothes that are made of cotton. Cotton will let you skin breathe, will keep you warm and won�t irritate your skin.

Take these three easy methods, you will not only get relief from that annoying dry skin, and you will help prevent your skin from becoming dry. Plenty of fluids, the right moisturizing cream for you and the right clothing and you will have healthy, well hydrated, comfortable skin all over you.

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New Diet


I have decided to change my diet, but I am not sure how that will affect my skin. I lost over 80 pounds between Mothers Day of 2007 and 2008, but I am now unable to keep up the diet. What does this mean for my skin?

Well I have decided to try the Hallelujiah Diet. This is a Christian guy who says that you need to eat mostly raw veggies and fruit. He says that our bodies were not made for the meat we eat, especially with our sedintay lifestyle. I am going on it somewhat to modify my diet.

What this means for my skin, we will see.