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Deceptively Delicious Review

This site is dedicated to review the book Deceptively Delicious as well as to provide alternatives for individuals who do not find the book to their particular taste. Readers should feel free to comment on the book as well as to suggest what works and wh

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A Dad's Perspective


I will give you my perspective soon in a series of posts about this book. You might say, "what makes you qualified"? Are you a Stay At Home Dad? In some senses. I work at home. While the children's eating is not necessarily my primary responsibility, I am uniquely qualified to provide a review of this book for you. So Stay Tuned, Dads AND Moms. I will give you the straight skinny on whether or not you need to invest in this book.

You might ask why I would bother. To be quite honest, I am not sure. Interesting title...the concept caught my eye and I am always interested in anything that might be remotely related to my area of interest which is helping urban and at-risk youth take their place in society. Does this concept of deceptively delicious have relevance to them. Well...I will tell you that too if you tune in!

It would also be interesting for you to know that I am involved in a food lifestyle plan called the Hallelujian Diet. Not to be quite honest, I am not all that interested in the theology behind it, not am I interested in following it to the letter. I am interested in the Health healing benefits as indicated in my series of websites and blogs.

My Own Diet Has Changed


I will have to see what it means to change one's diet to vegetarian. That is the last thing that I thought I would do. I am changing to the Hallelujiah Diet. The Jury is still out on what it will do. We will see what happens.




At the outset, I am very curious about the concept of Deceptively Delicious. On the one hand, in the short term, this is a great concept. Find a way to add healthy elements to your dishes without the knowledge of your family. Thus, picky eaters, especially those that would rather eat junk food than healthy food, can be "deceived" into eating healthy. Additionally, if you have always struggled with preparing tasty dishes in a healthy fashion, this cookbook could be a real lifesaver. So, if you want you family to eat better, goal accomplished: no one is any the wiser that those pb & j muffins are actually good for you.

On the other hand, I cannot help but wonder how beneficial it really is to deceive your family into eating those vegetables or whole grains that they ordinarily do not want. As someone commented, who will sneak veggies into your childrens' diet when they grow up and leave your home? At some point a decision must be made to let your family in on the "secret" that they are, or should be, making healther food choices. As with all unfamiliar things, it may be difficult at the outset to convince your family to eat better, but as it becomes more familiar, it will be less of a struggle.

And that then brings the argument full circle. Deceptively Delicious can still be beneficial, because it can develop in your family an inclination towards healthier foods before they even realize it. So, when you begin to present a whole grain snack as a whole grain snack, you can always point to the pb & j muffin they have already been eating for the past few weeks.

So, I guess I'll go and get a copy of this cookbook. I'll let you know how it goes.

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