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Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum with Power Nozzle


(image) Pros:
* Get the job done. Cleans floors, carpets and rugs very well.
* Doesn't' scratch wood floors.
* Quiet enough.
* It's slim, small and easy to store. Has a hole in the top of the handle so you can hang it in the closet.
* Ability to switch on/off the carpet brush feature.
* With low-profile, swivel head you can get under cabinets, tables, etc. No need to move around furniture.
* Quick-release power cord hook so no trouble unraveling the cord.
* Transparent canister so you can see what the thing eats and know when it's full.
* Great performance for a less than $60 vacuum.

* Not meant for regular heavy cleaning. It'll overheat.
* The cord is long enough but could be longer.
* No detachable hose for cleaning hard to reach areas.
* The power switch is too low.

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#3. Dyson DC14 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner


(image) Pros:
* Great vacuum power. Suck hair, dust, dirt, crumbs, feathers and other tiny debris with ease.
* Quite.
* Does not vibrate the carpet or blow the dirt around like other brands.
* Long 35-2/5-foot cord allows you to cover a lot of area without having to find another power outlet.
* The transparent canister lets you know exactly what the vacuum picks up and when to empty it.
* Easy to assembly.
* The long hose makes stair cleaning easy.
* Easy to empty and clean dirt canister.
* Easy to switch between using the rotating brush or turning it off when cleaning carpets.

* Pricey
* Can't get under low furniture.
* Hard to maneuver with one hand.
* The buttons are rather stiff.
* The wand is too long for some occasions.

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#2. Eureka 96 B Quick Up Upright Cordless Stick Vacuum


(image) Pros:
* Enough suction power. Great for light cleanings.
* Cordless. Clean every place you want without worrying about the power cord.
* Simple and straight-forward assembly.
* It's light, only 5.5 pounds.
* Holds its charge long enough (up to 15 minutes) to do everything you need to do with it.
* Slips on and off its recharging holder thing easily
* Does not scratch wood floors
* Works on low - medium pile carpet
* Comes with a spare battery
* Great price!

* Not made for heavy-duty cleaning jobs like sucking off sand in outdoor spaces.
* No hose attachment for getting into corners.
* The dirt canister has to emptied every 2-3 uses or so and the filter must be wiped to keep it working properly.
* Fairly quiet.
* The button to open the dirt canister is a little hard to open/shut.
* Can't go underneath furniture too low to the floor.
* Fitting the filter back into the unit properly after emptying it is relatively hard.

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#1. Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner


(image) Pros:
* It's small, fits easily in a closet, lightweight and easy to maneuver so you won't break a sweat after cleaning the whole house.
* Glides effortlessly on carpet and hardwood floors
* Relatively quiet
* Low-profile cleaning head; easily clean floor boards under kitchen cabinets
* Great cleaning power. Pick up gross dust and carpet fuzz that other brands just cannot.
* Easy to assembly. Just 3 snaps in place steps and no tools
* Long handle makes everything, floor to ceiling to window sills, easy to reach without effort.
* No need to buy and throw away vacuum bags
* Easy to empty compartment.
* Easy to clean filters. Just run them under water and then let them dry.
* Elegant design.

* Need better attachment for stair cleaning. The attachment isn't quite wide enough to make stair cleaning as fast as it should.
* A little bit expensive
* Could use a longer cord
* The compartment fill up fast when cleaning a dirty area.

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