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Succeed in Public SpeakingPublic speaking is an important skill in communicating knowledge and expressing ideas to groups of people. It is a primary medium for presenting and selling your products and ideas. Being able to verbally communicate effectively to other individuals or to groups is essential in school, business, as well as your personal life.There is need for people who can effectively make presentations and speak to others. Your knowledge and skills in this area can help advance your career or improve your business. Also, if you are good or really enjoy public speaking, you may even choose speaking as a profession.Goals of a Public SpeakerAnyone who is going to speak to a group must have specific goals in mind. You need to know what you are trying to achieve, what the audience would like to hear and what you want to get out of the speaking experience.Whenever you speak to people, the goals you are attempting to achieve are to verbally express your thoughts and ideas, satisfy the listener or audience, and get rewards from the process.Questions you may have include:What can be achieved in a speech?How can you tell what the audience wants?What rewards can be gotten from speaking?What you want to achieveBefore you give a speech, you really need to define what you want or expect to achieve in the talk. This is really the purpose of your talk, which can be any or all of the following:To informTo educateTo arouseTo persuadeTo move to actionTo entertainIt is important to make a personal statement of what you want to achieve before even starting to write your speech. For example, "In speaking to this group, I want to persuade them to consider our product, while also entertaining them with my stories."Provide listener satisfactionSpeaking is a communication process. If the listener or audience does not understand or enjoy what you are saying, you have not achieved a major goal of the process.Important factors to remember in obtaining listener satisfaction are:Speak with confidence,Speak with clarity, andGet the audience to participate.Expressing your ideasA major motivation in speaking to a group--or anyone for that matter--is to express your ideas. In some cases, people may actually ask you to express your thoughts on a certain subject.Sometimes difficultIt is sometimes difficult to verbally express what you are thinking to other people. Those without the "gift of gab" may have trouble putting their thoughts into words or may even fear speaking to others or to a group. Even professional speakers occasionally come down with the jitters before giving a speech.Organize your thoughtsYou should organize your thoughts before speaking to a group or on a one-to-one basis with a superior. Try to keep things down to three major points. Some people can organize what they plan to say in their heads, while most need to write things down.There are some techniques to facilitate the verbal expression of your thoughts, such as writing and public speaking methods.Get rewardsYou want to get some sort of reward for the work you have done. This may be self-satisfaction, applause from the audience, or financial gain.Satisfaction comes from achieving your own goals and feeling that you did a good job. That is completely up to you. Don't set your expectations so high that you are never satisfied with your performance.If you do a good job, you may get applause from the audience. Sometimes you have to set them up or even prompt them to applaud.In schoolBeing able to speak well in school helps you communicate better in presentations and to the teacher and classmates. This ultimately leads to better grades.At workSpeaking well at work in presentations, at meetings or simply in personal interactions will create a better impression of your competence and result in raises and promotions.ProfessionalSome speakers are good enough to charge money for their skills. At the local level, a speaker may receive $25 to speak to a Kiwanis Club. At the top end, celebrity speakers can receive $100,000 for a h[...]

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Successful People Tips

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Successful People Tips :Dress & GroomingMaster Dress and Grooming... Looks Can PersuadeHow do you feel when people respect you? Dress and grooming can give you a double edge as a public speaker. They will go beyond just helping with your respect.First it will give you credibility and respect, class, and help establish you as an authority. Your clothing says who you are. That is if you wear the right clothes and wear them wisely. That’s probably the obvious.A less understood effect is the one it has on you. This more has to do with men. Women seem to have this down already. How do they feel when they have a new outfit? What comes from inside them that they didn’t already have?If you said nothing, you were right, well, kind of right. There is something inside that you didn’t have before that ignites with a new outfit. It has a number of names it goes by. In medicine and nursing, we call it the placebo effect. It could be called empowerment. Perhaps a number of different names.New clothes have a power on us. They can make us feel something. The way we dress has an effect on others as well.The effect our dress has on us has to do with the force that actuates your mind. It is renewed or energized with the feeling you get from new clothes. The way you dress will affect the way you perform.Bottom line, it works.The question then, how do we dress for given circumstances? What clothing is best? What about grooming? What’s hot may not necessarily be the best way to go. What’s cool may need a pass too. Is expressing yourself, being yourself, going to help you persuade someone? Is it going to help you speak better?In addition to dress, there is the matter of grooming.First let’s start with some grooming ‘how to.’ The obvious, comb your hair, brush your teeth, and bathing are the norms of our society. They are what is expected.Additionally we will look at some dress for success how to matters. It would be best to check out some of the sites dedicated to that subject.Use the key words, Dress for success. We will be including some links in the future upon researching several.However, a few tips can save you from humiliation and failure. An emergency dress and grooming kit should always be kept with you. Keep one in your car, one in your desk or locker and one in your brief case if you speak publicly on a regular basis.I can’t begin to number how many speakers I have run into that carry extra shirts when booked for long days.The key is keeping it compact and discrete. What kind of things would you want to have? WE have made an emergency grooming supply list so you can print it out. It will be at the end of this article.FingernailsNot only clean, but touched up with a nail clipper. A word to the wise here. Nothing is considered more inappropriate than leaving fingernail clippings on the floor where you clipped them. Use a little discretion and use the restroom to take care of this grooming need.CuticlesAttention needs to be given them as well. Not everyone will notice but the one it makes a difference to could make or brake a deal. Think of it as best dressed nails. Incidentally this relates to a basic concept learned in nursing 101. Your cuticles are a “portal of entry” where disease can be passed from one to another. If you push them back, you lessen the chance.CleanlinessIn recent years discussion has arisen over daily bathing. The controversy has more to do with soap and the drying affect on the skin. Basically, daily bathing is considered a standard practice. Although water is wonderful, soap is necessary to help cut through the body oils. Additionally a wash cloth is needed to help get rid of the dirt and old skin on our bodies surface.Although many have grown up learning the basic of washing hands after using the restroom. It is surprising how many still do not. This has a double reason. One is you own cleanliness and self protection. The other is protecting others. Prot[...]

Successful People Tips

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Review Of 11 Hidden Causes Of Public Speaking Stress

Thinking that public speaking is inherently stressful (it's not).

Thinking you need to be brilliant or perfect to succeed (you don't).

Trying to impart too much information or cover too many points in a short presentation.

Having the wrong purpose in mind (to get rather than to give/contribute).

Trying to please everyone (this is unrealistic).

Trying to emulate other speakers (very difficult) rather than simply being yourself (very easy).

Failing to be personally revealing and humble.

Being fearful of potential negative outcomes (they almost never occur and even when they do, you can use them to your advantage).

Trying to control the wrong things (e.g., the behavior of your audience).

Spending too much time overpreparing (instead of developing confidence and trust in your natural ability to succeed).

Thinking your audience will be as critical of your performance as you might be.

Review of 10 Key Principles To Always Keep In Mind

#1---Speaking in Public is NOT Inherently Stressful
#2---You Don't Have to be Brilliant or Perfect to Succeed
#3---All You Need is Two or Three Main Points
#4---You also Need a Purpose That is Right for the Task
#5---The Best Way to Succeed is NOT to Consider Yourself a Public Speaker!
#6---Humility and Humor Can Go a Long Way
#7---When You Speak in Public, Nothing "Bad" Can Ever Happen!
#8---You Don't Have to Control the Behavior of Your Audience
#9---In General, the More You Prepare, the Worse You Will Do
#10--Your Audience Truly Wants You to Succeed

sources : internet.

Successful People Tips

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Introduction to Successful people Tips

The Power of Self-Belief

Success people was not an overnight accomplishment.

To stay focused, not let fear and frustration.

Slowly and follow directions

Successful people know who they ARE and what they want

They are committed to achieving their best.

Foundation of successful people Tips

Belief in yourself and your abilities
· Glamour, fame, riches
· Belief can effect behavior
· Use knowledge to change your belief and behavior – positive self-belief.
· So people who are truly successful people are always trying to fulfill their potential.
· Focus on possibilities and work to turn them to reality.

Values Of Successful People Tips

1) Competent
2) Self-controlled
3) Ambitious
4) Open-minded
5) Honest
6) Neat
7) Forgiving
8) Helpful
9) Affectionate
10) Cheerful
11) Courteous
12) Responsible
13) Brave
14) Obedient
15) Logical

Successful People was not the talent BUT COMMITMENT
Beliefs are the specific opinions you have about yourself, and particular people, situation thing and ideas.
─ attitudes that arise for you values.

I’m somebody, if my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it.

“ No on can persuade another to change. Each of us guards a gate of change than can only be open your inside”

Change Your Beliefs
Drop positive beliefs and adopt beliefs that will enable you to succeed. So, you must :
1) Understand the power that beliefs have in your life.
2) Realize that continuing to think in a negative way will harm the quality of your life.
3) Change your beliefs and how you feel about yourself.

“If you change your beliefs, you will change your behavior. If you change your behavior, you will change your life.” said successful people.

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