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A Canadian newbie trader describes her stunning experience with the Forex Beater expert adviser autopilot software.

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Beating Forex IS Possible - with The Forex Beater Autopilot Software

Thu, 17 Jul 2008 18:12:00 +0000

When I first went online in search of home-based opportunities, all I cared for was finding a solid and legit work, which would let me stay at home with my three children. Most if not all businesses in our town want you to work on the 9 to 5 shifts, during which one hardly has enough time for a meal, not to mention seeing your kids. Weeding out all the garbage out there was not easy: I stumbled over numerous MLM schemes, financial pyramids, chain letters, reseller programs, along with many other scams and hoaxes, none of which proved to be worth a dime. All they did was sucking people's money in exchange of a mere bluff, when instead of earning lots of money one would end up wasting lots of time. I sure didn't feel like paying for nothing or selling worthless stuff which no one wanted to buy. What I wanted instead was a reliable source of income, which was not all that easy to find before I came across Forex Beater from I knew nothing about currency markets, so I had to do quite a bit of reading before I could grasp the idea of Forex trading. Frankly speaking, it was quite a discovery to me that the values of certain country's currencies were changing in terms of others within seconds – before, I would normally think these values remain more or less stable for many months, as this is they way things are when one is willing to purchase a certain foreign currency at a local bank branch. Nonetheless, the Forex market quickly proved me to be wrong: the values of Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Francs, and Yens were changing in a blink of an eye. What was even more surprising, however, was the possibility of accurately predicting the future currencies' values – without knowing any special secrets or being aware of some behind-the-scenes deals. Moreover, such predictions would be issued instantly, literally within the matter of a few moments, by a piece of software called Forex Beater. This program would even do all the actual trading for you, while you just sit back and watch the orders being closed far in the green and the figures on your account growing practically every hour. To my complete surprise, my husband remained skeptical as one can be about my Forex endeavors, calling them “a penny game”. Only when my earnings went three times of his salary, he started taking Forex seriously – probably, even more seriously than his career of an insurance agent. We no longer had to live paycheck to paycheck, struggling on a few hundred dollars a week with our three children. For the first time in our lives, we went on a family vacation in the Caribbean, renting a yacht for three weeks, and being able to afford anything we wished. My husband did away with his old truck and is now driving a classy “Mercedes”; we forgot what the word “mortgage” stands for, having paid it off in full. One thing is really funny here, though: we never kept it secret from our friends and neighbors how we are making all this money. Yet none of them believed us and remained confident about us having either discovered some “true wealth secret” (not the one we were telling them about) or inherited considerable assets from a wealthy distant relative. There were even rumors about my husband acquiring a share in the country's major businesses, and many people remained clueless why he would choose to continue living in our town instead of moving to an elite residential area on the West Coast, where most leading entrepreneurs make their home. We listened to these rumors with delight and sometimes even laughter, making a note on how people tend not to see what's on the surface (not to mention ever trying it themselves), believing instead what they feel comfortable to believe. Margaret Reyes, Sooke, Canada[...]