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Real Estate Goals 2008

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Blueprint to Financial Freedom


I have to say thank you because from all that I have been blessed with in life, a great real estate business, a great wife and family, super friends and more importantly - You - for allowing me into your world...

Thank You.

Our training seminar at was an overwhelming Smash Hit with training, networking and Implementation.

We have about 26 video testimonials we will be uploading into my youtube account - some are there now at already but MAN - what incredible training the speakers did.

With your permission I will be sending you some little recaps about what was taught over the 3 days - and how it literally changed lives.

One way that it changed lives was when I announced that we were contributing $2,000 to Dr. Mani and his Children's Charitable Foundation:
Not many dry eyes in the place I tell you.
Anyway - Thak you thank you thank you.
And if it is OK we will be giving you some Golden Nuggets that was taught at The Blueprint.

Terry Wygal



Real Estate Investing Goals for 2008


Sitting in a car headed to the airport about 2 years ago Iwas catching up on some audio training that I hadstored in my Ipod.One of the interviews I happened to stumble across was aman by the name of Vic Johnson.From the moment he started to speak - tothe very final sentence - Vic heldmy attention riveted to his story.Vic told a life story very much like mine- and yet sodifferent for all that he has achieved.Of being a special guest speaker at theJim Rohn 3 day weekend.Of being able to interview his mentor Bob Proctor from The Secret and Mr. Rohnon the same stage - an event that hadnever happened before.Of being able to achieve his life's dreams -- and yet he overcame so many obstacles toachieve these goals - from the brinkof bankruptcy - to losing his car - to the manmany feel will be tapped to step intoMr. Rohns shoes as he eases into retirement.Yesterday I sent a story about how my daughterdidn't hug or love me because I was a fire fighter, realestate investor, mentor or coach- nope she loves me and gives me running leapsand hugs because I am her dad.The real estate investing gives me the ability tospend all the time I need andwant with her and Olivia and my wife.That was a goal I set a long time ago. One thatI have achieved to the max.When I heard Vic Johnson speak I listened to theinterview 2 times before I landed to mydestination. And made a goal to be able tointerview him - a goal which wasachieved earlier this year.I was also able to meet Vic and his lovelyfiancé Lisa and spend a great eveninggetting to know each other.Well 2007 is rushing to an end and Iwant to make sure that if you do not knowwho Vic Johnson is you get a chance. really need to go to the link above -1. Click on the Goal Setting Program and2. watch his latest video on the Blog - it is aboutsetting goals - and NOW is the time tobe thinking about 2008 and the goals you wish to achieve.I am going to be sharing a few things thatI learned from Vic and others to start you onthe way to setting your goals in the next few weeks.You can get a head start right now by watchingVic and his video - becausebefore you know itwe will be saying we are roaring into2009 and another year will be gone. Go Get A House!Terry Wygal is a Native Houstonian and hasbeen a full time investor for over 7 years now.He has interviewed and developed strongnetworking partnerships with noted nationalSpeakers such as The Apprentice 3rd SeasonWinner Kendra Todd, A&E’s Flip This HouseStar’s Than Merrill, David and ArmandoMontelongo as well as National MotivationalSpeaker Vic Johnson. Terry Wygalruns one of the Nations fastest growingreal estate investing training centersat and gives away over 6 hours of Free RealEstate Investing Training at [...]