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Bad Breath | Cure Bad Breath In 90-Seconds-A-Day

How To Cure Bad Breath In 90-Seconds-A-Day... With A $2 Mix Of Common Ingredients!

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Bad Breath | Cure Bad Breath In 90-Seconds-A-Day... Using A $2 Mix Of Common Ingredients!


Bad BreathBad Breath IntroductionBad Breath can be a very embarrassing problem. Bad breath could ruin your social reputation. Bad breath is a serious social handicap; it damages social, sexual and vocationalinteractions. Most people have bad breath at some point in their lives (between 80% and 90% of people have bad breath at some stage). Bad breath is generally caused by the breakdown of proteins in the mouth. Bad breath caused by eating foods like garlic and onions is not real bad breath. It will pass.Morning bad breath is another example of transient bad breath. However, chronic bad breath is a far more serious condition affecting many people.The human sense of smell can adapt to different odors. Therefore, most people with bad breath are not aware of their problem. But people around them certainly are! A Self-Test For Bad BreathIf you're married or have a partner, they generally don't waste time letting you know you have bad breath!If not, the simplest method to check whether you have bad breath or not, is to lick the back of your wrist and allow the saliva to dry for some time and smell the area. If it smells bad, you can bet you have bad breath!Another way is to gently scrape the back of the tongue with an inverted spoon or a piece of dental floss. Let it dry and smell it. If it smells bad, you probably have bad breath!Recently, various machines have been marketed that test scientifically for bad breath. These are very accurate but very expensive. If you're wondering if you have bad breath, the simple bad breath test methods above will work best for you.Tips To Cure Bad BreathYou can try commercially available breath fresheners or mouthwashes for temporary relief from bad breath. However, most of them are temporary and act by masking the smell and, once the effect wears off, the bad breath will resurface again!Using antibacterial mouth rinses may provide you better results in controlling bad breath. Always avoid alcohol containing mouth rinses as alcohol is a drying agent and will worsen your bad breath.Never forget to brush your teeth after meals and a regular flossing at least once in a day will remove putrefying food debris from between the teeth, especially at the gum line. Gently cleaning the tongue surface twice daily with a tongue brush, tongue scraper or tongue cleaner will help you keep your tongue and teeth in good shape and health.Alternatively, you can also use an inverted teaspoon to scrap the surface of your tongue. Tooth brushes will not work well in scraping the back of your tongue as the bristles will not reach the back parts of your tongue. Since dry mouth can increase bacterial build-up and cause or worsen bad breath, chewing sugarless gum can help with the production of saliva, and thereby help to reduce bad breath. Maintain water levels in the body by drinking several glasses of water a day. The greatly helps reducing bad breath. Adding lemon juice to your water is refreshing and also beneficial. What Not To Do About Bad Breath Don't use breath mints! They will only mask your bad breath. They might make you breath smell nice for a while but the bad breath problem will still be there, lurking under the surface!Don't chew gum! Chewing gum does increase saliva flow, but also only masks bad breath and the effect are temporary. Try drinking water throughout the day instead, which keeps you in good health as well.Don't wear tongue piercings! The wound on your tongue create a great hidey-hole for bad breath causing bacteria!Don't smoke! Apart from its carcinogenic properties, smoking can increase the incidence of gum (periodontal) disease and post-nasal drip, two important bad breath risks. How To Cure Bad Breath...In 90-Seconds-A-Day day![...]