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Namita Jain, Health And Wellness Center, Wellness Consultant - Liveactive
Namita Jain, corporate wellness programs consultant runs liveactive, health and wellness center and one of the first corporate wellness companies launched in India. Namita jain conducts health wellness programs and holistic health training programs based on individual needsllness companies launched in India. Namita jain delivers holistically designed corporate wellness programs based on individual needs

Namita Jain, Health Wellness Programs, Corporate Wellness Programs - Liveactive
Corporate wellness programs: Namita jain delivers health wellness programs based on individual needs. A global fitness expert, namita jain runs liveactive, one of the first corporate wellness center to be launched in India

Corporate Wellness Programs, Health And Wellness Center, Health Wellness Programs - Liveactive
Corporate wellness programs: Liveactive health and wellness center provides employee health wellness programs. Corporate wellness programs should be a part of the overall company policies for a healthy workplace

Boost Your Metabolism, Workplace Wellness Programs, Increase Your Metabolism
Boost your metabolism: Study how workplace wellness programs can have a dramatic improvement in the productivity of the employees. Namita jain outlines new thinking on boosting your metabolism with proper dieting tips. Workplace wellness programs should be part of a healthy working place

Yoga And Meditation, Yoga In India, Meditation And Yoga, Yoga India - Liveactive
Yoga and meditation and yoga in india by liveactive- Change your mental gear with yoga and meditation, pranayama and massage theraphy drawn out of age-old Indian traditions and the experience of yogic masters. Learn Yoga in India from namita jain, founder of liveactive health and wellness center

Stress Management Techniques, Manage Stress at Workplace, Managing Stress - Liveactive
Stress management techniques: Liveactive provides holistic stress management techniques that will reduce the effects of stress on our health. Namita jain, global fitness expert helps you manage stress and imparts useful stress management techniques

Coping with Stress, How To Manage Stress, Beating Stress, Managing Stress - Liveactive
How to manage stress: Liveactive provides alternatives for coping with stress like the laughing trick, proper dieting, walk therapy and so on". Nowadays even the corporate world is coming with novel ways for coping with stress

Benefits Of Meditation, Meditation Health Benefits, Meditation Benefits - Liveactive
Benefits of meditation: Some benefits of meditation include lower blood pressure, insomnia control, stress management and so on. Meditation health benefits include both physical and psychological

Detoxification Method, Detoxification Treatment, Detox Method & Treatment - Liveactive
Detoxification method: detoxification treatment is a metabolic process by which the toxic qualities of a poison or toxin are reduced from the body. Detoxification method is a widely used treatment in alternative medicine

Power Yoga Exercises, Benefits Of Yoga, Yoga Health Benefits, Power Yoga Poses
The benefits of yoga include physiological, psychological and biochemical. Power Yoga is done by doing a series of yoga postures while synchronizing one's breathing patterns to each body movement. Some power yoga exercise include namaste and reverse namaste

Pilates Exercise Program, Pilates Exercise Method, Pilates Method - Liveactive
Pilates method: Pilates exercise program is the ultimate mind-body exercise to tone, streamline and realign the body. Pilates exercise program provides back pain relief and help prevent future occurrences of back pain

Pilates Power Yoga, Power Yoga Exercises, Yoga Postures - Liveactive
Pilates power yoga is a workout regime that integrates yoga asanas and pilates exercises. Pilates power yoga can be developed to cater to individual needs and goals

Massage Therapy Programs, Massage Therapy Techniques, Massage Programs - Liveactive
Massage therapy techniques: Liveactive massage therapy programs provides holistic experience that is relaxing as well as energising. Namita jain conducts massage therapy programs customized to individuals needs

Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies, Ayurvedic Medicines - Liveactive
Ayurvedic herbal medicine: Nowadays ayurvedic herbal remedies has become an increasingly accepted trend as an alternative medical treatment. Find exclusive information on ayurvedic herbal medicine remedies from Liveactive

Pranayama Techniques, Benefits Of Pranayama, Pranayama Exercises - Liveactive
Pranayama exercises increase the amount of air intake in the body. Pranayama techniques include pumping air light energy through one's body parts. Benefits of pranayama include correct breathing, mental strength and a fit body

The Seven Chakras, Awakening Chakras, Opening Chakras - Liveactive
Awakening chakras: The seven chakras means wheels of spinning energy which keep our bodies and spirits in balance. Awakening chakras is an attempt to remove negative energy, stress, tension and other obstacles from the system

Prayers And Affirmations, Prayers For Affirmation, Positive Affirmations - Liveactive
Prayers and affirmations are an integral part of our overall personality development. The prayers for affirmation and blessing have been used for thousands of years in both spiritual and folk rites. Liveactive health and wellness center provides prayers and affirmations related to each body part

Physical Fitness Exercises, Physical Workout Exercises, Benefits Of Exercise - Liveactive
Physical fitness exercises: Liveactive provides training in physical fitness exercises to take you to a new level of wellness. Physical workout exercises are a must if you need to tone up the overall body

Healthy Eating Tips, Eating Healthy Tips, healthy Eating- Liveactive
Healthy eating tips: Liveactive, your source for healthy eating tips, weight loss, diet, nutrition, fitness and the correct foods to eat in order to be on top of the world. Healthy eating tips are the pointers for maintaining optimum health

Healthy Food Recipes, Healthy Diet Recipes, Health Food Recipes - Liveactive
Healthy food recipes: Browse and share healthy food recipes, food facts and nutritional information from Liveactive. Juice Recipes play an important role in fasting therapy