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Published: 2008-05-15T22:55:17+02:00


Pulling the plug: saving energy


In the previous year (until October 2007) my electricity consumption was 3,062 kwH. Since then I replaced all lamps with the low energy variant, and pull the plug on any electrical device I don't use. The projected consumption for this...

Weblog conversations: the big one


The above picture depicts a "weblog conversation" in a certain community (see Lilia's overview for more and background). To somewhat appreciate the picture (called the "big one" by Lilia), if that is possible, the following information might be useful. Each...

That's not machine learning


Yesterday, I gave a talk on educational data mining at the University of Amsterdam (my previous employer). The talk was about how I approach the very difficult issue of trying to understand what learners are doing in learning environments. During...

Workshop: Knowledge acquisition from the social web


Some might be interested in a workshop on Knowledge acquisition from the social web. The workshop is part of Triple-I and located in Graz (Austria) in early September. Graz is a rather nice city, which I visited once ten years...

Conferences and their location


A little food for thought. Let us suppose you are a scientist and have written a conference paper. Two conferences would possibly accept the paper. They take place around the same time, one at an exotic location you always wanted...

ADML workshop on Educational Data Mining


Last week I was in Crete, Sissi to be precise, to present our work on chat analysis at the ADML workshop (Applying Data Mining Techniques to e-Learning) part of EC-TEL (European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning). Crete: here we come...

Weblog data as art


There are days one feels like winning the lottery. I discovered Lattice Uncertainty Visualization. This may not sound too appealing to many, but there are some very neat ideas about the visualisation of uncertainty (probabilities) in large data sets, particularly...

Weblog conversations and self-linking visualised


Lilia is taking another look at weblog conversations (and I am too). Her posts so far: Weblog conversations revisited: an introduction Weblog conversations revisited: is there more than one? A weblog conversation is a set of linked posts. The most...

Avatars in learning environments


A view months ago I posted on the use of avatars in learning environments. Since then we have worked out the idea and written a paper on it. Mauro Cherubini neatly summarised the idea in the paper on his weblog:The...

Weblog self-linking visualised


A short post about the visualisation of self-linking in weblogs. The idea for having a look at self-linking behaviour is due to Lilia. An interesting property of self-linking is that there is only one dimension: time. And, unfortunately, visualisations of...