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.NET Development and other goodness.

Published: 2012-01-04T17:19:33-08:00


Mikey’s Ultimate Pre-FDISK Checklist


FDISK – short for Format Disk. Or the process you go through to completely REPAVE your Windows machine. There are a number of reasons to do this (new machine or hard-drive or maybe your old/stable hardware is doing JUST fine but Windows has bloated and slowed down to the point where you’re ready to start over). More importantly, though, there are a million ways to hose yourself when reformatting your machine. Accordingly, what follows is my ‘ultimate’ checklist of things you’ll want to do when reformatting (or flattening) your machine....

Windows 8 Explorer and Ribbon Toolbar vs Right-Click?


The more I think about proposed ‘improvement’s for Windows 8 Explorer, the crankier I get. In case you missed it, Microsoft posted a ginormous blog entry detailing the rationale behind adding a ribbon toolbar to Windows 8 Explorer. Even though I love the Office ‘Ribbon’ toolbar in Office, I HATE the idea of a ribbon toolbar in Explorer. Because EVERY SINGLE OPTION listed in the ribbon can be accomplished with the FRIGGIN right-button on a mouse. Stated differently: What I STILL hate to this day about Apple/Macs is that they...

Thoughts on WebForms


Thought: I don’t miss them. Line-breaks added for scale: [...]

Power Up with SQL Server


On September 15th I'll be presenting a 3 session event entitled Power Up with SQL Server. This is a FREE training event hosted by SQL Server Magazine/Windows IT Pro, so if you'd like to learn about whether or not you should virtualize your SQL Servers (and how to best do that), ways to improve database availability, or how to get a grip on performance tuning, then be sure to sign up. Right now there are over 1,000 people registered for Power Up with SQL Server, and there's also an event...

Why More Government Intervention Won't Help


My cell phone rang this morning. Caller ID showed 866 498 5357 as the caller. I don't know anyone from that number… but since I do give out my cell phone number as a way for potential clients to contact me, I decided to answers. And got a recording – of some woman telling me that I could consolidate my credit card debt or up my numbers or some other crap. All I had to do was push "1" to talk to a live operator. So I pushed 1, and...



As if the ASP.NET MVC weren't awesome enough (I will NEVER go back to webforms), Phil Haack just updated the MVC Codeplex site with a roadmap of upcoming goodies. In addition to some planned new helpers, and (of course) integration with VS 2010, there will be improved support for Areas, Asynch Controllers, and som Caching improvements – among others. Go check out the details yourself.

Dell 20" 2009W 'UltraSharp' Panels SUCK


I've got 3 20" monitors on my desk. The Good 2 of them are Dell 20" 2007WFPs. Some tech reviews of those monitors said they were good – but had slow response times for when it came to games. I figured that was crap before I ended up buying one, and it was SUCH an awesome monitor I bought another. I also bought a 17" 'UltraSharp' around the same time. It's viewing angle wasn't spectactacular, and I hated having 2 monitors at 1680x1050 and a third at 1280x1024. (The missing...

Viable Consumer Level SSDs are Almost Here


I've been running SSDs in a RAID-0 for a few months now. I outlined a few of the issues and problems I've had with stuttering here. But, for the most part, those problems have really only been fairly minor – extending just a tiny bit above being a nuisance. Stated differently: I have no real regrets about my SSDs – they're totally awesome – though the stuttering thing can be a bit of nuisance when I'm doing larger installs or when windows updates are being slurped down to my box....

Huh ???


Not sure why, but I've never joined Yeah, I've had a number of friends and associates invite me… just couldn't ever seem to get past the whole notion of giving a site tons of information about me just to watch videos that should probably be on YouTube anyhow… But that hasn't stopped them from spamming me with updates, announcements, and the likes. Today I decided enough was enough and went out to unsubscribe. Only, what I saw kind of set me back a bit. You see, the schmoe in...

Hyper-V Unleashed


If you're interested in learning more about what Hyper-V brings to the table, and whether or not it's ready for prime-time, make sure to check out Hyper-V Unleashed – a free Web Seminar from WindowsITPro. The event will be on July 21st, and I'll be presenting the 'Hyper-V In Depth' session. Registration is free, and there are some great goodies/freebies available for registrants – in addition, of course, to the content. Here's a recap of the Agenda: 11:00 a.m. Hyper-V In-Depth This session would provide detailed information about Hyper-V. We...



Dear Microsoft, I'd like CTRL+X (remove an entire line – as per Visual Studio) added to all programs you make. Thanks, --Mike

Video Card Woes


Nearly 2 years ago I bought a new gaming work rig. It's hands-down been one of the best investments I've ever made. Since purchasing it, I've upgraded it into a new case (one that looks nicer, and has better airflow with a slightly smaller footprint/chassis), upgraded it to 8GB of RAM, and slapped in an SSD RAID-0. It's still so snappy and responsive that it's hard to even quantify. Eventually I'll probably put a Core 2 Quad into it, and maybe swap out my slower RAM for some faster RAM,...

SQL Server Consulting


Ironically, with as much self-promotion as I do on this blog, I just realized that I've NEVER mentioned my SQL Server Consulting business here. So, here goes: If you're looking for top-notch SQL Server help and consulting, make sure to check out SQL Server Audits. So if you're in the market for some professional SQL Server consulting help, make sure to check out the site and feel free to contact me – as my initial consultations are free. Referral Bonuses If you know of someone who needs help, send them...