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When a relationship comes to an end it is going to be difficult for both people to cope with. Certainly after a person has decided to leave a relationship this will be a very hard time for those involved and in these early stages one shouldn’t be rushing to try and get ex back.

Although you may want to be calling them constantly to remind them what they are missing out on, it is far better if you limit the amount of contact you have with your ex as much as possible. Sometimes just by giving your ex space to breathe provides them with time to reflect on what is otherwise a wonderful relationship and realize that this is a small glitch that all relationships are going to go through.

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However, if you are constantly bombarding them with calls then you are likely to push them further away from you. Instead give them the space and only occasionally contact them until such time that you feel the lines of communication have been rebuilt sufficiently.

If you are living together although you may feel that it is best if they move out of the home you share together this is not always the best solution if you are trying to get your ex back. What you should do is be flexible and try to understand what has happened to cause this breakdown in your relationship. Certainly rather than trying to wheedle the information out of them give them space and just be prepared to listen when they are ready to talk to you.

It is important that you spend time looking closely at why the relationship came to an end in the first place. Not only should you be looking at your own actions and behaviors but those of your partner as well. Are you able to identify where the relationship went wrong?

If the relationship has failed because you were unwilling to make changes in your behavior then if you want to save it you need to be willing to make changes. So spend time during the initial breakup of the relationship trying to work out what needs to be changed and how you can make these changes.

It is important that you start to make these changes before you get back with your ex rather than after you are back together, because your partner may see this as confirmation that you are unwilling to make the effort to commit yourself to them.

It is vitally important that when you are trying to get ex back that you understand the reasons why the relationship came to an end initially and what you could have done to avoid it happening. This way you can now work on ways in which you can work to establish the relationship that you have with your ex once more. Certainly by paying close attention to them and your relationship is the greatest way of helping to prevent your relationship with each other coming to an end before it is too late.

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