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Belleville, Ontario Windows? Discover a simple, inexpensive alternative to replacing your windows for only a fraction of the cost.

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Belleville Ontario Windows Fogged?


We all know that when you put windows in your home, they aren't going to last forever. As your windows and your home get older, your windows face tons of problems, and of those problems, the most noticeable is fog. Foggy windows can turn your beautiful view into a mess of moist unsightliness.

The reason for the cloudiness? A failed seal. Double pane windows, installed in your home to ensure better insulation, are sealed around the edges to keep whatever is outside out, and whatever is inside in.

This helps keep your home warmer in the winter, and keep that AC from escaping in the summer. Though these seals are built strong, the elements are often stronger, and seals can fail (or open) because of moisture, heat, cold, wind, or anything and everything else Mother Nature can throw at it.

The reason for your foggy windows is the air and moisture that gets in with a failed seal between the two panes of glass – causing temperature fluctuations that result in condensation – or fog in the windows. Think about the condensation on a beer bottle out of the fridge. That's what is happening to your windows!

Previously, consumers in Belleville, Ontario had very few options: deal with the messy windows, or replace. Either you were left with this unsightly fog, or you pay thousands of dollars to replace the window completely….until now.

In The Clear Window Technologies offers an inexpensive and easy solution for repairing double pane windows.

The process involves drilling two very small holes in the windows with failed seals, cleaning the interiors with environmentally friendly solutions, vacuuming them out, sealing one hole and installing a one-way valve in the other that continues to let moisture escape. The result is a fog free window at the fraction of the price of replacement.

If you live in the Belleville Ontario area and want to see what In The Clear Window Technologies can do for you, give Adrian Collier a toll-free call at 1-800-436-4688 extension #140, or you can easily e-mail him at

It's completely free, and there's absolutely no obligation.