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Welcome to the “Internet Home Business Ideas and Opportunities” Weblog


Welcome to the “Internet Home Business Ideas and Opportunities” Weblog. This site was created with one purpose in mind; to assist you in building your own Internet home-based business in the most time and cost efficient manner possible. It is to help you be as successful as you possible can as quickly as you possibly can.Did you know you can create a “profit-generating” home-based Internet Business for less than $49.00 and be up and running in under 30 minutes? In fact, in some cases, I can even show you how to create a “profit-generating” home-based Internet Business for ABSOLUTELY ZERO upfront investment and be up and running in less than 15 minutes…. but I think I’m getting ahead of myself…..My point is…, I hope to offer my readers tremendous value and insight in these pages and I hope in return, you’ll post your own comments and insights into your own on-line home-based business ventures. I hope to learn just as much from all of you as we stroll along the very profitable Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing path.Imagine a “job” where you could wake up around 8:00am each morning to the smell of fresh brewed coffee (assuming, of course, you have an automatic coffee maker - or a very kind wife or husband), and stroll out of bed in no particular rush. You then proceed to read a bit of the morning paper over coffee or perhaps read the financial news on screen at It’s about 9am now and it’s about time for a bit of exercise so you take a morning run with the dog. You get back, shower and change into some comfortable clothes. It’s about 10:30-11:00 now. Time to get some work done.So you sit down in front of your computer screen on your desk in your home office, and begin writing. You write for a couple hours, check emails, make a few phone calls to check on your affiliate partners, and then it’s time for a break. You take a long lunch, maybe sit by the pool, log onto one of your websites and check the stats and then back into your home office for about another hour of writing.Makes for a pretty nice day I’d say.If someone were to ask me to describe the perfect job, that is surely the answer I would give them. A “job” where you can write from anywhere, anytime you want all the while building your home-based Internet affiliate marketing business.And that, my dear friends is why I love this business and why I will continue writing about it and helping others to enjoy the same freedoms mentioned above in their own home-based business.Would you like more hints and tips like this;Be sure to sign up for my FREE 12-Part Internet Marketing eCourse.Lesson 1 could be on its way to your inbox in a matter of moments.Click on Newsletter above to subscribe now.Here's to your online success!Thomas A. Hall,YourInternetBusinessMentor.comDo you Know The 3 Key Ingredients Necessary To Snatch Up Instant, Highly Responsive Traffic To Any Website On A ZERO Budget? Find out EXACTLY What They Are At: Ultra-Resourceful, Underutilized, Low-Cost "Stealth" Marketing Tactic That's Guaranteed To Increase Your Traffic & Sales In Ten Days Or Less!"MARKETING STRATEGIES THAT EMPOWER SUCCESS"-----------------------------------------------------------------[...]