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Internet Home Business Secrets Revealed: Part 2


Internet Home Business Secrets Revealed:Do You Know How to Open Your Own Highly Profitable Home-based Internet eBay Business Without Creating a Single eBay Listing – All in Under 15 Minutes Flat Start To Finish with ZERO Investment?Learn How You can Legally “Steal” Profits away from eBay Power Sellers Every Month.Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not. Not if you have a little imagination, a little extra time to use that imagination, and lastly, a passion for creating multiple streams of income from your own home-based Internet business.The ideas I’ll share with you here today will just scratch the surface. I urge you to use a little creative thinking and I’m sure you can expound upon my ideas and produce overwhelmingly successful results. If you need some additional help, be sure to subscribe to my Internet Home Business Ideas Newsletter and get your free “12-Part Massive Online Profits” eCourse today.So back to my original question….Do You Know How to Open Your Own Highly Profitable Home-based Internet eBay Business Without Creating a Single eBay Listing – All in Under 15 Minutes Flat Start To Finish with ZERO Investment?The answer may surprise you.One could argue China is the world’s manufacturing plant.Well, eBay is the World’s Marketplace.Don’t believe me?If you think Wal-mart is America’s retailer, well take a look at this number:At any given time, there is an estimated 19 million items listed for sale on eBay. That’s 300 times the number of stock-keeping units in a typical Wal-mart.Do you know the estimated minutes between each sale of an SUV on eBay? 9 Minutes.Do you know the value of goods sold on eBay every second? $2040Do you know the total value of all goods successfully sold through eBay in 2007? $59 billion. Yes that’s Billion with a B. That’s higher than the total GDP of small nations.The most expensive item sold on eBay to date is a private business jet for $4.9 million.There are an estimated 233 million registered users on eBay.What is my point in all this rambling….Well my point is my friend; there are a whole lot of people selling their wares on eBay.And with the current price of gas and the economic outlook not looking much better, I’d bet there’s going to be a whole lot more sellers soon.How would you like to get a piece of that huge profit generating machine called eBay?Well you can, and you can do it without ever listing a single item yourself.That means no listing headaches, no ebay fees you need to pay, etc. All you have to do is a little research.Here is a brief description of the basic system:First you sign up for a FREE eBay account – after all – how do you expect to make money from eBay if you don’t actually have an eBay account? Click here to sign up for that right now and then we’ll continue on. Go ahead – I’ll wait….. JNext, sign up for eBay’s free Affiliate Program. More on that later but you can sign up for that right here….Browse around eBay for a bit in some of your favorite categories, preferably one that is made up of primarily of expensive items. Some examples of this would be collectibles, autos, antiques, art, coins, etc. Find several Powersellers in this category and view their listings. You want to try and find a Powerseller that looks like they’ve been doing business on eBay for a while and doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon – meaning they have an established eBay business going.If you have a website already, use it to drive traffic to the Powerseller’s auctions using your affiliate ID embedded in the link. If you don’t have a website, sign up for a free Blog at or Write short sales descriptions of the listings on eBay and link to the auctions. I’ll describe more sophisticated ways of doing this in another article. If you need help – subscribe to my newsletter above and send me an email.Lastly, get paid. – It’s that easy. You get paid when someone you sent to an auction successfully purchases that item. You also get paid for any n[...]