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Electronic Currency Trading - Would You Dare to Be A Bull Fighter?

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Electronic Currency Trading - Would You Dare to Be A Bull Fighter?

Fri, 18 Jul 2008 19:52:00 +0000

Electronic Currency Trading and live bull fighting are the same in several regards. A few of the things they share in common include:

* They appear simple enough to do.

* They are both high-risk activities

* There's only you and a huge foe (the markets or the bull).

* For the bull fighting, you stand there, wait, get out of the way. Elementary.

* Just like Electronic Currency Trading, you buy low, sell high. Elementary.

* Either endeavor demands great emotional intelligence.

* In either, if you can't keep your head and wind up making mistakes, you'll incur injury and possible death. "Financial Death" in the case of Electronic Currency Trading.

If you were to try to train yourself as a trader, that would be very much like training yourself to be a bull fighter.

You could create your own way to do it by reading a couple books or trying to just figure it out by yourself. But, by yourself alone with the bull after you enter the arena, it's a completely different situation.

You are required to prepare for when the bull is going to charge, if he is going to charge full speed or slow down, move left or right or possibly even stop, then you have to make the right response at the right time.

How about if you second guess what you know to be right, and then hesitate?

OW! That bull will inflict injury on you!

Every time you lose your cool and mess up, you'll get gouged and probably stomped.

You'll be forced to figure out how to keep your cool and stop making the mistakes sooner or later. You won't get any clues from the bull. He'll just keep gouging you.

If you survive long enough, you might actually make it as a bull fighter, but only after you've picked up a number of injuries and scars.

Both the trader and the bull fighter make their mistakes because of the same issues: lack of discipline, confidence, patience and timely action.

You'll continue to take a beating from the bull until you learn how to keep your cool and do the things you know you should to when you're supposed to.

For Electronic Currency Trading and the markets, the same thing applies.

If your emotions cause you to mess up your timing or your decision-making, OUCH! Another gouging is coming your way!

The real key to Electronic Currency Trading is being able to survive the learning curve.

Without emotional intelligence as a trader, you can have a true "Holy Grail" system and you're most likely to hand your money to the markets rather than profit.

If you've been trading for a while or if you're brand new to it, to avoid getting repeatedly gouged by the markets, focus on your emotional intelligence so that you can survive.

Are you a self-trained bull-fighter (trader)? Do your emotions flair up when you're in the arena with the bull? Is repeatedly getting gouged bythe markets something you want to avoid?

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