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kfc cole slaw recipe finally revealed

The kfc cole slaw recipe is finally revealed. Now you can make it at home.

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KFC Cole Slaw Recipe Finally Revealed

Fri, 18 Jul 2008 07:10:00 +0000

If you found this article, chances are you are looking for the famous kfc cole slaw recipe. More on that in a bit. First, I'd like to share with you my saga of finding it.

I am not a huge cole slaw fan, but my grandfather. Wow. Is that another story!

I think he could practically live on KFC's cole slaw, he claims it to be the "best ever". So naturally we wanted to impress him (me and my wife love to cook) so we set out on a mission to recreate the KFC magic in our own home.

After surfing the internet looking for the secret recipe, I was confused. I had found several different recipes, and had no idea which one was correct! They all claimed to be delicious but somehow I knew my grandfather would have a more discriminating taste.

So we picked the two that looked the best, and made both of them. I tasted them both, but like I said, I am not a big fan and really didn't know how they compared to KFC, though they did taste quite differently against each other.

When my grandfather took his first bite, we held our breath, waiting for him to say "wow, you got KFC cole slaw" and then for us to respond with "No! We cooked it ourselves!" but instead he put his fork down and just said "this coleslaw is terrible".


About a week after that embarrassing incident, I was telling a coworker about what happened and he told me about a resource I had never heard of before. Apparently there was a "secret" club of sorts that traded secret restaurant recipes back and forth. I checked it out and sure enough, there was the famed KFC cole slaw recipe.

So we fired up the kitchen and called grandpa over, and guess what...he loved it! He said it tasted just like the original. The best part of the story is that we found an endless supply of the best recipes, and can now cook like the pros from home. How cool is that?

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