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Published: 2006-04-19T10:13:20-05:00


Speak Up Goes to Raleigh


It is painful to make entries while we are down... But if you are in the Raleigh area this coming Thursday stop by Peace College for an evening with Bryony as she talks about the little blog that could. Details...

Tech Problems v.2


Speak Up is officially down and out until further notice It looks like the breaks are more broken than I expected and mending the breakage is proving much harder and time-consuming than I expected. The silver lining to all of...

Dialogue: Relationships In Graphic Design


Sharing a topic of many of my recent, focused discussions (yes, offline discussions), it was a pleasant surprise to happen upon Dialogue. The premise, as the subtitle reveals, is covering the varying relationships that make up the interactions of contemporary...

~ Vol. 55 ~


Feast your eyes and your mouse on this edition of Quipsologies....

To Brag or Not to Brag


Not so long ago, on a lazy Friday evening I happened upon Brag!, a book that caught the corner of my eye and reeled me in. I can’t say much as to why, but somewhere between the title, the simple...

Recent Rebrandings 8


Have more fun, get more action and go online in this edition of Recent Rebrandings....

Ye Olde Graphic Designer


As I mentioned previously, I’ve been taking a design class. Our most recent assignment calls for us to create a heraldic crest. Now, heraldry is something I’ve always avoided, partly because I associate it with genealogists—the amatuer kind, who are,...

~ Vol. 54 ~


The more the merrier in this edition of Quipsologies....

Culture of the Quick


These days, Americans believe that nearly any task can be done through a “hurry up” state of affairs. The breadth of television programs, such as ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, have an entire house remodeled or built in under an...

Word It for April


AsEptIc. BAthE. BlAmElEss. BrIght. CAUtErIzE. ChAstE. ClArIfIEd. ClArIfy. ClEar-cUt. CrImElEss. DEcEnt. DEcOntAmInAtEd. DElIcAtE. DEOdOrIzE. DEpUrAtE. DEtErgE. DIsInfEctEd. DUst. EdUlcOrAtE. ErAsE. ExpUngE. ExpUrgAtE. FAUltlEss. FlAwlEss. FlUsh. GOOd. HOnOrAblE. HygIEnIc. ImmAcUlAtE. IncUlpAblE. InnOcEnt. LAUndEr. MOp. NAtUrAl. NEAt. OrdErly. PUrE. PUrIfIEd. REstOrE. RInsE....

Bad Behavior


I have been working in the design business for 23 years. I started working long before computers were commonplace; my first job mainly consisted of specking type for a cable television magazine. I graduated to drawing picture box frames with...

~ Vol. 53 ~


Bubbly is a word that could be used to describe this edition of Quipsologies. Yet it is not....

The 1960s Revolutions: Race, Sex, Culture, and Design Education


Guest Editorial by Katie Varrati and Derrick Schultz Upheaval and revolution dominated the 1960s. The Civil Rights movement bubbled over into riots and assassinations; feminism pushed for equal rights at home, the office, and the world; and anti-Vietnam protests and...

~ Vol. 52 ~


The letter Q is the proud purveyor of this week's edition of Quipsologies....

Paul Rand's Final Logo Part 2
Doug Evans + Partners


It was all quite surreal. Both meeting Doug Evans and being in the presence of a trove of Paul Rand work, yet not being at the Yale archives. Doug and I had traded emails for the better part of two...