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Nightafternight playlist


— Linda Catlin Smith, Drifter and other works; Apartment House, Bozzini Quartet (another timbre) — Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, Hommage à Daniel Libeskind; Ensemble SurPlus (Neos) — Thomas Adès, Asyla, Tevot, Polaris, Brahms; Adès conducting the London Symphony, with Samuel Dale Johnson,...

A Missy Mazzoli moment


Mazzoli's Death Valley Junction, which can also be heard on a New Amsterdam recording by the Jasper Quartet, was written in honor of the remarkable Marta Becket, the diva of Death Valley, who died in January at the age of...

In praise of Ann Goldstein


Today is a heartbreaking day at The New Yorker. Ann Goldstein, the head of our copy-editing department, is leaving the magazine after a quietly glorious forty-three-year career. Copy editing — two words — may sound to outsiders like a job...

Criticism in crisis


A Cultural Comment for the New Yorker website.

Esa-Pekka Salonen's new concerto


L. A. Rhapsody. The New Yorker, March 20, 2017.

Brecht/Eisler: Kriegsfibel


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The Eclipse of 1927


"At the back of us were great blue spaces in the cloud. But now the colour was going out. The clouds were turning pale; a reddish black colour. Down in the valley it was an extraordinary scrumble of red &...

What's Off


In recent years, orchestra and concert-hall websites have been infected with a virus called What's On. This is a style of divulging concert information that avoids the traditional calendar format and instead presents a horizontal or vertical dribble of events...

Do You Be


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A Stefan Prins moment


A video trailer for Prins's huge PIANO HERO series.
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A video trailer for Prins's huge PIANO HERO series.