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Let me ask you a few simple questions:Do you currently earn all the money you want in yourbusiness…enough to live in the homes you want, drive the cars youwant, and invest for your family’s future?Do you take regular time off…including time daily with your familyand vacations completely away from the office, cell phones, pagers,and email?Are you truly happy with and enjoying your life? Is your businessand personal life fulfilling to you financially, emotionally, andspiritually?If you’re like most people you’ll find you couldn’t answerall those questions with a resounding, “Yes.” Most people start theirbusiness with the hope and dream of working for themselves. They imaginehow fulfilling life will be when they’re no longer under the boss, and get torun things their own way and enjoy the fruits of their own labor. Theirdream of business quickly becomes a nightmare as they find themselvesunable to cope with the marketing, customer service, personnel, andproduct/service fulfillment.The average business owner works long hours. They have no time torelax. They find themselves constantly stressed out about money and otherresponsibilities. They become burned out and lose all enthusiasm and joyfor their work. There is an old joke about being an entrepreneur. It says,“Become an entrepreneur and you’ll only have to work half days. The other12 hours a day you can do with as you want.”It doesn’t have to be this way. You’ve been following old businessmodels that restrict you to a certain way of doing things. You’ve beenstruggling to get past barriers without the tools and information you need tobe successful. In fact, several of the principles I’ve found to help you bemore profitable while working less hours are almost never discussed in anybusiness book, marketing course, or seminar program.In my business, I work Monday through Thursday, normally about 8hours per day. This means my average entrepreneur work week is 30 to 32hours per week. I also take regular vacations completely away from thebusiness (including away from email, cell phones, etc.). Right now I don’teven own an iPhone or any type of portable Internet access device. You’vegot to be kidding! When I do travel to speak from time to time, you’ll seebusiness people speaking on the phone even while they’re in the restroom.They need to get a life away from their business.I’ve built a business and a lifestyle that suits me. I know otherentrepreneurs who work significantly less than this! They only work 3 hoursa day five days a week. Others prefer to work on marathon type sessions(where they may put in 70 hours for the week) and then take the next weekoff. It’s all about having systems to get the work done as quickly aspossible…and knowing how to use leverage to maximize your businessresults.When I talk about building a business online, I want you to thinkabout it from this viewpoint. It’s not just about the money. The money isgreat. It’s about the lifestyle you create at the same time. Your goal may beto earn $100,000…$1,000,000…or $10,000,000 a year in your business.That is only one of your goals. At the same time I want you to write whatyour lifestyle goals are.- How much time do you want to work per week?- What hours do you want to work?- Where do you want to vacation?- What will you do for fun?- What will you spend your time at work doing?- What will your company look like?- What types of products and services will you offer?- How many staff or outsourced workers will you have?And most importantly, what is your step-by-step plan for reachingthose goals? See, I’m not someone who just tells you to put out your requestand wait for it to occur. Nope. Figuring out exactly what you want is onlythe beginning. Next you come up with a step-by-step daily plan to reachthose goals. If you just “imagine” it, it’s called dreaming. The person whoaccomplishes it is the person who takes daily action.What Does Success Mean to You?If you have a billion dollars, but are out-of-shape, lonely, andmiserable, you are not successful in my[...]