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by Robert Hoekman, Jr

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How to Copy Wii Games to DVD

Tue, 26 Mar 2013 02:59:31 PDT

While playing an exciting game on your very own Wii Console, if you get an error message that means you CD having the Wii game is corrupt. Now that may sound horrible if this game you are playing is your favorite one and probably you can’t afford to buy another one. To avoid such mishap, you’ll probably love to learn how to copy on DVD your Wii Games to a DVD for backup purpose. One thing should be kept in mind while copying Wii game data to a DVD, the data of Wii games is very delicate and a change of few bits in the source code while copying process can ruin your whole backup. We’ll give you a step-by-step procedure and some tips about how to copy Wii games data to a DVD efficiently. But one this is sure, you don’t need to be an expert in computers to know the process of copying Wii games to a DVD. All you have to do is to follow some simple steps and you are ready with a Wii game backup DVD.

Things necessary for copying Wii games to DVD

You would require few gadgets and applications that would enable you to copy Wii games to a DVD, such as:

• A Personal Computer
• A DVD burner for burning data on DVD
• A Wii Unlocking Program to remove the data-protection for Wii games
• A Wii Games Copying Application
• A Blank DVD for backing up Wii games on it.

Step to Copy Wii Game to DVD

You cannot use a simple copying tool to copy the Wii games to a blank DVD. You’ll have to follow some steps to accomplish this task. Here is a list of step that you’ll do to make a backup Disk of your Wii Game.

• The first step is to download a program from the internet that is capable of copying Wii games into your computer easily. Install the downloaded Wii game copying software into your computer.
• Insert the disc containing the Wii gam or download the game of your choice from the internet.
• The next step is to make the copying app break the copy-protection from the Wii game as it is protected and cannot be simply copied. After the decoding process, copy the Wii game.
• Now once you are done with copying, insert a blank disc into the DVD drive to get the game copied on the DVD. Make sure that the DVD is scratch-less and has lots of space to accommodate the game in it.
• Now copy the decoded protection-free copied Wii game on the DVD. You can use any DVD burning software for this purpose as copying files through DVD burning software will be more simple and efficient.
• Next you have to download and install software on your PC that can unlock the Wii console.
• Finally unlock your Wii console with the installed Wii console unlocking software.

Following all these steps will lead you to a backup of your precious Wii game. You can now play your favorite Wii games without any tension of being corrupt.

Dear Pravat

Tue, 26 Mar 2013 02:51:00 PDT

Pravat’s email has bothered me for days now.

He contacted me this past weekend to let me know that Designing the Obvious changed his life, he’s now completely focused on design and user science, and to ask my personal opinion on whether or not he should quit school to bypass all the engineering education he’s facing and instead continue studying design and psychology on his own.

Are you kidding me? Why do people think I have some grand wisdom because I wrote a fucking book? Here’s my response:

  1. Engineering know-how will help you be a better designer, and you’ll be more respected for knowing what you’re talking about and being able to hold your own with developers. It also means you’ll be able to build your own stuff if you need to without relying on others. Bonus: there’s nothing more rewarding than doing it yourself. It gives you a sense of immediate accomplishment that’s hard to come by as a designer. Lose that feeling and you’ll burn out fast.
  2. Tech history is riddled with people who have achieved greatness without the supposed requisite education. Steve Jobs. Bill Gates. Mark Zuckerberg. Genius lives just as well outside of academia as it does inside. But what I know for sure is this: the fact that success can be achieved without education does not mean you’re one of the people who will do it. These people all had something special. Something that can’t be taught. They are rare. Everyone is unique; not everyone is rare.
  3. No matter how good his book might be, never change your life based on the opinion of some random author you’ve never met. Everyone has their own road. Find yours.

Good luck, Pravat. Good luck, everyone.