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Revealing Automated List Builder

Automated List Builder by Chris Freville, just the facts about email lists

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Automated List Builder

Sun, 13 Jul 2008 17:56:00 +0000

Urgent Message To Anyone Struggling To Build A Responsive Email List: If you keep hearing "The money is in the list" but have no idea what "a list" is, or how to get one... or if you're trying to build a list and keep getting stalled by opt-outs and trapped in spam filters... your life will improve drastically once you discover how this... Time-Crunched Marketer and Father of Four Teaches You How To Turbo-Charge Your List, Blast Your Conversion Rates, Triple Your Double Opt-Ins, And Do It Over and Over In Any Niche You Choose ... Guaranteed With Automated List Builder!It' s True! Now You Can. . . Totally automate your list building and recruit armies of loyal buyers 24/7... Works like magic whether you're a hardened IM veteran - or a total Noob! Embed your pages with stealth coding that practically hypnotizes visitors to join your list and pour over every message you send... Skyrocket your conversion rates by 20%, 40%, even 60% and leave your competition by the side of the road wondering WTF just happened... Grab new opt-ins by the hand and lead them straight to the confirmation link before they can even think about changing their minds or blowing it off... Execute email subject lines with such intense, sniper-scope aim, subscribers will open your emails as if their lives depend on it...All you have to do is follow this simple pattern... Locate people online who share a common interest... Collect their names and email addresses with your opt-in box... Become an affiliate seller of products they would like (there are hundreds)... Send out an email with a link to that product... Pocket up to 70% (or more) of the sales price! And that's it! Sound too easy?So, if you're struggling... stop right now! It's as easy as deciding you want to. And unlike any other list building system ever created, every aspect is now... FULLY AUTOMATED To Feed Your Opt-In Box Like A Virtual List Building Factory You'll discover... A fail-proof, step-by-step guide to setting up squeeze pages that captures visitors like a spider web catches flies... The 3 coolest tricks for making drop down opt-ins that your visitors will actually like (and want to fill out just to see them work!)... The best and easiest programs for collecting and managing your lists, and the ones to avoid like the plague... How to set up an autoresponder series that makes your list eager to hear from you again (get your own "swipe file" of my best pulling emails!) How to produce a top quality newsletter even if you have no idea what to say and can't write to save your life... 5 sneaky tricks to slipping past the SPAM filters and avoiding the black hole know as the junk box... The one deadly mistake that can get you in hot water with the INternet police... Avoid this at all costs! (I'll show you a safer and more effective way )... 4 things you MUST promise subscr[...]

What Do I Get With Automated List Builder?

Sun, 13 Jul 2008 17:52:00 +0000

Introducing . . . Automated List Builder The First And Only Fully Automated System For Rocketing Your Opt-Ins And Putting Your Profits On Blast! Includes everything you need for automating and accelerating your list building now... It starts with the Automated List Builder deluxe script suite... Automated List Building Script #1: Gate Crasher Opt-In “They'll Be Begging To Get In...” Nothing makes people desperate to see something like being told they can't... This devilish device drives visitors mad with curiosity and boosts opt-in rates like magic. If you aren't getting at least 45% conversions on your pages, this is the script that will get you there. Stand out from the crowd and get your visitors eager to opt-in to your list! Create a completely different kind of squeeze page people will want to forward to their friends... (That's FREE advertising!) Skyrocket opt-in conversions by teasing your visitors irresistible itch to satisfy curiosity... $47 Value You also get. . . Automated List Building Script #2: Page Masker Opt-In “A smooth drop down means more opt-ins...” The latest smooth as silk drop down that transitions your visitors naturally to the opt-in without distracting them away from the flow of your sales page. The increase in opt-in conversions from this script alone is worth a fortune to your business... and it's yours as part of this killer package. No more setting up multiple pages to collect opt-ins... Hyper-grow your list entirely on autopilot. Pop over in a way that won't get you swatted away like flies at a picnic... Allows visitors to opt-in without distracting from the flow of your sales massage... $47 Value [...]