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Cat® Diesel Generators

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Cat® Gas Turbines


Caterpillar's gas turbines are appropriate for a variety of applications in small as well as large scale units. These whole electric power solutions are also ideal for numerous industrial power generation applications. Comes with a verified industry standard, these gas turbines ensure an improved performance to customers. Designed to meet your complete heat and power requirements, these power generation models convey an efficient performance.Cat® gas turbines were available in numerous power ranges; Cat® gas turbines inspire you to measure your higher life. Cat gas turbines guarantee most system compatibility and nice performance.Our well-trained and skilled staffs are always ready to support you in case of any technical failure. We provide you a brilliant customer service even after the sales of these continuous power generation models. Comes with flexible installation design, these gas turbines guarantee improved customer satisfaction.[...]

Cat® Home Generators


Caterpillar’s high quality Home Generators are made to deliver eco-friendly energy solutions without conceding the fuel efficiency & performance. Available in numerous outstanding specifications, Cat® Home Generators are proficient for guarding your entire electronics products.Cat Home Generators are intended to supply stable back-up protection for your house in the course of a power failure. The user-friendly features and operation modes of these continuous power generation models make available smooth and stress-free operations. These convenient Home Generators can generate more comfort in your home.Cat ensure the flawless performance of your electronic equipment with our home generators.  Our technical experts are always ready to assist you in the installation, up gradation, replacement or in any case of failures of the product. [...]

Cat® Gas Generators


Caterpillar's gas generators offer you a stronger probability to expertise the continual power generation with most advanced technologies. With over 80 years of expertise in gas engines and generators, we tend to deliver the trade best power generators for various applications.Ratings from 11 kilowatt  to 6,200 kW, these gas  generators models area unit accessible at varied voltages and configurations. These  power generator sets area unit  ideal for residential, industrial similarly as  industrial usage. Integrate a lean-burn technology, these gas generators provide high potency to the end-user. To confirm  associate degree increased  sturdiness, these  power generators go with  a  strong construction.Caterpillar gas engines make certain high dependability and economy in varied operations in the slightest degree close conditions. For optimized performances, these prime power generators feature digital controls. These power generators conjointly feature various straightforward applications for energy economical combined heat & power. With its low emission operation, these gas generator models guarantee fuel flexibilities to customers. These continuous power generation models deliver a homogenous performance with lower life-cycle prices[...]

Cat® Diesel generators


Cat® diesel generators is one of the most leading important manufactures of power generators. At Cat, you'll be able to select the high-quality diesel generators that area unit ideal for industrial, businessin addition as residential applications. Our diesel generator sets and engines keep company with an out sized variety of specifications to pick out from. These power generators will attain longer era with lower acquisition value. keep company with wonderful transient response and steady state performance, these diesel generators supply an excellent performance to customers.At Cat, you'll be able to choose each 50 cycle per second and 60 cycle per second diesel generator models. underneath these classes there area unit three completely different models of internal-combustion engine generators out there like standby, prime and continuous diesel generators. we tend to conjointly manufacture and supply 50 cycle per second and 60 cycle per second Olympian diesel generators with single section and 3 section models. of these ranges confirm a superb client support even once the delivery.Ratings from 12 power unit to 17,460 kW, these diesel generator models give the important power to the globe.[...]

Cat® Diesel Generators In Nepal


In this modern world no one could afford to live without power, whether it is for commercial or industrial purposes. Today when power disturbances are common most of us wish to have an uninterrupted power supply. Power generators capable of providing round-the-clock power supply can be used to overcome this problem of power in our daily life.Every business needs reliable backup power systems during unpredictable blackouts. Cat has introduced a new range of power generators such as diesel generators, gas generators, home generators and gas turbines to meet this increasing demand of uninterrupted power supply. Caterpillar generators come in a variety of sizes and power, to meet your industrial and commercial needs.TractorsNepal Ltd (TIL), authorized dealers of caterpillar in Nepal supports every customer to meet their power generation needs and to make the choice of generators suited for them. They also provide genuine cat parts to ensure that the generators remain reliable and efficient.[...]