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i suwannee

Lifestyle blog of Jamie Meares, Founder + Creative Director of Furbish Studio

Updated: 2018-04-21T18:12:30.000-04:00




eye patch // cleansing oil // pierce & ward // Rebecca's IG // flower earrings // star earringsSaveSaveSaveSave[...]

look what I found


lou & grey is underrated, i think.  they have some really cute stuff, and their store here in raleigh is actually good-looking. they do some great collabs and their basics are super-solid, plus reasonably priced.remember when they first opened and we did a thing?  well, it seems it's time to do another thing, because everything on their site is 25% off this week (applied at checkout), and I easily found 10 things i could get down with.  i'm gonna throw some ideas out, and if you don't like them, throw them right back.sweatshirt material black dress with at least two appendages covered - i'm in.  perfect with a cool pair of sneaks, like a basic shell toe or some of those fancy golden goose jobbys.  (that's made up).  the striped shirt is tres cute with it's little heart - i'd size up, wear it with a cahz (can we agree this is how you spell an abbreviated casual) front tuck, and a pair of high-waisted skinny levis in a dark'd have to have a fairly sick body for this suit, and i'm sure you do, so let's agree it's perfect for you.  i've honestly been wearing a black linen jumpsuit from free people as a coverup, so i wouldn't be afraid to rock the green ones likewise, or i'd pair it with a basic black tee (love the arms on this one) and my Stella McCartney platforms.if I was a snail, my house would be a flowly jumpsuit.  throw a chunky sweater over til it's warmer, and pair with a pair of white stan smiths.  and if the jumpsuit house has no vacancy, i'd move my snail-self over to these althlesuire pants that are doing the most for my lifestyle of comfort and ease.if you're feeling extra cool for school, this super-soft striped cotton set would be great for vacay lounging.  and go ahead and pack the sandals too.  they're great with a jumpsuit, or cute jeans and a basic cropped tee.a top that doesn't get carried away with being too happy -- i like the black contrasted with the bright stripes.  easy with cut-offs and a black sandal.  and a large tassel statement earring, okurrrrrrr.[...]

monday morning


flying home from nyc today in a 'soaking downpour' says the local news (is there anything more entertaining than the nyc local news?!).

i'll make a point to be more substantive later in the week, but for now, i'm pinning away inspiration for furbish's branding as we move forward with a new website (launching in a week!).  i love seeing the vibe come together, especially visually, as i scroll through some of the images we pulled together to inspire the re-brand.  a little monday morning eye candy.


closet cravings - my shopbop edit


the annual shopbop sale of sales started this morning - everything is 20%, and 25% off if you spend $500.  if you've had your eye on the things, it's time to get them.

use the code EVENT18 when you checkout and throw some dollars up in the air to celebrate your savings.  my items of interest include the following, with a particular interest to that striped dress that could easily be combined with the camo jacket, the sneaks and a fun earring for your spring uniform. switch out the dress for v-neck tee and the cropped jeans on chiller days.  i have the joggers and really do live in them - if you can find the right fit, they're chic enough to travel in or run around town.  and again, pair with the camo jacket to look like you're doing the most.

1 - striped dress // 2 - wood earrings // 3 - jeans // 4 - black dress // 5 - earrings // 6 - floral jumpsuit // 7 - joggers // 8 - embroidered bag // 9 - golden goose sneakers // 10 - v-neck tees // 11 - earrings // 12 - camo jacket // 13 - eye clutch


top 10 with paige follman


i've been anxiously anticipating our pop-up with paige follman for the last few months-- i really dig what she's doing, and was pretty sure you guys would as well.
i turnt up a bit when i saw the completed works last week for this collection. her pieces are so dope framed (you guys know i recommend framebridge for a similar look to paige's frames!) - i like the energy in her work so much.

here's a bit more about paige, and you can shop the pop-up tomorrow morning, starting at 11am.

paige's pottery // judith bright jewelry // hotel // lindsay cowle // burberry brit

this vrbo needs to stfu


new orleans design darlings sarah ruffing costello and her husband paul have a vrbo, and it looks like this. let's all go stay and i'll bring my stack of domino mags, we'll set up a chip buffet, binge watch season four of schitt's creek and gossip about why drake thinks it's appropriate to be friends with millie bobby brown.[...]

set le table.


i have an especially dedicated feels section for a pretty tabletop situation. i've done a table or two recently so i feel qualified to speak to these matters - and to advise that all of these things are purchasable with american dollars, reasonable because you'll keep using them, and other applicable ables -- and combined, will make the prettiest dang brunch for mother's day, or spring, or eating trader joe's frozen macaroni and cheese by yourself.

scalloped serving platter // blockprint tablecloth // cachepot // rattan charger // scalloped dinner plate // glass votive holder // pink votives // pink gingham napkins // bamboo flatware // wolffer rose // small serving bowl // pink tumbler


from our raleigh desk


there are some subtle tweaks i've been making of late - one includes not drinking.  another includes trying to only talk about things i 1) am not assuming about 2) am not oversharing just to get a laugh.  this doesn't leave me with a lot to talk about.  and lastly, and infinitesimally the most important, i stopped curling my hair and am using a texturizing powder instead.

the not drinking was purely reactionary.  a defensive position taken to combat the cold sore situation we discussed last week.  i was so over having a busted grill, so i started with an obvious cause, the fairly regular poison i pour in my body with hopes of changing the dial on the kaleidoscope a twitch.  no dranks for two weeks and i'm fine.  i drink a lot of coffee and that leaves me feeling like i want to flip a table over most evenings, but my face looks fantastic.

tad and i went to barnes and noble last night and each picked out a book on something we knew nothing about.  the plan is to read it, get it, and then teach the other about it.  this seems very npr-y of us, but desperate times call for fund-raisers and other equally sigh-inducing measures, so catch me in a few weeks and we can have a robust convo on the house of medici and bird sounds.  i'll assuredly be less funny, until i get the hang of this and i can overshare about birds.

and the one you've been waiting for with bated breath - the hair situation.  so i left the good curling iron in colorado.  wait, back up - i lost the smallish one that made the shakira frizzy curls, i left the longer barreled one that made the rachel bilson curls, i bought a stupid one in mexico that pulled my hair out (the drybar one - it's awful), and then i ended up on this one, which really did the trick in combining all the best of what worked in 2003, but burns my hair.  and sometimes it's worth burning your hair, when you turn out like one of chrissy teigen's great hair days (see), but i was making it a thing, and that's just doing too much.  extra, as you young people say.  (this curling iron is really good, in moderation - the long barrel is key for long hair).

so now i'm using this texturizing powder, and it does for me what i think that beach spray stuff is supposed to do but doesn't, which is give the roots all kinds of body, add texture to the middle, and generally turn the whole thing up a notch.  i put it everywhere, all the way down to the ends.  what really takes the cake is now i can get ready in about 46 seconds, and my hair smells good, and this whole thing fits into my new casual, birding lifestyle.

i also took my bedskirt to be dry-cleaned, i switched to cubed ice from crushed, i get a cookie whenever i'm at whole foods, and i told siri to stop listening.  this is me now.

welcome to spring bitches.


going into the homes of our favorite decorators


if you have a few hours to fall down a hole with me, i invite you to dig into these great videos produced by susanna salk 'quintessence at home'.  She's gone into just about every home we all want to, and filmed these amazingly candid,  really special peeks into decorators homes, with a different perspective than we've seen before.  it's pretty cool to see all these spaces in 3-dimensions.  here are a few of my faves. (be sure to check out patina farm - the tv solution is genius.  and the goats!)

allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">

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the afterlives // playlist // pinterest // rug (not online yet - just email for info!) // ethan cook // jumpsuit // clutch


cardigan, and again.


i'd say i'm living a cardigan lifestyle these days. i've certainly made the move to wanting to wear comfortable things over tighter, ill-fitting, real housewives reunion get-up, and cardigans are becoming a staple.i always fly in a long one.  i have two i switch out when the other can no longer withstand the world without a dry clean.  they're perfect for chilly planes, and i like how they add a little touch of magicry (made that up) and allure when they swoop out behind you a bit when you're rushing through the airport looking like you're not rushing.i feel like they're fairly appropriate for spring, and it always looks more pulled together to have two things compared to just one.  you took the time.on the other hand, they're a lot like a bathrobe sometimes in their casual nature, and i love that equally about them.i like them so much i decided i needed to be more intentional about my cardigan purchases -- less happenstance, like grabbing that old aztecy one i got at urban outfitters when i wore sparkly toms.  ( i still wear it though).  with a higher purpose in mind, i took to the interwebs and i'd like to offer up these, my cultivated and curated cardigan choices, for living your very best cardi-b-gan life (lots under 50!).Micha Lounge Oversized Bell Sleeve Cardiganselected femme oversized cardiganoversize boyfriend cardiganopen front sweater blazer  oversized chunky cardiganknit your love cardigan in army greenknit your love cardigan in ivoryeco chunky cardigan in soft yarnoneon hand-knitted cable cardigandrop shoulder cableknit cardiganalpaca wool blend cable knit cardigan[...]



dug into the portfolio of nyc-based design firm rp miller design this weekend, and obviously, i'm totally digging it. [...]



allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">

just a smidge


let's bathing suit shop together, because inevitably the time will be here before we know it that my white self will have to be showcased. literally everything everywhere is too slutty, so let's just narrow the playing field to anthro for efficiency's sake. do you think my boobs would fit into this?  like, a normal size pair of boobs?   packets like this are difficult - something always escapes.i know this one is suited to me -- i like it a lot - you still look like you have semi-stylez but nothing is escaping from a packet.  black one pieces with underwire are hard to find, so it's required i snatch them up when i find one.  i had a fantastic one from asos that i've lost TWICE on vacation.  lost, replaced and then got home and unpacked, gone again!  two suits.  wasn't meant to be.i feel a little ridiculous for liking this one, but i do?  it's too leg-warmers and scrunchies but it feels chic in a southern kind of french way, non?i love this too but it feels like too much work.  anything off the shoulder never stays off the shoulder, and then you're that douchebag who's constantly tugging at your lewk to make it work.and this, it's too i was on the diving team in college and her vagina feels so aggressive in it.  but i like the idea of it.this is super cute.  does it feel too happy?i'd like to be the person who wears this, and stands just like she's standing, but it never seems to work out when i order something bright and and any parts happy, at cute are these sheets on sale?  maybe i'll just wrap up in them.this chandelier is pretty great, esp for the price ($450!).  miles redd for ballard.  and everything is 20% off right now.  boom of all the booms.and i gotta say, i dig this table  - it would be a cool little storage piece in a bathroom.well, we've gotten through most of the pressing issues of the day.  i was supposed to do 2934 fun things with jeff and horses this weekend but my face is in open rebellion against me.  for the last 6 weeks i've been challenged by a crazy cold sore / chapped lip situation that seems to be converging into leprosy.  i'm finally going to the doctor this morning, which i hate hate hate more than anything under the international space station.  i'll have to weigh.  and pay money.  (that's enough there to abhor).  then i'll come away with no better answer than i started with - knowing the only hope of healing anything in this whole entire world is time.  just be patient.  ugh.  hurry up easier life that has no problems - i'm waiting for you.[...]

kathryn ireland in elle decor


i think she's just delightful.


fryday clicks


a woman at the airport had these on and i found them very alluring.

unrelated, i justi found her blog and i really like her style.

moving along,

this removable wallpaper!!!

she fancy.

this podcast was super-inspiring and led me down a deep instagram hole of new fascination with ruthie lindsey.

my therapist gave me this book two weeks ago and it's MONUMENTALLY affected my thinking
1 - don't take things personally
2 - be impeccable with your work
3 - do your best
4 - don't assume

pierre frey wallpaper.  why don't i think about it more often?
shut up with this.
just be quiet with this.
are you kidding with this?
and i really can't even with this.

the sun is out, the birds are chirping, the schnauzies are clean and i don't feel fat today.  truly, a time to be alive has never been such as this one.  have a good weekend.


this seems about right.



closet cravings


1 - striped dress shopbop // 2 - necklace lizzie fortunato // 3 - vintage tee target // 4 - boyfriend jeans madewell // 5 - earrings madewell // 6 - leopard cardigan topshop //  7 - chambray button-up nordstrom // 8 - eye pouch shopbop // 9 - mule topshop // 10 - sweater mango // 11 - high-waisted jeans madewell




coat rack // tabletop // sweater // candle // rug


things i found noteworthy enough to screencap this week


love hollywood at home, and schuyler samperton's feed is always dreamy. perfect mix of the two in this pic. also reminder to buy some ranunculus if i see them in raleigh. and to put a bowlful of green rocks out.i just finished binging 7 seasons of GOT and i'm obsessed with dog shows so this NYT article was perfectly silly and screencapped to send to tad.i'm constantly drooling over cabana's tabletop collection on moda operandi.  i bookmarked this to remember to take a dive into the stylist - cljhome. through designer leanne ford, i discovered austin painter alexandra valenti -- loving these large scale paintings.  reaching out about a pop-up shop this week!i thought this was super impressive for an e-design project!  they can be really tough to pull off remotely, esp. an art installation like this.i just think this is cool.i heard this on npr yesterday and shazaamed it.  then we listened to it while cooking breakfast and putzing around the house.  i suggest.  try starting a station w/ this song.we're launching our pop-up with birmingham painter mckenzie dove - when i saw this image on IG i knew her work would be such a great fit for furbish.  i love grouping her smaller pieces together like this.  tomorrow they start at $165 so a gallery wall is totally a possibility!last time i was in playa del carmen i noticed a lot of the local dudes has loteria tattoos.  and they were really good looking.  i forgot how much i love these images.  wouldn't it be cool to blow a few up and frame?i found this via a house tour on OKL and liked this simple and fun take on a kid's room.  jessica is looking for nursery inspiration, and i swear, good kid's rooms are really hard to come by.[...]

sorry, but clicking builds character.


this story about pip, the american dog turned pierre in paris is great.after a week in nyc, i left resolutely convinced that this is me now.except it isn't.  due to monetary and availability issues, mainly.instead a got a few pair of these on sale.  they are highwaisted in a mostly non-ironic way, and that seems to work for my sensabilities.i was craving a new and different item in my home life, so i brought this home to drape over the headboard (i have a tan linen one, and it's a nice shape to hang a textile over and pretty much reinvent the wholething). i also want to be arty-french-modern in my life so i was envisioning an all white sheet moment with just a beautiful exotic new and different textile as the magic in the room. then i realized i had one in my stacks and stacks of textiles and it would be entirely more judicious to return it to furbish, so, it's back.  you may benefit now from my lack of new and different.isn't it funny - this post is from 11 YEARS AGO!!! (how is that possible?) and i'd splurged on a suzani for our bed and olivia, the world's dumbest cat, peed on it like 4 days in and ruined it.  i just wasn't ready in my life to be that person apparently.  maybe i am now?how pretty is this?  actually, this whole place is kinda cool.i'm also having a bookcase craving.  it's all coming back.  in the last couple of years, i've pretty much purged my books and while it felt extremely liberating for some time, the craving to collect is coming back.  i've been in my current living room for about a year now - it's probably the longest i've gone without having lots of things... books... stuff out around me.  i know i want to pare down, but i think books are a non-negotiable.  i can feel their lack.  so i'm researching an elfa type wall-mounted shelf situation.  this being my ultimate inspiration - it shouldn't be so hard right?  i think i can do it with something like this, but less aggressive.alright, well if you haven't clicked away down some internet hole yet, i can tell you that i hope you enjoy your weekend.  it's warm and sunny here, and everything is blooming.  rowdy and i had salmon for lunch and now we're going to walk to get some coffee.  check out a new pop-up shop with mckenize dove at furbish on tuesday, anticipate daylight savings time in one week!!! and watch 1 hour of the oscars sunday night, preferably with your gay best friend and in athleisure wear.[...]

david hockney at the met


nyc is all about the inspiration for me - from ogling the street style, to trying delicious food at well-designed restaurants.  i l ove the carefully curated shopping, graffiti, wandering down streets, gazing up to get glimpses through windows of what life looks when nyc is home.  by far, i was most moved this trip by the david hockney exhibit at the met.  i was familiar with his work, but didn't know much about the scope.  as i wandered through room after room of his body of work i was simply put: delighted.  and after delight comes the best part - the ideas.  what can i do?  what's next.  how do i bring this home.  how can i get more?  well, i bought the coffee table book to start (it's so good)![...]

closet cravings


linen pants h&m // nikes nordstrom // cardigan madewell // heart pajamas jcrew // overalls madewell // pullover free people // v-neck tee nordstrom // pouch furbish


nyc feb '18


it took me being getting back to nyc yesterday to remember i hadn't shared some pics from a couple of weeks ago, when jessica and anna and i were here for the gift show, all the eating (including the chip buffeting with nick olsen), the general dumb shenigans we enjoy most in hotels away from home and the most inspirational wandering around that one can only do in new york city.i'd heard all the things about egg shop and we finally went.   extra cute little space with great breakfast options.  i say yes.we were just a week early for galentine's, but celebrated nonetheless.there we are, feeling all the love.we stopped by the new sézane store in soho.and le labo because jessica wants a new scent.  we narrowed it down to one contender, and all sprayed ourselves with it to test throughout the day.meanwhile, at the giftshow, a few exciting items were spotted and purchased for spring.each and every little thing worth discovering, we found it - rest assured.i'm maybe most excited about these amazing blanketsall the prettiness at john derianlove this set of melamine plates by jdi mean, how can you pick when it's all this good looking?we made a point to check out the new roman & williams guild -- we did coffee and a snack at the in-house cafe la mercerie.  i gotta be honest - it's too concepty to me.  the 'store' part is intimidating, and the cafe part feels like an afterthought - a bit incomplete.  it's beautiful, and fronts the space, but the menu is tiny tiny, the few selections aren't stellar, and the staff felt judgey.   that being said, if your expectations are set correctly - you're going to have an expensive latte and get an instagram a pic of the mini flower shop, then i think it's worth the visit.  but i think you'll need just one.on the other hand, in places you can't visit enough news -- there's freemans.  at the end of this amazing alley off rivington street - it's a chic spot to have a hipster dinner, but also a great moment to duck into for a 4pm happy hour with a few treats like an amazing hot artichoke dip and a plate of the look at freemans.  begging my friend bryan costello, who owns holder goods and has the lock on this style at home, to make us one (a good-looking restaurant, a bar, a hotel -- something!) in trusty travel bag these days - an old lv saddlebag i updated with some new leather, hardware and an elephant bag charm.and my go-to hotel these days when i'm in the city - the ludlow.  it's got all the things on my list: great design, a cool lobby that's perfect for laptop and coffee mornings, and for cocktail meet ups at night.   affordable rooms that are large and decraoted tastefully, a great restaurant (dirty french) and plenty of instagrammable moments.  nick's right around the corner so the ludlow works as a great get-together spot before dinner each night, or for a quick catch-up before starting our days.[...]