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ali loves curtis

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what's cooking



We moved into a new home at the beginning of the year. At the end of November, the kitchen looked like this. Then, mid-December, we tore a lot of it out. C worked his tail off readying it for us to move in, and we've been making weekly updates ever since. I like doing this stuff but am terribly indecisive/distracted and have given C "executive power" (OK, with limits) so he's pretty much the brains behind this operation, along with our buddy Lee who knows how to do just about everything.

The kitchen has been 80% done for about a month and a half. And now, we're just waiting on one light fixture to feel like we're getting closer to done.

It's starting to feel like home, around here.


glad tidings



From our party of four.


in & out



My sidekick came early in the morning on December 12. We're in love.


watch me grow


I'm 39+ weeks pregnant, and contemplating carrying out an induction I have scheduled for early next week. I might be too sissy (careful?) to go through with it. I'm currently going through another bout of false labor ... unless something really exciting begins to happen. Send me your positive vibes.

In the meantime, I can't believe how big I am!


19 weeks


22 weeks


24 weeks


28 weeks


34 weeks


39 weeks

seeing stars


I'm trying not to start over with a nursery for baby girl. Instead, the plan is to girl-up O's room. (Not too hard, considering the color scheme is babyish ... some might even argue that it's girly. I prefer the former.) But if I was starting over, there's a strong possibility that stars would make a strong presence in her little room.

To be honest, I haven't really had the time to do much of anything. I fear the second child is already neglected.


I did a roundup of favorite starry baby items for Babble, and it remains one of my favorites. I love that stool.

Some of my other roundups:

*Fifteen Favorite Onesies
*Hot Air Balloon Nursery Picks
*10 Really Cute Baby DIY Projects
*Really Cute (and Really Free!) Baby Knits

And also, anyone in the market for baby thank-you cards?


have you met ... olive's friend pop?


The title of this post is a bit of an inside joke. My little O might have an imaginary friend. He frequently asks me, "Remember my friend, Duck?" I can't tell if this is an opening line to a two-year-old's joke, or if he really thinks he has a friend named Duck, and that I've met him/her.

At any rate, I smiled when I came across this line of kid's clothing called Olive's Friend Pop. It's really, really sweet ... and has a great name, too.

(image) (image)

Images from Olive's Friend Pop's S/S 2011 and A/W 2011 collections.


wholly wraps


(image) (image)

Hand-printed shawls pretty enough to hang as art, by Wholly Aesthetics/Mengly.

Colorful polka and colorful yellow.

via Kadie's pin.


friday already?



How did it get to be Friday already? So much to do, so little time. I'll be packing moving boxes today and throughout the weekend. I hope your plans are more fun than that. Don't be surprised if you find me living in a moo moo-like maxi dress all weekend long.

Here are my Babble posts this week. I think you'll like:

*I had hopes of practicing pregnancy fitness this week. Does packing up count?
*Am I the only one who thinks these instructional childbirth posters are a little weird?
*Documenting pregnancy with mommy and baby shoes.
*I'm 28 weeks pregnant, and officially third trimester material. Eeeek.


friday, and stressed



Operation: Meltdown might be under way in my house. I am doing the best I can to avoid it, but it just might be inevitable. And did I mention that I'm pregnant and in an seemingly-eternal state of emotional turmoil? Anyway. I know I have much to be happy about, but I'm having the kind of week that is making me forget that.

I love photography by Jessica Todd Harper. Isn't the above photo perfect in the most raw and real and beautiful way? It is a reminder that all is good, and it is good to live in the present.

I'm also blogging about my pregnancy at Babble. Please read!

*I would love to be hard-core enough to do a true fertility diet, regardless of fertility levels.
*My idea (reality) of a day off at 26 weeks pregnant.
*Cute and clever birth announcements! I want.
*My baby name story, plus a handful more.
*I'm craving and craving and craving.
*I'm seeing stripes ... on babies.

Photograph by Jessica Todd Harper via Whitney's pin.


sessun, behind the scenes


(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image)

Lovely behind-the-scenes shots of Sessun's Autumn-Hiver 2011/2012 lookbook and catalog--which is also something to behold. I love the autumn colors and rich lighting. See more here.


dear utah



Zara is trying to sneak its way into our American hearts with a collection of artistic photographs of each of the 50 states in its series, Dear America. I think it's working.

Dear Utah photograph by Nich Hance McElroy


miniature knits



These mini costumes, knit by hand at the Miniature Knit Shop, are some of the cutest things I have ever seen. A bit of an investment, to be sure, but very detailed and special.

Royal Guard

And did you see the mermaid?


24 weeks along


(image) (image)

So, does this mean I'm six months pregnant? Here are some little details and things and a glance at how my days (and my belly) are shaping up.





With an earthquake and hurricane, last week was a little bumpy. I also found myself quite homesick, wishing I was in Salt Lake City to give a big hug to a dear friend. Actually, I'm still wishing for that, but I think it will be too difficult to pull off.

At any rate, wouldn't it be nice to step into the above photo, for just a moment? I'm wondering how that beach at Nags Head, North Carolina, weathered the storm. And worrying about how people I love are weathering their own storms.

Here are links to my Babble posts last week. I hope you'll like them.

*How I might put Missoni to work in my nursery.
*I wouldn't mind an entire blog dedicated to maternity street style.
*I've got a thing for suspended cradles.
*This shop on Etsy has some great maternity dresses.
*I like that Novogratz family, and their names.
*This maternity blazer is pretty sharp. This stuff looks tailor-made.


ice cream card



Today I saw this card at Mongrel, and I wanted it. Maybe to frame.

Thank you card by Yellow Owl Workshop.


friday and pregnant



I think I'm 23 weeks pregnant, but here I am at 22 weeks. I can't help but look down (and/or play with my necklace) when my picture is taken. Harumph.

Here are my posts from Babble this week. Check 'em out!

*The low-down on the price of one baby nursery, which happens to be mine.
*Maybe I'll be a convert to baby bows, after all. These are itty bitty.
*I'm good at compartmentalizing, but I'm a little worried about my placenta.
*Land of Nod signed on some great artists for their latest wall art collection.
*Get 40% off Rosie Pope Maternity right now.
*I'm definitely bigger than I was last time at 22 weeks, but I feel good about it.


o's nursery



I put together a little post about how O's nursery came together, all new and nearly all included, for under $1,000.

See it here.


charlie and lola


src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="349" width="550">

Anyone else think Charlie and Lola is absolutely the cutest show for kids? I have a special love for Charlie, in particular. He is the best big brother eva.

Bring it back, Disney Channel. (It used to be on around 6 a.m. on Saturdays, but now I can't find it.)


friday is here


Last Friday I was laying on a beach in North Carolina with all my favorite people, underneath an umbrella whose colors reminded me of an ice cream shop. I was also looking a bit like a bloated after-dinner mint, in my green suit. (Yes, everything reminds me of food.) I would do just about anything to be there again, but luckily I still have one sister and niece here with me, and that is everything.

(image) (image)

I save a lot of blogging for Babble. I think you'll like these:

*I can't put my granny squares together, so maybe I'll buy one of these cute afghans.
*I love, love, love my diaper bag. And a true diaper bag, it is.
*I can't make any decisions regarding crib bumpers, but these are my favorites.
*I don't like to sound dramatic, but I feel a little like I lost a girl and gained a girl in a matter of hours.


Famous the Doggie



Two Fridays ago, right after we found out we'd be having a girl, we had to let go of our baby sister, Miss Famous. It was very sad and hard, especially for my mom. She was part of our lives for 11 years and I doubt there will ever be another like her.

I wrote a little bit about it here.


max kozloff


Max Kozloff is a Chicago-born modern art critic. He ventured to New York at the middle of the century where he became writer, editor and later, photographer. I think he accomplished everything I might have liked to, if I were a photographer: I admire the colors, the faded tones, the subject matter, the humor, and mostly what they accomplish in telling a story.

Most of the following are from his "New York Means Business" exhibit, highlighting window displays in New York City in the late '70s and early '80s. See more at Higher Pictures.

(image) (image) (image) (image) (image)

Image source: All by Max Kozloff via Higher Pictures

Via Kim's pin.


thinking pink


(image) (image) (image) (image)

I've been thinking pink lately. (Maybe we knew she was a girl, even back then.) I don't think I give this color enough credit.

Image sources, top to bottom: By Kris Atomic, Shirley McClaine in "What a Way to Go," 1964, "My Turntable is Happy" by Skunkboy Creatures, fashion pic via They All Hate Us.

Aaaand, an update on my Babble posts last week:

*The run-down on making our big, little announcement.
*Nurseries with crochet details are all the rage.
*I really do like the looks of this gender-reveal party. Wish I held one, with lots of friends to invite.
*Thinking about Natalie and her experience with Pertussis still makes me cry.




(image) (image) (image)

We shared news of our baby's gender on a family beach vacation. Any guesses? :)

We're thrilled, and holy smokes this baby is going to be here before I know it.


19 weeks



I'm actually 20 weeks pregnant today. But here I am at 19 weeks, waiting for this belly to really go pop.


colour blocking



I like colour blocking as done by Topshop. Guess which dress is my favorite.