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made by them

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Today I Saw


This is simply lovely.

Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub


After much deliberation I have decided to pool my blogging efforts into just one blog... so, from now on you will be able to find all posts over at rub a dub dub, where you will also find all of my rantings about the state of the British diet along with much talk of jam and chutney ;)

Thanks for reading, over and out x

Things I like - 14.08.09


Gorgeous yarn from Wollmeise. I want it, preferably the 100% Superwash Merino in Dornröschen. Thanks ;)

Link and image courtesy of Skein Queen.

Liberty Love


Have been purchasing some new-old (as in vintage) fabrics from Liberty lately, and although I haven't made anything with those yet, have been replenishing stocks on the badge front. Hoping to get these updated in my etsy shop shortly.

Things I like - 19.07.08


(image) Embroidery by Takashi Iwasaki

Things I like - 18.07.08


(image) Hand printed linen tea towel from Thornback and Peel.

Hello Life, how are ya?


Oh my gosh, it's good to be back. This afternoon I sat very happily on London Fields, working through some ideas in my sketchbook, starting a new crochet project, and generally enjoying the summer :)

Things I like - 23.06.08


Bear Monster gocco print, by Matteart

Things I like - 22.06.08


I have no time to blog right now (hmph) let along make things, so instead will keep you updated with things I like, starting with this print of the same name.

From Birdie1973

Patchwork walls


(image) found on flickr

a slow day


Hi my name's Emma. I've been clubpub-ed. Went out last night to the last ever clubpub... boy have I suffered for it today.

Crafting 365 is obviously going splendidly, as today was my day 3, I think a week after I took the pledge. My year of craft might be a long one!

my ideal dress


(image) I really love this dress, it's pretty nigh on perfect as far as I'm concerned, but there's a little problem:

a) it's $282 (that's £141 to you and me)
b) they only have it in stock in small - hmph!

anyone out there who knows how to sew - how achievable is this? I have a sewing machine which I plan to make use of this summer, but am I being overly ambitious here. C'mon, be honest ;)

Coming soon... Ryantown!


How exciting is this? The marvelous Rob Ryan is opening up his very own shop, Ryantown, on Columbia Road of all places.



Seems a lot of people are quite excited about Jenny Gordy's new collection, due to go on sale on 31st May - and rightly so, it's cute as! I've got my eye on this top.

enjoy the simple things in life


(image) I've been really appreciating the work of Natascha Rosenberg lately (an illustrator based in Madrid) but today's post really struck a chord with me! Her style is so lovely and whimsical.

crafting 365


Call me ambitious, but I've decided to take up the Crafting 365 challenge over on flickr. I spent a good couple of hours crocheting granny squares for a blanket started last summer... "why not?" I thought.

Of course, I also start my final teaching practice tomorrow. Wish me luck!

In my mind I'm clapping


I've just come across the work of Chrissie Abbott, some really lush illustration and better still, is currently featuring in an exhibition just down the road at The Old Shoreditch Station.

Particularly nice are these totes, which would surely bring a smile to even the hardiest of faces. Available to purchase for 12 smackaroonies by emailing her:

Advice to sink in slowly


(image) "Take time" by Temujin Doran

(image) "Look after your lunch" by Rebecca Cobb

I really like this - Advice to sink in slowly is a project from University College Falmouth (or Falmouth College of Arts when I was there) offering a series of posters designed by recent and established graduates of the college, offering advice for it's future students.

The top poster is really beautiful, and I think there can't really be a person in Falmouth that doesn't appreciate how the pace of life seems to slow down there... it's something I've really missed since moving back to London. But the second one I can especially relate to, having just talked about the ferocity of Cornish seagulls with my family last week. To lose an entire pasty is an embarrassing thing!

Birthday goodness


(image) (image) These shoes, which I actually purchased myself, but wasn't allowed until my Birthday (ahem - today cough cough). I was alerted to these via Ringo, have a banana, which I have to say is just the most genius name for a blog (and I'm rather liking the blog itself a lot too.)

And how good is this? My mother managed to purchase something from Third Drawer Down without any prompt! I know... who'd a thought? Anyway, she picked out a set of hand silk-screened pillow cases 'All You Need in Life' by Lilli Hartmann.

According to Lilli all you need in life is:

a roof over your head
an apple tree in each direction of the sky
a sheep to make you warm
a chicken for the eggs, obviously
a monkey to make you laugh
a ghost to make you cry
and finally
two horny bears

Birthdays rule x

a nice cuppa


(image) These are really lovely - so simple, but very elegant in a kind of scruffy way - I like that. By Agneta Livijn from Sweden (of course)

(tip off courtesy of Poppytalk)



For a recent college assignment I had to review the Imperial War Museum in relation to suitability for school visits. I hadn't been there since I was in primary school, and whilst I consider myself to be a pacifist (despite drunken play-fight tendencies) I loved it so much I made my Mother take me back there in the holidays.

Whilst walking around their 'Children's War' exhibit I came across this quilt, which was made by a family member to celebrate the birth of the child. After starting the quilt WW2 started, and so as it was worked on more and more things were embroidered on it relating to that. Whatever the subject though, it's an amazing thing to look at, and gives you a real sense of what the family was going through. I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Apologies for crap pic by the way - the lighting was very subdued.

holga love


Took my Holga on holiday, decided to have a go a cross-processing, and got the most nuts results!

extended holiday


Dear Blog Readers,

Apologies but I am going to have to take an extended holiday as college is currently consuming every waking hour... I look forward to re-joining the land of the living this July.

em x

On Holiday


My dear lovely readers, I am now on holiday (lucky me). No doubt I shall update you on anything made when I return.

em x

show some home-love



I feel a little embarrassed. We live in this amazing place, which is part of an old workshop in Hackney, and it really is amazing. But every time I look at other people's pictures of their houses on blogs or flickr (particularly in the Scandinavian region) I feel ashamed at how untidy mine is, or how cluttered etc.


It's kind of like when you see someone with a great body and instinctively suck in your belly (a little like I did at the ballet last night). And so... on top of all the other things, I am going to make more of an effort, to keep it looking ace, or make it more so, or at least clean and tidy - you get the point.

So, these pictures here will soon be updated, oh yes...