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Preview: Popdose - Latest Comments in An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Popdose - Latest Comments in An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

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Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Mon, 08 Jul 2013 18:17:08 -0000

This article is one of the most brilliant publicity stunts I've seen in a way. Generating controversy and getting people to pay attention to you when they otherwise wouldn't blink an eye. Well played, sir!

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Wed, 09 May 2012 13:38:20 -0000

Wow looks like someones failed carreer is really pissing him off. Also looks like you recorded an album that was never released in 1988. I notice that you appear to be an idiot in this picture.

Protip: Just change your pseudonym again, lemme give you some suggestions
1. My broken Hipster Heart
2. Misogyny Itis
3. Lukewarm Bathwater
4. Salvation Army Flannel Collection
5. Cloth Band Aid
7. Mediocre Frenchman
8. My Chemical Addiction
9. Neckbeard Land Lubber
10.Tight Pants, Low Sperm

I hope this helps in getting your failed career back on track!

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Tue, 06 Dec 2011 15:31:56 -0000

First of all, let me say your arguments, for the most part, are very intelligently argued.  I don't agree with most of what you said, but you back it with your own experiences and that's worth something.

I, like you, am a huge Ministry fan.  I'm also a huge Nine Inch Nails fan.  In a day in age where EVERYONE uses Pro Tools, I get a little steamed when people compare the two.  A keyboard does not an industrial band make.  Ministry are essentially a heavy metal band that utilizes technology to enhance their sound.  While I realize they have morphed into this from what used to be far more electronic, the fact remains that if you take a listen, Nine Inch Nails is a very different animal.  Does some of it speak of Ministry's influence?  Sure, back in the Spiral and before days. But if you really take in what Reznor has done since then, you'll find he broke away from that mold a long time ago.  Whether you like him or not is entirely up to you, but musically, it can't really be argued that these bands have much in common anymore.  I mean Reznor's scoring movies now for God's sakes.  And might I add, in my humble opinion, doing it quite well.  I also believe he knows how lucky he is to be where he is, as he's humbly mentioned so in several recent interviews regarding these experiences.  

The ironic thing about your accusations at Reznor is that Jourgensen fought the same battle, and for a while was just as huge as Reznor.  Like Reznor, Jourgensen is now able to do what he does because he spent some time on a major label.  The thing these musicians really have in common is that they've followed similar paths.  I also find them both to be very uncompromising when it comes to their vision and I respect the hell out of both of them for it.  I also recognize that they are entirely different visions.

Anyway, please don't see my retort as disrespect.  I fully understand where you're coming from.  I'm an independent musician too, and I certainly struggle financially.  So I hear you.  I'm simply saying we as indie artists have to be careful taking potshots at pop artists, it makes us sound jealous, and if anyone needs their dignity (as you insinuated, and I'm right by you with this), it's us, not people like Reznor.

Thanks for posting this.  I applaud you for speaking your mind so sincerely.  I wish there were more like you.

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Wed, 21 Sep 2011 18:34:50 -0000

you write this shit as if "being indie" is more important than the music itself. or the brilliance it takes to make career maneuvers as Trent has. he's played the majors, and now he's a boss. and somehow, this ambition is to be criticized? the fact is "indie" just means you haven't made it yet or never will.

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Fri, 09 Oct 2009 21:20:04 -0000

Sounds like jealousy swamped in and drowned by a sense of under-achievement while thinking.."wow, how did Reznor think of that.".or.."wow", Reznor was a genius with the Ghosts package".

You are an artist..Reznor is an artist..however..a TRUE artist can appreciate another artist's work. I guess, maybe you do not exactly fit in that category. Also, it looks like you used Reznor and Ministry as "tags" to get your music noticed in the world of the internet..hmm, maybe you need Reznor after all.

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Sat, 22 Aug 2009 15:00:27 -0000

Even though this post is over a year old I'll put in my two cents. I did not listen to your album because frankly I don't care whether you get huge from this or not. From what I can pick up from the comments your music is pretty shitty....but I digress. What irks me is you, this self proclaimed indie guy, are trying to ride the coattails of hating on big rock stars to make it big yourself. You bitch that TR has millions of dollars and has things and people only one could dream of. But isn't that, ultimately, what you're trying to attain? My suggestion to you, my friend, is to watch the man and take some damn notes. TR went from recording 'Pretty Hate Machine' after working as a janitor in a recording studio to living the American dream. But, if you're going to sit there and tell me that making shitty music and bashing important people is your American dream then keep it up. Great Job!

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Sat, 25 Jul 2009 10:43:53 -0000

I just rofl'd all over my computer and nearly pissed my pants after you go off on this tangent about marketing no-nos and garbage like that-then proceed to turn the whole article into a marketing ploy!


Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Thu, 07 May 2009 02:18:49 -0000

so your going to diss instrumental albums.... by the way the voice is an instrument too. your going to diss jazz records and orchestral records. things that are part of the music world. every recording could be considered an instrumental album. a musical instrument can be the voice, drums, a piano, anything thats recorded. "Seriously, an instrumental album?" saying that... but on your website frontpage you have the word symphony. and your talking shit on a recording with no vocals.
so what if you dont like the music. you dont have to. and thats that. it really shows how jealous you are.
i dont like your music. but am i going to whine and bitch about it? no.

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Mon, 04 May 2009 21:45:08 -0000

this is a really bitter article, for sure. in fact, i think actually that it's good when bigger artists give stuff away for free. they should all do it, and then maybe the music industry will finally die.

on the other hand, i have to admit that i do agree that trent reznor is an overrated talentless douchebag. one thing is true though, "hurt" is a good song. other than than, meh.

i just don't buy into all his dark bullshit...seems insincere to he just wants to show the world his "dark, edgy" side. plus he does whine too much.

it's cool for those who like him, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but after working in music stores selling his shit to dumb kids who think he's a god and buy anything with a NIN logo on it, i just find him and his music incredibly annoying.

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Mon, 16 Mar 2009 07:48:30 -0000

.... This is the most important moment of your life.. Right ?

It's your life. You do what you like.

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Mon, 16 Mar 2009 06:58:58 -0000


you are awesomeness of the awesome!

get yo sexy ass on down to and let the duped masses know what you think of his latest posing.

your clarity is so refreshing and well done for having your head on so straight.

don t listen to the "minions" on here... cos they obviously don t repsond to integrity.

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Tue, 10 Mar 2009 19:17:11 -0000

Ok first off Trent made millions because he did somthing ORGINAL. Wow what a concept. Second everyone who is in the music industry complains about the record labels. They rape them on there music. That is what is so great about computer technology and recording, it's made it affordable for anybody to record professional sounding music. It's not just about the money though and that is why you are missing the point. Most people who are into the indie scene do it for the love of music and to fight against The Man.( record labels). The free music movement is about the music. Not your self righteous attempt to make your self look like a martyr for the indie music movement.

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Mon, 23 Feb 2009 07:11:31 -0000

"This post is pure comedy, and a perfect example of "indie" elitism that has gotten way out of hand."

agreed. masturbate to animal collective and get a little stress off your chest. Or better yet, get laid.

advice: don't sing to her.

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Mon, 23 Feb 2009 07:05:03 -0000

You come across as one of those people who goes to the band's first show, kills everyone in the audience, and then proceeds to kill the band, just so you can say you're the only one who ever saw them live. So yeah, you're the stereotypical Indie kid.

Reznor lived in Pennsylvania with his grandma when he was a kid, he wasn't some trust-fund asshole fated to a life of financial success. He made his own success. So I find it a contradiction that you whine about money like a little bitch, and meanwhile say the true artist is required to be poor. It really shows where your heart is.

I agree, I'm not really a fan of his earlier stuff either, it's too poppy and repetitive for my taste. But his more personal/true music (i.e. Fixed, the Fragile, halo 17B, Ghosts 1-4) is no less credible than any other artist.

You're just a punk who gets off by trying to take other people down with you.

Arvo Pärt, Jack Kerouac, William Basinski, Taku Sugimoto, Morton Feldman, John Cage. These musicians need more attention, do you even know who they are? I bet, after 5 minutes on wikipedia, you'd say you do know them 'cause you're so fucking indie.

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Sun, 31 Aug 2008 01:30:28 -0000

Seriously, do you think Trent ALWAYS lived in that big house he has now? Do you think he has always had the success he has now? He didn't just click his fucking fingers and have a fucking label at the start of it all. He DID struggle, just like you are now and when he did I bet he didn't whine like a little bitch like yourself. And, do you think that just because he happened to get a break that their was no struggles in his life thereafter? It might surprise you to know that Trent, like every other person on this planet, has more in their life than just their work.

Since when has he ever bitched about his house not being big enough? Or his car not flashy enough? Had he complained about those things instead of his personal issues then maybe you could sit there and say he is a whiny little brat, but seriously, all you did was make yourself sound like a little bitch complaining because someone who creates music you dislike, made it and you didn't and probably never will (yes, I listened to your tracks and now my ears bleed).

Had your argument been more constructive and less of a whine then maybe I'd have agreed on a few points.

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Mon, 28 Jul 2008 01:48:22 -0000

sorry hyperpower i meant tot say the drhtr guy btw i know my spelling sucks asnd i ddontttt care cuz this is a fucking BLOW
ass blog

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Mon, 28 Jul 2008 01:42:53 -0000

omg i cant belive this guy! in the end it turned into a fall off a fucking cliff conclusion to listen to his shitty ass music his voice sounds worse then brett michels takeing a dump on laxatives...i hope no one else reads this or you will be wasteing your time...second thing i want to say is HYPERPOWER! i'm sick of fucking idiots like you saying Jchash made hurt by god it's alll over the fucking net and every one is saying it even my sister arguged with me for an hour about it STFU Trent made hurt and you should realize this cuz it dosent even sound like a cash song

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Wed, 16 Jul 2008 12:46:34 -0000

You are a fucking idiot. Your hypocrisy is only evident to the poor souls such as myself who stomach this column all the way to the end where you plug your album using the Trent Reznor and Ministry brands. You are like all the whining socialist lemming kids spitting out the same anti-capitalist diatribes burned into their simple minds by the likes of CNN and washed-up college professor/hippies. I wouldn’t listen to your music if you paid me to.

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Tue, 08 Jul 2008 12:40:33 -0000

Trent Reznor was good enough to get signed. You're just angry you're not. . .

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Mon, 07 Jul 2008 00:11:08 -0000

Fuck me . Your music really sucks ass dude....No wonder you're so bitter. And i wouldn't bother with any more "radio edits" if i was you. Pretending to be a station announcer in your basement, spinning your own cd to an imaginary listening audience, does not constitute radio play in any way, shape or form.

And put your damn pants back on.

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Sun, 22 Jun 2008 17:53:44 -0000

"First Of all, DrHtR. Johnny Cash did NOT write Hurt, Trent did, if you’re going to correct someone, get your damn facts straight."


Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Sun, 22 Jun 2008 03:38:46 -0000

"Trent did NOT write Hurt, Johnny Cash did"

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *gasp* /die


Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Sat, 21 Jun 2008 04:58:12 -0000

Hurt was covered by Johny Cash. The originl was by NIN.

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Fri, 20 Jun 2008 03:44:02 -0000

Firt Of all, Darren. Trent did NOT write Hurt, Johnny Cash did, if you're going to bash someone, get your damn facts straight. I would also like to comment on your indie hang up, do you really think Reznor would've gone Indie straight out of the shoot, been poor and stolen zucchinis from a farmers garden like you wanted him to be? Hell no, because he has a brain, appareantly unlike you. You, see what he's doing is brilliant. He is taking all that money from the record companies and using it against them, ( which you did comment on, but you can't see the forest through the trees). He's being loyal to his fans, giving us free albums, encouraging us to "steal" his music. He's a business man. Have you ever hear of the term music BUSINESS,'s right there in the title. I know your so green with envy you can't see straight, but maybe instead of bashing Trent, you should take a few hints since no body really knows who the hell you are except for being some whore who bashes people with actual talent for a publicity stunt (bad business move). Oh, and by the way I listened to your song "the other shoe", exactly how many times did you listen to "jessie's girl" by Rick Springfield before wrting that piece of shit. You make musicians like Yoko Ono sound as good as her late husband (he was a beatle by the way, you don't seem to research these things much so I thought I'd help out) and shove those "two ships" up your ass while you're at it.

Re: An Open Letter to Trent Reznor

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 18:50:15 -0000

Firstly, your remarks about TR are not entrely unfounded. There is truth in that he is now independent but has had the backing of labels for a long period of time, and as such will have the exposure created by said support.

However, the way you spin your point is fairly ridiculous. I have not read or heard a single interview where he has embraced the 'indie' culture you are mentioning. This doesn't make him any less independent, just not a member of what you, and likely many others, misconstrue as 'indie'. There are many independent artists out there and many of them with differing histories, income, and monetary investment. Fortunately for TR, and the NIN stakeholders, support has been plenty previous to his decision to be independent.

Secondly, you seem to proliferate some kind of idea that TR's music is somewhat prepackaged for the masses. Having listened to some of your tracks, which is clearly a goal of your post, makes me think do not have a clue about what you speak of. Have another listen to your own music before you make terrible accusations.